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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

God Loves People

Of all of the critiques surrounding Hurricane Katrina, I've witnesssed some positive news. Even though a long way is to go is essential to alleviate many problems in the Gulf Coast. Yet, many Christians (including those of other creeds) volunteered to assist the victims of Katrina. I saw many of them on Television. Homes have been rebuilt, food have been delievered to folks, and other generous activities have been generated. Although, this doesn't escape the problems in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama as shown by the CFR-dominated mainstream media. Now, it's been over a year after the decimation of the Gulf Coast region.
David J. Stewart is courageous and right to expose the Neo-evangelicals. Usually, they refuse to expose sin and preach about real issues like pornography, abortion, Secret Societies, the new world order, etc. New Evangelicalism is a movement that are ecumencial (which grew into another level through the Vatican II Council of the 1960's) who refuse to preach boldly against evil. They are primarily concerned about love. These men include Benny Hinn, Rick Warren (on FOX, he talked about solving much of the problems in Africa. His famous book is called "A Purpose Driven Life." Paul Proctor wrote great words in dissenting with much of that book), Robert Schuller (a proud 33rd degree Freemason and a friend of "Brother" Billy Graham), Joel Osteen, and Lon Solomon (of McLean Bible Church in VA).

The megachurch atmosphere is related to much of this, because many megachurches follow the health, wealth, and prosperity gospel. They forgotten that Jesus was poor, rejected by much of his own people, and regularly demonized by the Pharisees. That doesn't seem like wordly prosperity to me or recieving tons of riches on Earth. Knight of Malta Charismatic Rick Joyner is apart of the situation. Some of the neo-evangelicals are Bushhots (or rabid followers of George W. Bush when Bush is pro-American Union, practipated in a Shinto ritual, in 2 occult Secret Societies [which are the Skulls and Bones plus the Bohemian Grove in existence today. Adolf Hitler was in the occult, black magic Thule Society as well], and is pro-Big Brother). I don't blame Bush for every wrong in the nation, but George W. Bush is fully aware of some reasons of why things are happening. The President publicly called for a "new order of the ages" (at January 2005)to fulfill an Ancient Hope that must be fulfilled. Though I realize that Bush is a puppet. Common sense will tell you that Bush is an internationalist promoting a new world order. He's not as blatant as Bush Sr. is.

Some of the leadership of the Neo-evangelicals are connected to the Knights of Malta, Opus Dei,
the Council on National Policy (CNP), CFR, Knight of Columbus, and other political think tanks. In other words they're total controlled just like the Freemasons infiltrating the Southern Baptists. The solution to this delusion to to continue to refute the neo-evangelicals and expose all Secret Societies. A real Bible believer would do that. Despite what neo-evangelicals say, the Word of God says that shedding innocent blood (like abortion) is wrong, homosexuality is wrong, witchcraft is wrong (though Christianity Today endorsed the pro-witchcraft Harry Potter book series). True love is no compromise of evil and possessing a hatred of evil. People fear that the Jesuit-influenced fascism of Mussolini (who advisor was Jesuit priest Pietro Tacchi Venturi) and Jesuit-influenced Hitler throughout WWII could occur here in America in the 21st century. It's already a fact that the same Nazi apparatus was transported into this nation after WWII through the Secret Treaty of Fort Hunt, Operation Paperclip, etc. Note that the Jesuits support the evil Council of Trent that bashes freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, speech, etc. It's important to note that Peter-Hans Kolvenbach is the head of the Jesuits today. His nickname is the "Black Pope." As for the Jewish people and Israel, I will forever support the Jewish people's right to live in Eretz Yisrael.

Also, I will exposed the evil Labor Zionist leaders of Israel (Ben Hecht's "Perfidy" book document how Labor Zionists like Rudolph Kastner worked with Eichmann to kill thousands of Jews during WWII) and the Wahhabi radicals (Chuck Moorse proved that the Nazis used Muslim radicals to kills Serbs during WWII). The Labor Zionists are subordinate to the Vatican as explained by Eric Jon Phelps. Even today, Knight of Malta Juan Carlos is a key man in the Mideast peace process. Likewise, many patriotic Israelis like Barry Chamish are waking up to the machinations in the Middle East. Many Jews and Arabs in the Middle East oppose the lust for war whether in Lebanon, Syria, or Iran. Therefore, I want to make that perfect clear. Not all Jews and not all Arabs are evil. The reality is that it's really pro-Israel to reject the evil policies of the government of Israel. To this day, Knights of Malta (or SMOM) and high level Freemasonry hold mighty sway in the corporate world. For example, Knight of Malta Thomas S. Monghan runs Domino's Pizza, SMOM Nicholas Karcher owns Hardess, the late 33rd Degree Freemason Dave Thomas ran Wendys, and Knight of Malta Peter Lynch, is the vice chairman of Fidelity Management & Research Company. I find it interesting that according to a book, Umberto Ortolani (of P2 Loge Masonry) is a Knight of Malta. Greg Szymanski mentioned an article with excellent information about the P2 Lodge Masonry connection to the Vatican and Nazis.

Many in the "alternative media" refuse to discuss about the Vatican, SMOM, or Opus Dei. I wonder why? I found out this year that the Marriott Hotel chain are run by the Mormon Church. Recently, the Mariott hardcore pornography is offered in their hotels. Mormonism is an extension of the same Hermetic/Gnostic/New Age religious doctrines found in the Mystery Religion thousands of years ago. Mormons believe that a man can be a god on his own planet and have wives. Mormons believe in that Jesus and Lucifer are spirit brothers. The more you get into Mormonism, the more bizarre it becomes. As usual, Joseph Smith invented Mormonism and was a Freemason. I guess nothing is new under the sun, because it's common to see people use the EL Dialdo horned sign today (some of these deluded people believe they're rebelling against the establishment, yet the same corporate infrastructure that promote them, run the "popular culture" machine in many genres of music even mainstream gospel). Not to mention that people thousands of years ago used the same hand sign in pagan cultures as proven in the book Codex Magica. These false religions and occultism are used to try to manipulate and control people. I'm not a hypocrite, because I realize that Atheist Communists like Mao, Stalin, and Castro slaughtered millions last century in China, the Soviet Union, Cuba, and other locations.

Now, it's time to delve into the modern world. People are criticizing a NH Psychology professor named William Woodward. The reason is that Woodward disagrees with the offical story of 9/11 and believes that it could be an inside job. Me personally, people have a right to believe in what they want. It's a free country and it doesn't seem that the professor is trying to indoctrinate his students. Governor John Lynch of New Hampshire called William's opinions crazy. I guess the Governor doesn't know about Buidling 7, the wargames, W199I, American government foreknowledge, the PNAC Document (calling for a "Pearl Harbor like" event as a catalyst to get the agenda going), Operation Northwoods, "The Grand Chessboard" book written by Zbigniew Brzezinski (talking about invading Central Asia before 9/11), and other facts that destroy the offical story. Some folks just hate it that the 911 Truth Movement is growing in leaps and bounds. The AP on August 30, 2006 reported on the professor story. A New York Daily News article from ROBERT BAER on August 30, 2006 spoke about some strange issue. Baer wanted not only war with Iran, but track everyone.

The reality is that Iran is no direct threat to America and Big Brother is one of scourges of society. Real Patriots for decades in America oppose thumb scans, microchip, X-Ray scans, mind detecting system, and other anti-privacy devices that ruins freedom for people. I don't believe that total surveillance against people is going to solve our problems in society. August 27, 2006 discussed how the company called Delta & Pine Land (which done work with the US Department of Agriculture) will be controlled by Monsanto. Monsanto is the world's largest supplier of GM (or genetically modified) seeds based in St. Louis, Missouri. As many scientists know, GM foods are inferior to organic foods. Problems and risks are apparent from GM foods. In fact toxins can be in them. Even in April 2006, more than 70 Indian shepherds reported that 25% of their herds died within 5-7 days of continuous grazing on Bt cotton plants.

Life is a continuing journey for me. I look at both sides of issues. I've been thinking about feuls. The truth is we already have the technology to create real alternative energy (i.e. cold fusion, hemp, etc.) when you don't even need oil. Some have shown that oil retrieved from the ocean can be a feul as shown in the film Syriana. I personally don't agree with Peak Oil and many in the establishment Left promote the Peak Oil situation when we have real feuls that can replace fossil fuels now. It's a fact that Big Oil and large geo-political groups like the Club of Rome (who accepts the overpopulation myth when Russia, Japan, and other nations have underpopulation crises. All humans can fit in the state of Texas given about a little more than 1,000 sq. ft. each. Studies from the U.N. show that population growth will level off and decrease by 2050. Total population growth worldwide have decreased per decade since 1960. You probably won't hear this from the mainstream media. Still, The Global 2000 plan and NSSM 200 [promoted by Henry Kissinger] outline devious pro-virus, anti-population policies) promote Peak Oil. While people obsess with the Peak Oil nonesense, real environmental crises like depleted uranium, genetically modified food, and flouride are not discussed that much. I do agree with George Humphrey that we must use our minds to use real resources (while being self sufficient), so folks aren't reliant on multinational corporations. More and more people are waking up. I'm going to expose all evil and will not quit. I'm not into detention centers and the American Union (that's against U.S. sovereignity).

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


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