Saturday, March 10, 2018

Alex Jones

Alex Jones mentioned made the lie that Africans threatened to kill whites to get slaves and Native Americans threatened to kill whites. This liar Alex Jones is typical. He is a far right extremist who not only glamorize white supremacists and slave owners like George Washington. He claims to be a populist, but attacks economic justice and attacks any black person who progressively wants racial justice in society. Alex Jones also said the racist statement that Africans would resort to barbarism without whites when white racists resorted to barbarism to participate in the Maafa, the slave trade, the genocide of over 1 million black Congolese, colonialism, Nazism, and other atrocities against innocent human life. I have no respect for Alex Jones. Africa had complex civilizations or thousands of years. No one should support him, especially black people. Alex Jones is definitely an agent of the agenda of racism/white supremacist. Now, he has been recently accused of anti-Semitism, more racism, and sexual harrasment by former workers. Karma doesn't play.

By Timothy

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