Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Penelope's response to me

I'll try to go over your rather large comment, which restates most of what was included in the video that I crituqued, in a fairly complete way. I'm not sure why though. You are a true believer and simple facts will not sway you. In general, my doubts about the conspiracy claim address the science. Various melting points of steel keep being mentioned as well as various burn temperatures of Jet-A. Besides not being able to settle on a specific temperature for either, neither of these temperatures prove the towers couldnt have collapsed as reported.

For the towers to fall it was only necessary for steel to weaken. In my business, which is automotive collision repair, the yield point of steel is an everyday concern. It is not necessary to melt steel for it to lose its temper, that is, to weaken it. On the other side. The free burn temperature of jet fuel isnt the only consideration. No doubt, other materials contributed to the fire. In a home fire, which has nothing more for fuel than wood, carpet, various plastics and household chemicals, any steel present can and is weakened. It loses its temper. Some other metals are melted. This takes place every day in the US, without jet fuel or any other accelerant. The WTC Towers collapse are the first and only instances of events like this. They are unique. Their uniqueness doesnt demand that they were the result of a conspiracy. As to being a good Christian. Pagan temples or shrines mean nothing to me. They have no power over me. In fact, in the name of Jesus Christ I have power over them. It is clear that if need be, a Christian can certainly eat meat which has been sacrificed to idols.

Simply entering a shrine doesnt make a person a bad Christian. There are requirements of protocol on Heads of State. Visiting dignitaries honor their hosts. President Bush didnt become a Shinto worshiper when he visited Japan. I was in Japan. I encountered many temples and shrines. I even visited some. I was, am and always will be Christian. I do not believe that the allah of the Koran is the God of Abraham either, Timothy. But, millions of muslims do. I have concentrated my efforts to witness to them on the similarities and Ive encouraged them to study their prophets, namely Jesus. I offer them the books of Matthew and John, in English or Arabic. Pray that more of them will accept and receive the truth of Gods word.


My Response:

As for the collapse of the Towers, my explanation doesn't need elaborate explanation. The South Tower strike didn't have a direct hit and most of the jet fuel left the South Tower. Many firefighters believed that the fires in the Twin Towers weren't widespread grealty. Also, the signs of squids, witnesses hearing explosives even in the basement of the Buildings, the pulverization of concrete, molten steel, thermate, etc. can't be related to the weakening of the steel. No, these events occured independently of the fires in the holes of the upper levels of the Twin Towers. I will look at your other comments closely. I would comment though that there is no excuse that Bush bowed in a Shinto shrine, sign a name, and praticipated in a ritual. You have shown me no justification for that. Also, there is no justification for going into Bohemian Grove if you claim to be a real Christian. Molech is pagan and no human ought to sit and see a ritual praising Molech. It's a simple as that. No real Christian should enjoy a mock human sacrifice. You haven't bring any excuse for that. Bush has no excuse. I don't blame Bush for everything, but Bush isn't perfect and must repent for this. You are right that people should help Muslims ought to find Christ.


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