Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Late March News

This is the year of massive historical anniversaries. This is the time when Lyndon Johnson (near his 110th birthday this year) has refused to run a future Presidential candidate 50 years ago. For years, he was the President in the peak of the post World War II economic boom (which lasted from 1945 to 1973). This era saw decreases in poverty, expansion of civil and human rights, and other economic growth. Likewise, we saw the fights against racism, economic exploitation, militarism, and other evils intensified. We saw the rights of the Civil Rights movement, the Black Power movement, the women's rights movement, the Counter culture, and other social movements. LBJ in his speech in late March of 1968 wanted to end bombings in North Vietnam in exchange of negotiations with North Vietnam. The paradox of Johnson was that he started his Presidency in the midst of a landslide, and massive social programs that saved the lives of millions of Americans (like the Voting Rights Act, Medicare, Medicaid, the Civil Rights Act, public television, etc.). Yet, he expanded the war so much that it cut social programs, increased inflation, and ultimately torn his party a part on ideological lines. The casualties of thousands of Americans and millions of Vietnamese ended his Presidency literally. In the midst of economic troubles in America, the world saw the rise of Germany and Japan. Decades later, China would grow their economy greatly in its GDP. The lesson of LBJ is that we can both love legitimate social programs and abhor imperialistic adventures overseas at the same time.

Scott Pruitt is head of the EPA now. He has refused to support a lawsuit about pollution existing in a mostly African American Alabama town named Uniontown. A toxic landfill has caused cancer among many people living there. It is no secret that classism and racism play a part in environmental pollution among many occasions. Many young and older protesters are carrying signs in opposition to the landfill in their community. Pruit is known to sue on the behalf of oil and gas companies. We believe in a clean environment 100%. Polluters need no coddling. They deserve accountability and justice. The residents of Uniontown deserve respect in their time of need. She is a legendary artist whose legacy is always extensive and glorious. She has shown many that they can be multifaceted in their attributes and have joy at the same time. Her name is Sister Diana Ross and it was her Birthday recently. She was born in Detroit and now she is 74 years old. For decades, she was part of the Supremes and she has her own soloist career too. Always filled with glamour and a creative spirit, she has inspired current musicians and future musicians too. "Where Did Our Love Go", "Baby Love", "Come See About Me", "Stop! In the Name of Love", "You Can't Hurry Love", "You Keep Me Hangin' On", "Love Child", and "Someday We'll Be Together" are some of her classics. Her iconic voice has been shown in parties, rallies, concerts, and other places worldwide. She was involved in many movies dealing with drama, fantasy, and other genres. She was a close friend of Michael Jackson and other prominent people. From the projects to world famous stages, she is Black Excellence period. On November 19, 2017, Ross received the American Music Awards Lifetime Achievement Award. She has a large family and she's a blessed black woman. I wish Sister Diana Ross more Blessings

Sister Linda Brown has passed away at 75 years old. She was the young person back during the 1950's who helped to promote the Brown v. Board of Education decision which desegregated public educational facilities in America. Oliver Brown, became the lead plaintiff in the Brown v. Board case and he was her father. She was born in Topeka, Kansas. Heroes aren't necessarily celebrities. On many times, heroes are unsung people and Linda Brown was a hero to billions worldwide. I send prayers and condolences to her family. Rest in Power Sister Linda Brown. Recently, it was the Birthday of Brother Ernest Lee Thomas. He is now 69 years old and he was born in Gary, Indiana. He is famous as the actors in What's Happening, What's Happening Now, and Everybody Hates Chris. His gift is to show realistic characters on TV. Also, he is a very spiritual man. He has been very creative in showing creativity and his shows has been favorites among people worldwide. He was in Broadway during the 1970's. He continues to make movies to this very day. I wish Brother Ernest Lee Thomas more blessings.

The movement for gun violence is powerful. Recently, those in the movement have been slandered by the NRA and other reactionary forces. Rick Santorum said that the young people should do CPR instead of standing up against gun violence. He is wrong since kids can do both and he ignores he epidemic of people being murdered by guns. This is about the moral question about how the value of human life is more important than guns. The far right wing smear campaign against little kids is cowardly, disgusting, and evil period. Wayne La Pierre, who is the head of the NRA, made the racist comment that Chicago is like a third world country and other offensive nonsense for years. The NRA is pro-Trump and anyone allying with the NRA is blatantly wrong. The majority of Americans want gun stocks, a ban on assault weapons among civilians, universal background checks, and other reasonable gun control measures. We desire solutions. Many protesters there talked about gun violence in urban communities too, so the Hoteps are wrong in saying that isn't my issue for my people. This is a very important issue for my people (and the rest of the human race too). Therefore, we will speak up. The lie that we want gun disarmament of everybody will be refuted constantly, and we shall overcome.

Dr. King's granddaughter or Yolanda Renee King gave an inspirational speech at the March for Our Lives rally. She expressed a dream of ending gun violence and she spoke eloquently about peace and the necessity to enact justice in the world. Also, the 11 year old girl named Naomi Wadler wanted the world to recognize the victims of gun violence who are black girls and black women. She independently told her story at the gathering and wants change like we all do. These young human beings prove that the youth can make history and can make genuine change via voter registration, protests, and grassroots activism. We are in solidarity with these very strong people. I saw the documentary about the civil rights movement called Hope and Fury: MLK, the Movement, and the Media. It was found on NBC. It gives a great analysis of the people involved in freedom struggles and shows the diverse media coverage of the movement in general. Lester Holt narrated the whole documentary which lasted for about 2 hours. The whole civil rights movement reminds us of a blueprint of how to fight injustice in general. Grassroots organizing, organization, courage, consistency, and a motivation of incorporating the love of people certainly equate into a powerful formula in enacting change. Fire and Fury talked about Tamir Rice, Emmett Till, Michael Brown, the Black Power Movement, and other important subject matter. It is almost 50 years since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We believe in his principles of social justice and human equality. After five decades, culture has changed and music has changed in a great degree, but the fundamental goal of freedom and justice hasn't changed. We desire the same goal just like anyone else. From the events of Birmingham, Selma, and the Black Lives Matter movement in our time, we certainly witness people of diverse ages coming together in desiring the quintessential premise of justice for all. The events of Ferguson, Missouri and the recent rally in cities nationwide make us all aware that the journey isn't easy, but our cause is just.

By Timothy

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