Friday, March 23, 2018

Standing Up for Truth Forthrightly.

We honor heroes. She was one of the greatest heroes of human history. Mary Burnett Talbert was the President of the Association of Colored Women from 1916 to 1920. She was a great American orator, activist, suffragist, and a courageous black woman. She was a founder of the Niagara Movement and fought racism. She made many contributions and she was one of the greatest social activists in human history. She was the Ella Baker of her time. She was that great. Her contributions are known here, because we are blessed enough to realize her sacrifices that led into a better world for us all. Her leadership, her passion for justice, and her love of equality has inspired all of us in promoting the components of democracy and black freedom. Some people confuse strength with brutality. Strength isn't about brutality. Strength is about enduring situations and using positive means to overcome obstacles. Also, strength is seeing that using love and mental enlightenment are key acts for us to utilize in order for us to enrich society. Doing that is better than nihilism and opaque fatalism. Real strength means the endorsement of the principles of voting rights, social justice, environmental protections, and racial justice. Precisely, strength is about using determination, persistence, and courage as a way for us to eliminate evil and to advance goodness in the globe via a widespread fashion. Avenues of using uplift, social tolerance, and embracing wisdom will make strength more abundant within the collective human race. This strength along with faith plus works makes all the difference in making sure that justice is made concrete, thorough, and encompassing.

Recently, it was the Birthday of Sister Sonequa Martin-Green. She is now 33 years old. She was born in Russellville, Alabama. She is a well known actress and producer. She has a degree from theater from the University of Alabama. She was in many roles from the Walking Dead to Star Trek: Discovery today. She was in the show Army Wives. Sonequa Martin-Green has been married to fellow actor Kenric Green since December 4, 2010. The couple has a child together. She has been a trailblazer and inspiration to so many. She has been praised by the legendary actress Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols, who made history as the first lead African American woman on Star Trek. Sonequa Martin-Green has changed the world in continuing in an audacious, groundbreaking tradition. I wish Sister Sonequa Martin-Green more Blessings. Always respect the elders as they are the gatekeepers of wisdom, insights, and family cohesiveness. Being conscious doesn't mean excluding fun, so we have the right to take the time to have fun in our lives. The impossible being possible is a miracle because people can rise to be great despite all odds.

Recently, Donald Trump replaced Gen. H.R. McMaster as National Security Adviser with John Bolton. John Bolton is known to be a neo-conservative and a hardliner in terms of foreign policy matters. Bolton was one of the strongest supporters of the disastrous Iraq War. Bolton is also a war hawk as Trump is a war hawk too . Bolton has issued lies and falsehoods about the Iraq War constantly when he worked under Bush from 2005 to 2006. The pattern of Trump is to hire people who are more militaristic than previous people. CIA Director Michael Pompeo is a far right person. It is no secret that John Bolton has called for military strikes against North Korea as early as February of 2018. Gina Haspel is the new CIA director and once was the head of a CIA torture center in Thailand. Bolton has lied that Pyongyang is an imminent threat to America, therefore, a military strike is necessary. That is callous and extremist. Bolton even endorsed a pre-emptive strike against Iran. Iran isn't Iraq. Iran has a stronger army, navy, and air force than Iraq. Also, Iran has more mountainous terrain than Iraq. Imperialists in the Trump regime are truly disgraceful. Also, it is another point that must be mentioned. Some people are exploiting situation in the world to promote Internet censorship, which negates the necessity of Net Neutrality. Therefore, we must defend Net Neutrality wholeheartedly.

The irony is that we learn shocking information from time to time. I found out some time ago that Ronald Reagan was once a supporter of FDR and even was involved in anti-nuclear weapons rallies. He changed to be ultra-conservative by the 1950's. Also, he was a FBI informant (in trying to suppress the anti-war and free speech movements during the 1960's. The free speech movement was about college kids to use their free speech rights to oppose racism and corporate corruption) and was very overt in his austerity agenda. Reagan was Governor of California for years as symbolic of the political rightwing backlash that existed in a high level from 1966. He almost won the Republican nomination in 1976 and he won the Presidency by 1980. The lesson is that there is nothing wrong with being a progressive. Many people get older and become more reactionary. That won't happen with me. When I get in my 60's or my 70's Lord Willing, I will be more progressive than today. That's my life and that is how I role. Trump's attacks on Comey and McCabe are all about him trying to end the Mueller investigation prematurely. Mueller should be allowed to take all of the time in the world to complete his investigation. Trump is a person who goes against real spirituality, against real honor, and we have to keep our eyes on the prize.

Today is the historic year of many anniversaries. Now, as we reach near 110 years after the Birthday of Lyndon Baines Johnson. In the past few months, I have studied his life since his life represented the dual consciousness of America (consisting of its imperfections and also of its citizenry who did the right thing). His legacy is dual. It is the combination of the legitimate actions that LBJ did like the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, Medicare, Medicaid, the Higher Education Act, etc. Also, his legacy is about the serious mistakes that he made like the disastrous policies in Vietnam, his hawkish foreign policy in general, his arrogance at times, and his profane rhetoric in private conversations. Therefore, the good laws that he passed wasn't created by him alone. It was organized first by grassroots people among many backgrounds who sought an end to Jim Crow apartheid, who sought environmental protections, and who believed in fighting a war against poverty. LBJ experienced diversity as he taught Mexican American children and he worked with African Americans. I'm an progressive economically, so I have no problem with the Great Society programs cutting poverty in half from 1960 to 1970. We have so far to go too in our time with economic inequality, police brutality, and other important issues that we must address. Therefore, we can't be naive. We have to show both the good and bad policies of LBJ in order for us to see a picture of how we can create justice for all during the future. As a black American, I do believe forever in black liberation.

By Timothy

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