Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Political News in late November 2015

People continue to protest in Chicago over the killing of Laquan McDonald. A FOIA lawsuit from independent journalists caused the video to be released. The DA and other legal authorities in Chicago knew about the video for months. This situation is that there is a problem about how police officers, who even show blatant murder, are not readily tried of first degree murder in American society. The rogue cop is indeed a murderer. We witness systematic issues of police terrorism and police murder. There is absolutely no justification for the late black male to be shot this many times and he was not a direct threat to the officers at all. It's a shame that the young Brother will never have a chance to have a wife, to have kids, and to live a life much longer than 30. It breaks your heart. Also, we are inspired to carry onward what his family would want to us do. There is no question that the year long cover up done by the Chicago Police Department and the administration of Democratic Party Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the former chief of staff for President Barack Obama (in refusing to show the video sooner) is clear.  The late Brother's family would want us to stand up for justice.The cop Jason van Dyke (since we have every justification to show the names of these murderers) has no regret about his nefarious deed. It took more than one year for the video to be released and the cops in Chicago used a stalling tactic in order for them to try to sugarcoat the brutality of the murder. Significantly, it was in Chicago that the Obama administration’s FBI director, James Comey, last month criticized the prevalence of video showing police killings for creating a “chill wind blowing through American law enforcement over the last year.” James Comey is just wrong.  Earlier on Tuesday, Illinois state prosecutors charged Van Dyke with murder in the first degree for the shooting, which occurred “without legal justification and with the intent to kill or do great bodily harm,” according to a one-page court filing. The charging of Van Dyke after a coordinated campaign of cover-up and lies only exposes the fact that the vast majority of police murders go unpunished. The entire political establishment, from the Obama administration on down, works systematically to exonerate killer cops. Only in extraordinary circumstances—when video unambiguously shows criminal activity—are charges filed, and often these result in exoneration.

First, we wish for anyone who has been shot to get a full recovery in Minneapolis. One suspect is a white man and another suspect is a Hispanic man. Miski Noor, a media contact for Black Lives Matter, said “a group of white supremacists showed up at the protest, as they have done most nights.” Noor said that these white supremacists shot at the demonstrators. So, there is no question that we are in a war. Other suspects are still at large. This movement for social change will not stop. BLM grassroots activists have shown great courage. These protesters are fighting police brutality and they never advocate nihilism but justice. The people who were shot just were demonstrating. They wanted their voices to be heard. This incident will never intimidate us. We are black. We have survived a lot and we will continue to oppose not only crooked, terrorist cops. We will oppose any injustice in the world period.

There is a certainly an eloquent, important article about the Ebony cover. Colorism is an evil and a scourge. It must end. One article includes a legitimate critique of the recent Ebony cover. I wonder why the cover hasn't included the 3 black women who are the founders of the BLM movement or other people who have shown great insights on the issues of racial and social justice (like Ava Duvernay, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Amandla Stenberg, Janelle Monae, and other human beings). Light privilege is a reality that people must acknowledge if we want black people of diverse hues to have freedom and liberation. It is a disgrace to see how dark skinned black people are discriminated against on average in a higher rate than lighter skin and biracial people. So, we have work to do in combating mental colonialism. Also, Zendaya is not my enemy. She didn't start the Maafa, she didn't create lynchings, and she didn't invented Jim Crow apartheid. We should target the racist white supremacists (not black people or biracial people) for organizing this situation in the first place. We want not only the system white supremacy to end. We want the evil hierarchy of colorism to end too. A critique has nothing to do with dehumanizing biracial people. Biracial people should be treated with dignity and with respect. It's about being real about the circumstances in which we live in today. It is important to know about our history in the past and during the present. There were many unsung heroes who paved the way for us like Septima Clark, Ella Baker, Gloria Richardson, Fannie Lou Hamer, etc. Ella Baker was the Mother of SNCC (which was a grassroots organization that promoted democratic participatory power). Also, we should know about Robert F. Williams, RAM, and other revolutionary organizations. Also, regardless of our hues as black people, we are all black. Black is beautiful.

The handwriting is on the wall. We live in challenging times in many ways, but we should take the time to appreciate the blessings that we have. Many of us have jobs, many of us have helped the poor and less fortunate, and it is very important to patronize quality, strong, and great black businesses. I have no problem with buying black. Helping our people to succeed and thrive is just plain common sense. Society never lectures Asians, Jewish people, Hispanics, Indians, etc. about being more inclusive. These ethnic groups just patronize their own enterprises, promote their interests, and keep going. We have the right to do the same. It is a necessity for us to build our own infrastructures. Also, it is important for the structures of oppression to end. That means that black workers deserve a living wage, economic rights, and true emancipation. These concepts are what black labor activists have been fighting for generations. Local black businesses do need support. Racists hypocritically claim that whites just got resources by their own bootstraps when many whites actually received Homesteads, legacies, corporate welfare, subsidies, and tons of public resources. Therefore, we shouldn't be lectured by racists. We want an equal playing field. We are against poverty and we desire to help the poor. We want discrimination to end and we have the right to improve the economic destinies of our people.

It will be very difficult for him to get $15 million as we know how Islamophobic many people in America are. That is too much in my opinion. Also, it is important to expose the bigots who oppressed Ahmed too. Some people want to slander refugees collectively as terrorists. He does deserve an apology without question. Islamophobia has no place in America and in any area of the Earth. Muslims have made great contributions in mathematics, astronomy, art, literature, and other aspects of human creativity. Muslims exist in every color and they deserve human rights just like anyone else. Ahmed Mohamed has shown the world how cruel people are and how many people desire tolerance and progressive insights. Some in America are known for being hypocritical in claiming to in favor of democracy, but these same people have used imperialistic policies worldwide. Yes, I will go there. When ISIS kills innocent civilians, then that's wrong. Many American drone strikes kill innocent civilians, then that is wrong too. Those white racist trolls are easy to refute. They show slander and hate against black people. They stalk us since they are jealous of our melanin, our resiliency, our rhythm, our creativity, our intellect, and our strong faith in ourselves. We suffered some of the most evil injustices in world history, but we are sill here working in our communities, being inventors, being scholars, being musicians, being leaders, and doing a myriad of other actions in the world. It is a fact as you have mentioned that racist Europeans are involved in the Holocaust, in the Maafa, in the genocide of Native Americans, in the genocide of Aboriginals in Australia, in various forms of colonialism, and other evils. They can't deny that. We, as black people, are not inferior to anyone. We are superior to racism and injustice. We are black and we are here. So many of them are inhumane toward others while we just want to live our lives in peace. We will continue to rise and in the end, we will be victorious. Black is Beautiful.

By Timothy 

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