Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday News Near 2015

It is not a secret that Hollywood is allied with the Pentagon and the rest of the military industrial complex. As time goes on, we know see the agenda behind the movie “The Interview.” There is massive media hysteria about this film when the reality is that the West is exploiting this controversy as a means to promote more aggression against Pyongyang including Moscow. There has been no conclusive evidence to prove the real identity of the hackers. So far, there has not been conclusive evidence that the hackers of the Sony website are from North Korea. They could be rogue elements from many nations. What is true is that America is not under attack by North Korea. The people who benefit from this controversy aren’t North Korea, but the Western elite. There is a huge funding of the U.S. spying agencies, the CIA, the NSA, etc. (who can hack and do surveillance for real). North Korea is now impoverished. For years, there has been economic funding of cyber research in America. Many people are watching this movie, which glamorizes the assassination of Kim Jong-Un even if it was meant to be satirical. No such movie would exist glamorizing the assassination of Benjamin Netanyahu at all. The Interview movie has direct and open involvement of the CIA and the Rand Corporation operatives who want to destabilize North Korea. The Star and co-director Seth Rogen admitted that, “directly with people who work in the government as consultants, who I’m convinced are in the CIA”. Originally conceived to be a plot taking place in an “unnamed country”, Sony Pictures co-chairman Michael Lynton, who also sits on the board of the Rand Corporation, encouraged the film makers to make the movie overtly about murdering Kim Jong-Un. Bruce Bennett, the Rand Corporation’s North Korean specialist, also had an active role, expressing enthusiasm that the film would assist regime change and spark South Korean action against Pyongyang. Other government figures from the State Department, even operatives connected to Hillary Clinton, read the script. So, this movie is part of a propaganda campaign to increase support for aggression against North Korea. Rogen, co-director Evan Goldberg, etc. met with military intelligence agents or months (and hanged out with them). Now, one North Korean person is wrong to say a statement that called the President a “monkey.” That was racist, offensive, and wrong. There is no need to disrespect anyone (that includes the President) unfairly. I am anti-imperialist and I’m anti-racist too. The CIA has done terrorism for decades and now they are still here. The U.S. has expanded military drills in the Asia-Pacific and signed new defense agreements in the region. Russia has been scapegoated for the problems of the Ukraine. The CIA and NATO supported the coup in Ukraine, which caused many neo-Nazi people to have positions of power of the new Ukrainian government. There is no evidence now that Russia took down the MH-17 jetliner either. Putin is not perfect, but Crimea has the right to have their self-determination and the Western sanctions have harmed the Russian economy. Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are unison in their views on what to do about Russia as well. So, we should use caution and fight for goodness.

We know more about truth about the Michael Brown case. The prosecutor in the case knowingly presented false testimony favorable to the Ferguson cop. St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Robert P. McCullough admitted all of this in a radio interview. He said that he knew that the testimony from the person was false. Michael Brown was killed on August 9, 2014. McCulloch’s admission underscores the fact that the grand jury proceedings that failed to indict the Ferguson, Missouri cop were a highly manipulated legal fraud, set up from the beginning to exonerate Wilson. Contrary to standard procedure, McCulloch did not call for the grand jury to return any specific charges, but instead shaped the evidence in such a way as to be favorable to Wilson. The predetermined decision not to indict Wilson was then presented as the impartial judgment of a grand jury. McCullough admitted this after the Smoking Gun website revealed that the key “witness” in the grand jury was a racist, an open supporter of Darren Wilson, mentally ill, and had a history of providing perjured testimony. “This is a lady who clearly wasn’t present when this occurred, and she recounted this statement that was right out of the newspaper about Wilson’s actions, right down the line,” McCulloch told KTRS Radio in St. Louis, “even though I’m sure she was nowhere near the place.” Yet, McCullough cited her false claims in his press conference saying that the grand jury’s decision (to not indict Wilson) said that one witness said his movement as a full charge. The false witness is 45 year old Sandra McElroy. Reactionary pundits have used her testimony as a means to promote the grand jury’s decision. McCullouch said that he wanted to present all of the evidence, but a prosecutor does have discretion to not show the grand jury blatantly false testimony. McCullouch also slandered and tried to discredit eyewitnesses who provided evidence that Brown was a victim of a cold blooded police murderer. He also concealed the vile bigotry of McElroy and her history of lying to the police. The Smoking Gun said that McElroy’s Internet posts called African Americans slurs. She was sentenced in 2007 to two felony check fraud charges. That same year, she provided fraudulent statements to police regarding a child abduction case, which officers found to be a “complete fabrication.” McCulloch wants to shield her from perjury charges. This woman is a racist. Now, the killing of Michael Brown has caused a new movement or social change. The militarized police cracked down on peaceful protesters. Protesters and reporters including observers were illegally arrested, subject to tear gas, subject to rubber bullets, etc. Thousands of police and Missouri National Guard members once were in Ferguson. These events prove that the legal system is a farce. It is wrong for a prosecutor to knowingly present perjured testimony to a grand jury. He or the prosecutor manipulated the grand jury process, so Darren Wilson won’t become indicted. We have to continue to stand up for the truth.

The vast majority of the poor don’t have massive drug addiction problems. In 1999, Michigan had a similar pilot program of random drug testing of welfare recipients in the state. A federal judge found that program unconstitutional (as in violation of the Fourth Amendment), because it had the absence of suspicion. That is why Snyder made a new suspicion based screening and testing program. Snyder is in league with the austerity agenda. Snyder capped on how long state residents can get TANF benefits in 2011. His tax plan is one of the most regressive in America. He has cut massively Michigan’s Earned income Tax Credit, which has historically helped the poor. Currently, someone in the poorest 20 percent of Michigan taxpayers pays a tax rate of 8.9 percent, while someone in the richest one percent pays 5.3 percent. I have noticed that other people in state government, who are not poor, are not drug tested based on suspicion of drug use (in the same level as welfare recipients). If welfare recipients are going to be drug tested, then all state elected government officials should be drug tested too. Me personally, there are alternatives like creating an independent program of addressing drug addiction, of eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse, and of creating a state program to address poverty more comprehensively. So, we should have a fair, compassionate policy where double standards don’t exist. Yet, we live in a society where corporations receive record tax breaks and tons of other handouts while the poor are readily scapegoated in an evil fashion by many people. Economic justice means that structures must change. Rudy is a total disgrace. How dare Rudy exploit the mayor's biracial son for political gain? Mayor DeBlasio said nothing offensive about this situation and he should apologize about nothing. He has constantly prayed for and shown respect to the NYPD. Rudy has talked about the South in the 1960's. Well, oppression still occurs today not just back then. The North in the 1960's had massive racism, police brutality, economic deprivation, and other forms of oppression as well just like the South. We still live in a society where the 1 percent has allowed record income inequality and we will stand up for the dignity of humanity. Giuliani is a liar and a total deceiver. DeBlasio has showed amazing restraint. At the end of the day, people deserve justice and we are opposed to police terrorism.

First, we feel their frustration (from the Millennial Activists United Co-creator Ashley Yates, local hip-hop artists T-Dubb-O and Tef Poe including Tory Russell). They have every right to express anger and disgust at how many celebrities are silent on important issues at what is going on in Ferguson, NYC, etc. So, these young people should voice their grievances and fight back against oppression. They are right that 1 percent corporate executives (who could care less about the interests of the masses of the people, because they promote music, movies, TV shows, etc. filled with misogyny, nihilistic violence, materialism, false racial stereotypes, and capitalist excess all of the time) won't stand up in defense of the truth. Too many celebrities refuse to speak out at least against racism and police brutality. Some celebrities have spoken out on this issue publicly, but it is a small number. We shouldn't worship celebrities anyway. Our relatives, our friends, and our neighbors are some of our authentic role models. We are all oppressed by a materialistic, evil, and racist system. Many of the police have used rubber bullets, tear gas, and even LRAD sound weapons on men, women, and even children. These actions and more outline police terrorism. There is no freedom without struggle. There is no freedom without economic and political power. There is no freedom without the liberation of men and women. There is no freedom without the knowledge of self (as proclaimed by our elders for decades). In other words, freedom is also about the elimination of the chains of psychological or mental slavery. We have to know who we really are and respect who we are as black human beings. We have to think in a revolutionary fashion, love our blackness, and reject propaganda from the corporate media in order for us to be truly free. One of the great things that people can do is to withdrawal economic support from any business or anyone who refuses to take the right stand (or is oppressing black people). There is nothing wrong with boycotts either. Therefore, these young Brothers and young Sisters should organize and grow their own independent political and economic power. They should continue to oppose police brutality and create more grassroots, community-based programs that will combat poverty, social injustices, etc. We have to build. Having alliances with all people of black African descent internationally (as advocated by Malcolm X, etc.) is fine with me too. The corrupt system (which is controlled by the 1%) also uses class oppression. The oppressive structures of society ought to be gone. We have to keep on advancing the real principles of humanity and justice.

This is a very important issue. Violence against black women is found globally not just in America. We should not only condemn violence against black women, but cause anyone who does that evil to be held accountable. Certainly, enough is enough. Humanity can never ascend into a higher level unless violence against black women is gone. Stephanie Moseley had her whole life ahead and she was murdered by Earl Hayes. Shaneka Thompson is a strong black woman and she was shot by her ex-boyfriend Ismaaiyl Brinsley (he also killed 2 NYPD officers named Rafael Ramos and Wenjian). Kristy Flowers (who was a law student in Arlington, VA) was killed by Ray Savoy. We should also remember the Sisters who were killed by the police or other vigilantes. The victims are Sisters like Tyisah Miller, Aiyana Jones, Yvette Smith, Rekia Boyd, Kathryn Johnson, and so many other black Sisters. The media doesn’t report on these murders a lot. Violence in the black community in general should be totally condemned no matter who does it. The respect for the human dignity of all black people is a necessity. We have to honest and fight against racial oppression. Also, we should stop violence against black women too. Black men and Black women deserve not only equality and freedom, but justice as well. More men have to stand up against the abuse and murder of black women too. We have to treat each other as family for real. We have to fight against extreme patriarchy and the system of white supremacy. This fight for liberation will be a long one. Yet, we have the right to be liberated by any means necessary.

By Timothy

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