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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Kind of Interesting.



By: Maralela <Send E-Mail>Date: Tuesday, 1 August 2006, 5:28 p.m.
Il_Bagattel's post was so far down that I'm posting my answer here. I hope you don't mind.
In Response

You wrote ": Is the US, : which is currently spearheaded by followers of Jehovah, : involved in a frantic final attempt to destroy evidence of : the eternal, Shining enemy of Jehovah?"
The shining enemy of Jehovah is not eternal. He lost his "war" when he caused the Son of God to be killed. THE US IS supposedly SPEARHEADED BY followers of Jehovah, but they are really FOLLOWERS OF THE ENEMY OF JEHOVAH. For the most part, the PTB in the high ranks of our government are Masons or Jesuits, or both. The one that is directing the Masons and Jesuits is Lucifer, the devil, Satan, or whatever you want to call him. Perhaps you will have time to go to some of the links I put here.

Going to the link at the bottom of your message I find many things I don't agree with (you have the right to believe it or not or question it, and I can't really tell from your post if you believe it or not). After each ----I have written something.
Mary Sparrowdancer (after this designated as MS) says "information given to the masses by the most powerful church on earth."---- ------------------------

What does she mean by "church"? Roman Catholic church? Christianity"? Something else? See "Jesuits" farther along in my post. Actually, the Jesuits are a military organization, not really a religious organization, but they rule the Pope.
MS says "In some instances, different gods gave conflicting instructions. In Genesis, for example, there were conflicting instructions pertaining to what mankind may and may not eat. In Genesis 1, mankind is told by the unnamed elohim that we may partake of all seed-bearing fruits and vegetation on the face of the earth. There is no mention of anything forbidden, and there is also no mention of Jehovah. The unnamed gods in Genesis 1 stated we were created in their image. Genesis 2 tells a different story. The Jehovah elohim tell mankind that severe penalties will apply if certain forbidden vegetation is so much as touched. (The list of forbidden fruits and vegetation continues to this day.) Unlike the unnamed elohim in Genesis 1 who stated we are in their image, the Jehovah elohim state instead that we are dust - and will return to dust - an insult that until the Gospel of Judas has been unchallenged."

---- -------------------------

Genesis 2:7 tells HOW God created man in His image "And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life: and man became a living soul." Also, the fruit that was forbidden was that of a certain tree. Genesis 2:17 "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." I wonder where MS got her idea of "The list of forbidden fruits and vegetation continues to this day".

(BTW the Bible was not originally divided up into chapter. That was done to make it easier to reference but the chapters don't always end in places that make sense.)
MS says "What else has been kept hidden from us by those in control of church and state?

"---- -------------------------------

During the "dark ages" the Jesuits, controling the pope (the Jesuit general that was called the "black pope" controled the "white pope" that is the Pope that the world in general sees dressed in white pretending to be divine/diety) controlled the Roman Catholic church and its believers and escentially the whole "known world". They suppressed the Bible completely from "the masses", and in general suppressed much knowledge.
I didn't know much about this until I read Sveli's message(1st one is a sort of introduction but is not Svali's message

then I HEARD A LECTURE BY ERIC JON PHELPS. The 2nd edition of "Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends" by Eric Jon Phelps is coming out in July this year (the 1st edition is difficult to obtain). But a little info can be found at Then I did some more research.

Here are the notes (the part enclosed in " ") I took the first time I listened to Phelps lecture (on the Meria Heller show)(then a later listening produced more notes but I plan to get his book) (I did post this before.)
Do you really want to know about the top of the chain of command that is destroying "America"? I do not subscribe to Phelps' statements near the end about certain parts of the Bible. But he has done some VERY important research.

"Jesuits are at the top of the chain of Bilderburgers, Rothchilds, etc etc.. Most of the common level of Jesuits don't know about this. A Jesuit lower rank MUST obey his superiors completely. They must kill anyone who stands in the way. I couldn't find the quote again but it is either one or both---Condoleeza Rice graduated from a Jesuit school or is a Jesuit (or both?) Bill Clinton--Jesuit Georgetown graduate George W. Bush is tied to it through his father Knight of Malta 1st pres Bush The "black pope" controls all the high level Masonery as well as the international intelligence community, etc. Georgetown U controls the CFR Jesuits stacking the Supreme Court to control our country all Fox News is all Jesuit Temple ... (I couldn't understand the word here) Jesuits are behind the Council of Foreign Relations the "Temple Power" Pope John Paul the 1st and Clemente the 14 were killed by the Jesuits Rothchilds keepers of the Vatican treasury Luciferian Masonic Labor Zionists (as oppossed to the ... Zionists and the Biblical Zionists) They kill whoever disobeys like JFK ("black pope" vs the "white pope" the "Black Pope"---The Jesuit General & he oversees the Papacy, the white Pope dresses in white, the black Pope dresses in black They control Los Angeles ... ... high Masonry is occultic "They use this false Jesus" 9/11 to justify this war against Islam JFK and "Arch Bishop Spellman and the CIA where it belonged"
Just one more thought. MS talks about Baal. That is connected with the "god" Nimrod and his wife Semiramis and their son.

: Mary Sparrowdancer ...another side of her writings that poses : some very important questions. It is a bit long, but a : damned fine thought provoking read. Here is a snip: : "This is a time for us to ask many questions. What is : the real reason that the US is plundering the ancient land : of Babylon at this time? Why were the ancient writings and : artifacts in the museums immediately stolen? And why the : bloodbath in Basra? The ancient Chaldean name of Basra was : "Perat Maishan." Al-Maisan in Arabic is "the : Shining One." Are there multidimensional portals : associated with the "gates of god?" Is the US, : which is currently spearheaded by followers of Jehovah, : involved in a frantic final attempt to destroy evidence of : the eternal, Shining enemy of Jehovah? Could it be that : there is something other than WMD and oil the US government : is desperately searching for in order to forestall the : arrival of a long-awaited coming? Is this why the heads of : state keep meeting at the Vatican?"
(Then I listened again, backing up a lot and taking more notes.)

Condeleeza Rice graduated from ... as a Jesuit Phelps was 20 years collecting this info. Opus Dei is a subordinate , somewhat Masonic, was involved in killing of 600,000 of Franco's own Spanish people. Jesuits established by Ignacio Loyola, waging war against Moslems, destroying Protestant Reformation.

1773 the Jesuits were expelled from Portugal, Sain, and France. Once the Jesuits own America, they own the world. In the 1800's the Jesuits sought to reshape the U.S., and accomplished this with the war between the states. Before the 14th amendment, we were citizens of states FIRST before the United States, but this was reversed by the 14th amendment. 1899 does not include the common law rights or the Bill of Rights. See Marshall vs Daws 1899 case. Now the only limitation on our government is the Supreme Court. There are 5 Catholics now on the Supreme Court, 3 of which are Opus Dei. Jesuits control the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). High level Masons on the Supreme Court in past like Earl Warren. Georgetown University controls the CFR. Ruth Bader Ginesburg is one of the Pope's Masonic Zionists. Behind the Dictators by Leo Leyman 1942. Jesuits killed about 12 million of Native Americans in the USofA and 14 million Native Americans in Canada. A Jesuit co agitor has a secret alligiance to the Jesuit order. Michael Collins Piper and Alex Jones. If they won't deal with the Jesuits, it is either out of ignorance or trying to protect them.

All of Fox News is Jesuit Temple ... (then I couldn't understand the word--colaborators?). In a picture of the 2004 annual report of the CFR members meeting, Condoleeza Rice is going to the podium. Jesuits intended to take Jerusalem from ... (Mussolini?) but were unable to do so, so under King George the 3rd they took control of Britain, conducted all this foreign policy thru 19th century, including the opium wars, used the British to launch 2 wars, Drefus Affair, Drefus wrongly convicted and sent to Devil's Island. The Rothchilds are the keepers of the Vatican Treasury, according to their own ... (Jesuit?) Jewish Encyclopedia. All top Luciferian Masonic Zionists are tools of the Papacy (distinguishing from the Biblical Zionists and Revisionist Zionists. Complete allegence to the Pope, war on Protestants, will feign themselves to be... Muslims, Jews, etc., will become all things to all men. Osama ben Laden and Saudi Princes are high level Masons working with Bush and Blair to bring them back. Any Pope that doesn't obey will be ... . Clemente the 14 was poisoned with a slow painful poison.

Pius the 9th was killed. 1870 the Pope declared infallible. What the general wants will be done by the Pope, murder the innocent, comit lewdness ... . 1534 Ignatiius Loyola the 1st Luciferian Zionist. Jesuits were expelled from all Europe except from Belgium. Clinton is a Jesuit Georgetown graduate where he was president of his class. George W. Bush is tied to it through his father. In 1988 George Herbert Walker Bush entertained the Grand Master Andrew Wilabee Berte, an Englishman of the soveriegn order of Malta (first allegiance to the Temple Power of the Pope of Rome). 150 heads of state were at John Paul II's funeral--They had to be there, subject to the Temple Power. Jesuits of 3rd vows don't have any idea. Jesuits control all high level Masonry, Masonic Zionists, OTO, Br'Braith, National Intelligence community. Lower ranks obey completely the orders of their superiours. Jesuits is a military order, not religious.

About the time of 1993 ... Oslo ... Shalone Perez... deeding the old city of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, to the Pope. Jesuits control all high level Free Masons ... 1st 25 degrees of Masonry. 1901 Pope Leo the 13th outspoken against Freemasonry. Ariel Sharon a Mason. ... Masons of Peace with the King of Jordan. Perfidy by Ben Heck, Ben Gurion worked in conjunction with Adolf Eichman for 400,000 Hungarian Jews ... late 1950's this was brought public ... had Mossad bring back Adolf Eichman to save government of Ben Gurion. Mossad is controlled by the CIA. There is no Mossad without the CIA and there is no CIA without the continuation of the Nazi SS. In 1951 the Guillin organization affiliated with the CIA trained the Mossad. These men that serve the Jesuits in high political places and national intelligence agencies do what they are told or lose their lives like JFK, Joseph Stalin, FDR. They kill whoever becomes disobedient. JFK, Lincoln, sink Titanic, tomorrow and great miliary leaders. Jesuit general is called the black pope because he wears a black ... (cossack?). Whe white pope is dressed in white as a picture of his divinity or diety, and his visitors dress in black. Black pope overseer is his bodyguard. Jesuits are post praetorian guards. Jesuits are like Hitlers' SS, paterned after the Jesuit order. Jesuits order is the policing guard of the Roman Hiarchy not subject to ... but only subject to their superior. The black pope rules the Jesuit order and oversees the Papacy and he with his 10 assistants determine policy for the Papacy. A Jesuit institution is a fortress set out to control the area where it is.

Don't fear the Jesuits. Theuy are not to be feared if you know the Lord. Detroit, NY City, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Philidelphia, San Francisco are all controlled by the Jesuits. Protecals of Zion were written by Jesuits not the other Zionists. Protocols of Zion are true, but they try to make the "duty perfidious Jews" are behind this world conspiracy and the Bolshevik Revolutioin appear to be Jewish, Lenin and his Jewish leutenants in front. Bishop Rolf, and Jedman Walls from Georgetown who in 1922 put Stalin in powere secretary of the communist party. Himler modeled his ... after the Jesuits. Hitler said of Himler "my Ignacio Loyola. No SS no Nazi party with a Barvaria, in Munich Nazi party came from etc, a Jesuit stronghold. If any pope or Cardinal crosses that, it's over. Occultic at its core, Luciferian, false Jesus of Romanism, continuation of Isis and babe and on the crucifix. But really, Jesus Christ is the only mediator needed. Jesuits did 9/11to justify this war against Islam. JFK ... keeping the blame off of Arch Bishop Carol Spellman and the CIA where it belonged. Hoover head of the FBI and a 33re degree FreeMason. Jack Ruby also FBI, Lyndon Johnson, Carlos Marchelo the mafia don of New Orleans, Joseph Savila the mafia don of Dallas--It was the secret service and they were all planning.

That power Cardinal Spellman has been left intact in the person of the Archbishop of NY Edward Cardinal Eagen.k It was Edward Cardinal Eagen who brought down the World Trade Center towers and attacked the Pentagon using his knight of Malta.(The head of the Knights of Malta is a NY seneric Arch Bishop. The head of the CIA at the time was Knight of Malta Georgetown Jesuit trained George J Tenet. Another Key Knight of Malta J. Cardinal Avery Dullas, the nephew of the former head of the CIA Allen Dulles, party to 9/11 and JFK assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald was a member of the CIA. They sent him to Russia (not a defector) working in conjunction with the KGB and also an FBI agent. Avery Dulles was the nephew of Allen Dulles, John Foster Dulles was the brother of Allen Dulles, John Foster Dulles was the father of Avery Dulles. Jesuits aim for alll nations to serve the pope IN Jerusalem with a world government in Jerusalem. In defending JFK this shows the Jesuits will kill their own Roman Catholic people to further their purposes. (to be continued the next day which would include information about the assassination of JFK--but I didn't get to listen to it)
--Eric John Phelps--coming out in July a new edition of his book Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends

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