Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Residents In More Than 30 States File Secession Petitions




26 seconds ago ( 2:13 PM)
Well if they secede. I don't want any of them trying to sneak across the border and take our jobs. Stay in your little part of the world and don't bother the rest of us tax paying true AMERICANS!!!!


1 minute ago ( 2:12 PM)
What a bunch of controlling crybabies. "Wah wah, we who are the fewer didn't get our way so we are going to throw a tantrum. Wah Wah" I toughed it through the Bush years, never threatened to leave if Bush was re-elected, and didn't petition to secede. This is part of what being in a representative democracy works.

Some of those states, I wouldn't mind letting go.. bwahaha....
Is it too soon to early vote - 2016?
2 minutes ago ( 2:12 PM)
Let's assume secession won't work. (it won't). Then the next option is all these people renounce their citizenship and leave.

The irony? They'll hate where they go, illegally re-enter the United States, and PRAY for immigration reform.
Moderate is the new liberal.
2 minutes ago ( 2:11 PM)
The traitors here in Texas signing these petitions do not speak for me.


Gary BurchModerator1 day agoin reply to Nasaje
So your willing to become a seperate NATION cause you hate Obama? lets leave color out....the poorest states in the union wanna leave?!?!?
And your bible principals were cool with the guy who said you weren't even a human being until 1979? that you are the product of the war between light and dark,and in the after life you get to be "what you were made to be...a servant"
Now don't vote for Obama for his skin color this we agree...but name me one policy of Romney you agreed with.
And show me anywhere in our countries make that says "christianity is the state religion...you can't this country was built on religious FREEDOM.
And what Research did you do...listen to fox news.You can't even name a policy where obama shows anti christian anything .so spare us your crap about "your religious beliefs" and stick to topic of article...Treason is what these states are saying.Thats against every law


ShavondaModerator1 day agoin reply to Nasaje
I also did not vote for Obama but i sure as heck didn't vote for Romney either. There are many things that I don't agree with with regards to Obama's policies, such as the way Libya is being handled, the money being given to Israel (although it didn't start with him & probably won't end even after him), the drone attacks, him not closing Gitmo and a few other things. Romney though, had no clear cut plan, what he stated was his plan did not add up nor balance with regard to his tax cuts and how they would be paid for, he invested in a company that manufactures & sells chemicals used to complete abortions yet he states that he is anti-abortion, he says that he wants to produce jobs yet he moved his company's jobs to China. He planned to start a war with China even though they hold the bulk of our debt that can be called in at any time and that is just the tip. I understand your frustration BUT why is this frustration coming out now when this started over 11 years ago?


4 hours ago ( 9:49 AM)
WOW !! I've heard it all sore losers is a understatement like some have said you can always go somewhere else !!
A radically middle-of-the-road veteran
4 hours ago ( 9:49 AM)
Never in my life have I seen such a gigantic collection of sore losers. Never!!! Well, as far as I'm concerned, if these good-for-nothing losers want to seceed, let them. Let them move to another country and good riddance. Oh yes, and by the way, losers, no more federal dollars for you.


5 hours ago ( 9:39 AM)
Wow...talk about sore losers...You signed up to leave...OK...no more Fed Taxes great, but also no more Soc Sec. checks, medicare, any type of fed aid for infrastucture, housing or health care, etc..... What will you do when you eventually elect a person of color to lead your country ? ..............

JoyModerator4 hours ago
Wow! if these people are so frustrated about having another 4 years with President Obama that they want to leave the union they are absolutely crazy. These lunatics should go find another COUNTRY to live in that does not follow a democratic process but a dictatorship one .these sore losers feel there way is the only way or no way. Go get a life people.. WE ARE NOT GOING BACK TO YOUR SLAVERY MENTALITY. You survived living in this country for 8 years with President Bush who had thousands of soliders killed in a war that wasnt needed and you didnt care so shut up and get through 4 more years President Obama and stop your whinning.


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Anonymous said...

Why would you only use those two links for your news source? The Huffington Post has been terribly biased for quite sometime now, just like Fox news. The other source has a high degree of hate for white people, I'm not sure if white people are allowed to call any other race racist, but I'll say it for them, it is a rather racist site.

Being a student you should have researched the story better and made the case for both sides without opinion and let your readers make their own decisions. This is what jounalists have been missing lately. Real reporting without opinions and agendas.

30 states, red and blue including California, NY, Colorado, and Ohio,are not asking just to leave, they are asking for real change, and if it takes something as drastic as this, so be it. The signatures are rising.

It has nothing to do with our presidents skin color, as the ignorant will point their fingers that way, it has everything to do with the lack of trust and moral character that many Americans feel for their federal government. (Yes, people of ALL colors are signing and wanting a change to the economic disasters happening now and coming down the pipeline).

States have the right to make changes, and yes, people have the right to sign petitions, these rights are protected under OUR CONSTITUTION.

Something is terribly wrong in our country, and if people started paying attention instead of making this into a race war, they would see that it is not our president that is at fault, but the lack of principles that his cabinet is promoting. They mean to strip the American people of rights, Democrates, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals alike.

There will only be a BIG BROTHER GOVENMENT akin to old USSR or New CHINA.

Who is going to tell me that we are doing fantastic as a nation right now, and everything is wonderful? Nothing needs to change?

As for the petition to strip the rights from those that are asking for changes to be made within the political powerhouse, you people are really sadly confused. I will not ask you to be silent, even if I disagree with you, for it is your American right to speak your mind. Show the same respect for others.

WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT, WE ARE THE PEOPLE, THEY work for us. It is not the other way around. Sometimes THEY need to be humbled in their greedy quest for all mighty power over the people they are supposed to be serving. In the end it is the people who can make changes, we should NEVER let them make it for us.


Go here for the states and actual signature counts happening now.