Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Social Movements


Are we seeing the return of massive social movements on a scale that we've not seen since the 1960s or 1930s? Nationwide demonstrations this weekend! About 30,000 demonstrators in NYC ALONE!!! Tens of fhousands of We African-Americans joined by tens of thousands of indignant whites, Latinos, , Asians, Jews, Arabs, and heavens knows who else. They were young, old and in-between. They were male and female, the educated and the illiterate. Today we are not the only ones insisting that "Black Lives Matter!" We are not the only ones demanding an end to the police terror, and an revolutionary exorcising of the spectre of fascism. I especially want to send some love to the insurgent millennial youth, in particular to my own students. Keep up the fight, young sisters and brothers. Justice and freedom can be won. Freedom Rising!!! -Savant


 Actually, the millennials in America seem to be shifting LEFTWARD. One Pew polls indicates not only that the 18--30 group are more likely to be "liberal ", but also that more of them than not are even favorable toward SOCIALISM. Yep, I said it. SOCIALISM. If anything, it is the Age of Reagan, the era of conservatism, that is obsolete and irrelevant---at least in the USA. Oh, and I seems to see a HUGE number of YOUNG whites joining us in mass demonstrations all over America. About 30,000 demonstrators in NYC alone. Maybe as many whites as blacks; and we weren't the only ones carrying signs "Black lives matter" and "end police terror." No, older 1960s leftists like Barros are being replenished by younger millennial leftists all over the country. This could be the dawning of an American Spring....the springtime of FREEDOM RISING!!!



 It is false to claim that "all terrorists are Muslims." Many terrorists are Muslims, but not all of them. In fact, most AMERICAN terrorists are white and CHRISTIAN, and always have been. The KKK is one of the oldest terrorists organizations in America. Timothy McVeigh was not a Muslim, but he was a terrorist. Both my mother and father lost siblings to American terrorists who white and almost certainly Christian if they subscribed to any religion at all. But frankly, I don't care what the color or creed of the terrorist is; terrorism is an abomination. Down with terrorism!


I use my influence to CONSCIENTIZE Black brothers and sisters in the hood. I won't play the Uncle Tom role of cooling them out.



 When you start protest white criminality--espec ially WHITE RULING CLASS criminality--then you may have something to say which interests me. In the meantime, return to the gutter with the vermin who are your kind, and never again darken the doors of humanity.



Prior to the 1960s (and maybe for some time after) Black women in the South often said that white men (prowling the Black community for female flesh) were day time segregationists and night time integrationists. Sisters would say "These crackas don't want to integrate the schools, but they want to integrate our bedrooms!" My mother and other elder female relatives told me about the largely unknown records of rabid racists seeking to fulfill their lusts with the body of a black woman....or even under age girl. Not surprising. Even some Nazi officials in Europe would sometimes keep some Jewish girl around, giving them the choice of being bedded or gassed. The other side of racist disdain is an irrepressible obsession, often a weird erotic obsession. Sick f___s!



Wrong. I was there. Both uneducated and poor Black people as well as educated and middle class ones were involved in the demonstrations; and joined by many whites. And most of the demonstrators were not rich folk, though some of them were there too.


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