Sunday, December 14, 2014



Revolution is not merely the process of altering the shape of the political or economic structure of society. It involves a radical transvaluation of values. It is interesting that revolutionary thinkers as diverse as Frantz Fanon, Herbert Marcuse, Emma Goldman, and Martin Luther KIng, Jr. all call for a revolution of values, and a fundamental transformation of interhuman relations. Fanon's speaks of the emergence of the "new man." Marcuse speaks of a radical change in our ways of seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking and imagining. Malcolm X, focusing on the specifics of Black American, talks about the need for a "cultural revolution" to de-brainwash, decolonized millions of Black people. Truth be told, whites may be even MORE in need of mental liberation than we. But the need in some shape or form is universal. We must reshape our personal lives and our social existence. Otherwise, the "revolution" becomes more or less the same old crap in a different guise.




 As many of you know, I've a very low opinion of Youtube and usually disregard anyone who refers to it as evidence for anything in a discussion or debate. But one does sometimes fnd a few pearls among swine. I would recommend folk look at Youtube clip called "The REVOLUTIONARY MLK." That involves, if I recall correctly, an interview with Professor Jared Ball of Morgan State University. And there are other interesting clips entitled "The Radicalization of Martin Luther King" and "Martin Luther King's Legacy and the Black Elite." More importantly, you can find speeches by Dr. King himself, or Malcolm X, or Stokely Carmichael, Rap Brown, Angela Davis, Fred Hampton and others. So, if you are SELECTIVE about what you tune into--avoiding that Tommy Sotomayor trash--you can find some things of value.



 Strange then, that whites have rallied to "heroes" like Andrew Jackson, Napoleon, Benito Mussolini, Adolph Hitler, Ronald Reagan, and even celluloid images of Rambo (Sly Stallone) and various John Wayne creations. Right now Repubicans are still squabbling over who their next hero will be--who can occupy the shoes of Ronald Reagan, the grand dumbo hero of the 1980s. No one with even a passing familiarity with the history of white societies believes they whites are distinguished by not need heroes. Also, no one but a moron are unaware that MILLIONS of people of all colors are impoverished by capitalism to the point that they may be forced to take a "government check" or food stamps. Interestingly enough, no one complains when wealthy white capitalists--at avaricious 1%--get their government checks. Government money to the rich are called subsidies. It's call welfare when the poor receive a mere pittance compared to the corporate elite. Yet all this is beyond the comprehension of the Captain Obtuse.



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