Saturday, March 10, 2018

Tariq Nasheed

I don't know why people consider Tariq Nasheed pro-black when he isn't. He made a career promoting books exploiting women and he hasn't repudiated those books (about macking and pimping). He has promoted slurs and disrespectful language against black people with whom he disagrees with. He has used colorist slurs and slandered real black activists like Kirsten Savali West. He has gone out of his way to disrespect another black woman because of her views on Bruno Mars. I have no respect for some hypocrite lecturing others on relationships when he has shown the ultimate arrogance, immaturity (by using puppets to mock his critics or use massive profanity in trying to intimidate people when he is deluding himself), and profane character. What he has shown is not new. It is the same patriarchal supremacist garbage spewed by other Hoteps. Tariq's interview with Pearl proves that he hates black woman who disagrees with him. That liar claims that feminism is about hating all men when feminism means equality period. So, this is my official words on him. Many people already know what I think about him.

By Timothy

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