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Wednesday News in early November 2015

It’s an interesting video with many great points. Franchesca Ramsey is great for showing thought provoking videos on important issues. Many whites are arrogant in using whitesplaining as a way to try to usurp the intellectual, social, and political consciousness of black people. Black people are perfectly qualified to outline our own stories, our experiences, and to explain how we filled without patronize or the omission of our personal experiences. We know how retrograde white racist right wing extremists are. Also, as Malcolm X has said, many white people who claim to be “liberal” are actual foxes who seek to patronize black people or stir black people into an arena of control (not liberation). That is why revolutionary politics is so necessary. We want to get rid of racism in all of its dimensions. We want universal health care and an end to ecological destruction. We not only demand justice, but we have every right to implement our autonomous, independent, grassroots, and strong powerbases that can help our black people directly. Capitalist exploitation has harmed black people for so long from the Maafa to the suffering of our people in the ghettos of America (We know that there is socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor in many instances. Oil allowances, record bailouts, etc. exist for the rich, but the poor are readily scapegoated for conditions that they never created at all). Internationally, we see unjust wars, torture, and a refugee crisis (where refugees have experienced their human rights being violated by reactionary forces in Hungary, etc.) continuing unabated as a product of Western imperialist actions in the Middle East, including Africa. Domestically, we have mass surveillance and mass incarceration unabated. I believe in political independence. I’m opposed to the privatization of all public resources as I believe in the common good and the common wealth. The video is witty, interesting, and it makes the truth plain.

It’s certainly a necessary and emotional documentary (of "Daddy Don't Go" which has been established by Omar Epps and Malik Yoba). Fathers have been stereotyped, demonized, and slandered. Courageous fathers who take care of their children deserve true respect. A strong father will always sacrifice for their kids. The documentary shows fathers loving their children and doing all that they can to take care of them. We live in an age of recession and austerity, so many families struggle to survive literally. Many bad socioeconomic conditions truly are real in the lives of many human beings. That is why I advocate liberation for the proletariat. The documentary shows an important issue. Certainly, the fathers in the video desire the best for their children and it’s an inspirational video. Strong families are always important and strong, caring fathers should be respected. The story of the Twitter engineer named Leslie Miley (who is a black man who resigned from Twitter because of diversity issues) story certainly expresses the key points about the situation. There are many qualified black people and people of color who have amazing talent in the IT field and other STEM fields. There are organizations that are geared to help black people in CODE and other technical fields. We want any qualified black person who achieves their dreams in the tech field. The problem is that many big corporations have issues with diversity. We live in a new reality. There has been the growth of service jobs and jobs that deal with technology. We want workers internationally to have benefits, respect, and a just work environment. Also, we want black Americans to have greater opportunities too. The young generation is heavily filled with masters of the Internet, startup ventures, IT related knowledge, and just an appreciation of STEM fields. So, with change, there must be adjustments. Investments should be made to help our people. Also, we have to deal with the digital divide, which means that many poor people lack the access to Wi Fi and other Internet services as compared to the upper class and rich people. A solution will not be one thing. It will be a combination of actions from mentorships, CODE programs, start up networks, and other forms of building up our black infrastructure (as great people in Clutch has wrote about before in an eloquent fashion). The engineer followed his conscience and we wish the best for him. The Promised Land isn’t here now, but we will be in the Promised Land during the future.

I hope that he’s in prison for the rest of his life. The makeup of the jury is not right. Black women were the victims of assault and sexual abuse. There should be no equivocation. Yes, the mainstream media is silent because the victims are black women and an ex-cop is one trial. In American society, many cops are deified. The actions of Daniel Holtzclaw confirm my views about the police institution. Terrorist cops, who brutalize black women, deserve no coddling. Unfortunately, this male piece of work (and I can use other words to accurately describe this monster and we know what those words are) has been given massive wiggle room whereas that shows the outright depravity of the criminal justice system. This criminal should receive no bail and he should be in prison. Multiple women have told their stories courageously about Daniel assaulting them. This story should be known internationally. I only hope that justice comes and that Daniel won’t leave prison for the rest of his life.

Under the "guise" of being against police brutality, this film called NWA glamorizes many of the anti-black stereotypes that we abhor. From the evil colorist casting call to the lyrics of NWA glamorizing rape, no revolutionary can proclaim the movement of NWA as revolutionary. NWA is a counterrevolutionary movement. I don't agree with the film or its agenda. Also, we have to look at the social conditions of that time period. After Carter’s administration ended, Reagan came about. Reagan cut social spending, used strike breaking, and executed militarism. His support of the war on drugs has caused havoc in black and poor communities nationwide. Yet, many of these bad conditions (which were caused by reactionary capitalist politicians like Reagan, etc.) are never excuses for some to celebrate crime, misogyny, and nihilistic violence. Many movies refuse to advocate revolutionary solutions to poverty, unemployment, and homelessness. The words from Dee Barnes, Delores Tucker, and other Sisters ring true that there is no freedom unless black women are respected (and where black women are truly liberated). It is demonstrably clear that the Yale fraternity of SAE is filled with racists. Stories of other people have talked about this issue. We play taxpayer dollars to many of these people since many of these groups are involved with public universities. Racism and bigotry are scourges in the world and they must be confronted. Since our taxpayer dollars fund some of these racist fraternities, then we have the right to advocate the university to end such fraternities. There is a serious problem of rape and sexual abuse in universities nationwide. Yale is known to have the Skulls and Bones organization (with their strange initiation rituals), whose members are involved in the policies of U.S. imperialism and other nefarious actions in our country's history. George W. Bush's father, grandfather, and great grandfather are members. There should be not only resistance against racism. We have to eliminate the structures of oppression and advocate the development of more of our own black institutions, so our people can benefits from them. Also, black institutions shouldn’t be classist or bourgeoisie. We abhor elitism. They or black institutions should be open to black people irrespective of class, age, gender, nationality, and station in life.

Gentrification then and now is an act of war against black people. There is nothing to sugarcoat. Detroit has a long amazing history. It is a mecca of black culture and black strength. There was the DRUM organization that promoted black human rights and workers’ rights (during the late 1960's and the early 1970's). Also, Detroit is home to so many musicians, civil rights activists, and very down to Earth people. For decades, there has been the deindustrialization and corporate exploitation of Detroit (which has nothing to do with the masses of the people), but it has to do with the actions of the American capitalist oligarchy. Both Republican and Democratic leaders in Detroit have allied with corporate interests to promote the cutting of pensions, the layoffs of workers, and the restriction of water among many of its residents (which people have classified as a violation of international human rights). The rebellion in Detroit back in 1967 was a turning point in our black American history. Folks were tried of racism, police brutality, and other injustices, so the rebellion transpired. From the 1970’s, thousands of workers lost their jobs in the auto field. Today, land grabs in Detroit are not just done by gentrifiers. It’s also done by multinational corporations who benefited from the bailouts during the bankruptcy of Detroit. Also, another point is to be made too. Detroit is a city filled with resiliency. Everything isn’t perfect in the world, but I have hope for the future. We, as black people, should do all that we can to build up our infrastructure and help the poor. There is no liberation in the world without strategies and solutions to help the poorest of our people. There should be more investments in Detroit’s auto industry, STEM fields, and in education. Creative solutions are in order as well.  There should be the elimination of the water shutoffs and a moratorium on home foreclosures. There should be accountability in society, but we should be careful not to scapegoat black people collectively for the situation in Detroit. This stuff never existed in a vacuum. This situation was decades in the making. Those people who are suffering in Detroit need compassion and inspiration. I have no problem with group economics in our community and pooling our resources to build in our communities. That’s commonsense. We don't need Wall Street interests dominating Detroit. We need the people of Detroit to control Detroit. We need to advance economic justice and a radical redistribution of economic plus political power. Sister Serena Williams is a hero. A thief stole her phone and she retrieved it. She can stand up for herself and she knows how to fight against evil. She is not just a great athlete with great beauty inside and out. She is also a role model for so many girls and women in the world who are working in jobs, participating in sports, or helping others in charities. Serena Williams’ gift include her qualities of strength, courage, and perseverance. Her parents are proud of her and her Sister is an amazing woman in her own right as well. No one should sleep on Sister Venus Williams. Serena and Venus are Sisters who are part of a great family.
Bless Queen Serena.

By Timothy

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