Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday News in late March of 2018

One of the most disgraceful acts of the Trump administration is to claim that the brutal, unjust murder of Stephon Clark was a "local matter." That callous statement from Sarah Huckabee shows all you need to know about Trump. Police terrorism against black people, people of color, the poor, and other human beings is not a local matter. It is a national and global issue. We know of Afro-Brazilians being subjected to police terrorism. We know of Afro- Canadians and Afro-French people being subject to racial profiling constantly. We see black people in the UK and the world over being oppressed with discrimination too. That is why Pan-African movements the world over are fighting for human rights, reparations, justice, and an end to any system of oppression. We are always in solidarity with these legitimate, heroic organizations. Therefore, we live in an international world. The Trump administration has cowardly omitted the need for justice. Trump has refused to call out police brutality and racism against black people by white racists by name. There is no need to sugarcoat this situation. We have parents of a young man mourning this man's death. This person in the White House is stone cold silent about this tragedy. Obama (despite his imperfections) spoke out and gave words about Trayvon Martin and other victims of injustices. This fact is real. This isn't a one party deal too. We now the GOP is extremist. Yet, some Democrats want to advance moderation, imperialism, and piecemeal plans instead of revolutionary solutions that deal with universal health care, student loan debt forgiveness, and an end to unfair gentrification (which harms black people, people of color, and the poor).

Trump is a person who uses his rhetoric to inflame not to advance harmony. He uses lies to manipulate public discourse not to engineer enlightenment. It is not shocking and shameful that Roseanne Barr supports Trump when he has gotten out of his way to demonize women and other minorities. That is why we have to honor integrity not those who use their celebrity platform to glamorize a white racist male who has shown total anti-intellectual extremism plus vicious demonization of his political opponents. The funeral of Stephon Clark has transpired. Protesters have marched in the streets of Sacramento, the city hall building in Sacramento, and in other places. Some protesters have marched near the Sacramento Kings arena to make the audacious point that police terrorism is an evil that must end now. When murderers like Dylann Roof are caught by the police, some of them are taken in for food to eat. Yet, when many black unarmed people are caught by police, they risk their lives being extinguished by crooked cops. We know how Trump views the African American community. Trump is an overt white supremacist. He slanders the Central Park Five, many black people, women, and other human beings. Trump has said that he wants cops to be rough with people. We need more than reforms. We need revolutionary change. This struggle for freedom has existed for centuries and thousands of years. This is the new chapter in a long story in fighting for black liberation and justice in general.

It is important to recognize that this is a fight against police brutality, against racism, and against injustice in general. Many cops are killing our people at will without any form of accountability and we have the right to be angry about it. Stephon Clark only had a cell phone with him and he was still murdered. A cop can yell gun and murder people even if that cop was never in immediate danger. That's evil and disgusting. No one on this Earth has the right to tell people in pain how to grieve. The fundamental point is that the gang in blue for centuries in America alone has terrorized our people. Over a century ago, some Texas Rangers brutalized African Americans and Latinx Americans unjustly. We demand not only justice, but revolutionary change where our people are safe. The goal of black liberation is a goal that I do believe in wholeheartedly.

For a long time, tennis has inspired crowds and helps untold human beings the world over. It is a sport that can be played among 2 people, 4 people, or more. It is a sport that focuses on accuracy, strength, grace, speed, and determination. Legendary athletes who participated in tennis are household names. We know them as Pete Sampras, Andy Roddick, Steffi Graf, Venus Williams, and of course the majestic Serena Williams (who is the greatest woman tennis player of all time. I will document tons of evidence proving this in the very near future). It or tennis can be played indoors or outdoors. Excitement, changing scores, and upsets encompass the atmosphere of tennis regularly. It has been part of the Olympics, worldwide championships, and other capacities locally as well. The Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open make up the four Grand Slam tournaments. Since the 19th century, modern tennis has evolved greatly. Computerized technology can easily check if a person scored a point or not. That is why we have the electronic review technology with a point challenge system. This allows any player to contest the line call of a point. This system is called Hawk Eye. The origins of tennis go back centuries before the 19th century too.

Culturally, tennis has expanded and has been embraced by people of every color, creed, and background. For long decades, there have always been black men and black women who have excelled in the sport of tennis in unparalleled ways. We honor their contributions completely. The Sister Althea Gibson won many awards and expressed great resiliency. Brother Arthur Ashe wrote about the historical experience of black athletes and won tournaments too. Sisters Venus and Serena Williams have inspired tons of black people and young people in general to pursue tennis. Therefore, tennis is a universal game whose impact and strength is unyielding. We are inspired with tennis players and we still believe in the Dream. The Dream relates to the goal of making justice succinctly a reality for the human race and making sure that human beings have the opportunity to reach their highest potential possible. The Dream is about seeing the impossible being made possible for us and our posterity. In that sense, we fulfill the essence of the Golden Rule and the glorious, awe-inspiring proclamations of heroes before us.

By Timothy

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