Thursday, November 19, 2015

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Excellent commentaries from Glen Ford. French political elites for years and decades have hypocritically lectured the world on secularism and the separation of church and state, but they have aided a fundamentalist regime of Saudi Arabia. The crimes of France against Haiti, Algeria, and other places of Africa has been omitted by the corporate media. There is no excuse for French colonialism at all. The attacks in Paris should be condemned. Yet, also, the attacks in the Middle East which have been executed by Western imperialists ought to be condemned fully as well. The attacks have been exploited by the French political establishment in order for them to advance police state laws and policies. The more that we respect the humanity of innocent citizens of Paris and the innocent people of the Middle East plus Africa, then the better off that we will be. Both Boko Haram and ISIS are evil organizations. There is the double standard shown by the corporate media. The deaths of black Africans are shown in a lesser degree by the corporate media than the deaths of the residents of Europe when any death of any innocent human being (regardless of nationality) should be condemned.

The NAACP since its inception has been involved in protests and legal situations. When NAACP member WEB DuBois went out of the box and supported socialist and communist causes overtly back in the 1950’s, then he was kicked out of the NAACP (as the NAACP was heavily anti-Communist decades ago). NAACP leadership has criticized Dr. King for his opposition to the Vietnam War. So, the NAACP is divided into 2 factions. One faction includes folks who are sincere and want justice. The other faction represents the bourgeois and wants token measures and no revolutionary change. That is the history and the legacy of the NAACP. With that being said, I have no issues with the hotline per se, but more has to be done beyond that. There should be, as the elders have said, the autonomous development of our independent powerbase as the Chinese, Hispanic people, Greeks, Jewish people, and other ethnic groups have done for generations. That’s commonsense and history has proven that group solidarity in the black community is necessary in order for us to be truly liberated. We need to build more of our institutions and we need to help black people who are poor and working class. There is no revolution without the unification of the poor and working class in a unified front to struggle against class & racial oppression. Trump refuses to raise the minimum wage by even one cent. He has said sexist comments for years without a real apology. He has made racist comments and he has advocated draconian measures. So, I have no respect for Donald Trump. She supporting Donald Trump is not surprising. I disagree with Katrina Pierson. Some people love to follow the stereotypical gun toting, cowboy “American” instead of progressive, revolutionary politics. We fight for the dignity of human life, not for the slander of refugees. We fight for the advancement of economic justice, not for the eradication of economic rights. We fight for racial justice and Trump has demonized the protesters in the University of Missouri and in other places of America (who desire racial justice and the elimination of massive tuition hikes). So, we believe in the human value of people and in the radical redistribution of political and economic power, so the masses of the people can have true liberation.

The cops in this case have made their views clear. They have no respect for Sandra Bland when she was alive and certainly they have no compassion for her after she passed away. The truth is important here and the truth is that Sandra Bland was brutally assaulted by a “cop” before she was placed into jail. The family of Sandra Bland is entitled to defend Sister Sandra Bland and they are executing a lawsuit. The lives of black women matters. We will promote the human rights of black people.
RIP Sandra Bland.

By Timothy

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