Monday, December 01, 2014

Monday News in December 1, 2014

The rebellion and other actions in Ferguson remind us that it is just and right to resist evil. Evil can never go away unless we fight it and advance goodness in our world. People can do something right. McCulloch promoted his agenda to allow a murderer to not be indicted. The youth of Ferguson, Missouri are voicing their views and expressing their legitimate outrage at the continued extrajudicial murders of unarmed black people. The St. Louis County prosecutor embraced Officer Darren Wilson’s murder against a young black person. Wilson admitted that he didn’t like Ferguson. After the verdict, many people came into the streets to oppose the verdict. Some people peacefully protested. Others used limited, non-lethal counterforce. The struggle is real. Nationwide, people across the nation have protested and confronted police forces courageously. One big reason why things are deals with the War on Drugs and the mass incarceration of black males and black females (this information is not even heavily reported by the mainstream corporate media). The youth and other activists are opposing the policies from the corrupt capitalist state. Opposing unjust laws is just. Dr. King and other activists opposed unjust laws and they even went to jail for it. That is why the people of Ferguson opposed the massive curfew and other decrees of the militarized city like the five second rule. Ferguson residents resisted police oppression. Other cities nationwide resisted laws and protested too. The New Jim Crow is a strong instrument against Black America. Militant action is needed to oppose this injustice. The President’s token response to this tragedy is not enough. We have every right to demand justice. When the CBC supports the Pentagon’s transfers of weapons to local police departments (which aids the police militarization agenda), other activists want the demilitarization of the local police. This is a struggle. Many businesses were burnt. I don’t agree with harming innocent property for an unjust purpose, but human life is superior to property. We are in a war. We are fighting a murderous state, a racist society, and neoliberalism. Reactionary policies have caused unemployment, the lack of decent housing, educational issues, and income inequality. The two party system is dominated by corporate plutocrats who own the majority of the resources in America. We should not scapegoat Black youth like white racists and even some of the black bourgeois has done. The establishment proclaims that violence in Ferguson is evil, but they support the Western imperial violence filled with cluster bombs, torture, and other actions that has killed thousands of people in Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, etc. Don’t get it twisted. Black Americans have been the victims of state terrorism including beatings, deaths, infiltration, surveillance, and the jailing of black activists for decades. We should inspire and motivate the youth to carry on in this struggle for justice and freedom. Ferguson is the new beginning of the black liberation movement. That is why it is important to use self-determination and grow the power of the black poor and working class to resisting domestic repression. Ferguson opened many people’s eyes. It awoke many human beings. Resistance to Oppression is a Human Right. We must sacrifice for our freedom.

Some people consider Bill Clinton the Messiah when his neoliberal policies (of supporting the War on Drugs, the Crime Bill, NAFTA, etc.) have damaged America. The DLC are just as reactionary on certain issues as the extremists Tea Party Republicans. The elites love to play immigrants and workers against each other when it was the corporate elite that have exploited labor economically in many countries of the world. The Western imperialist policies of overthrowing democratically elected leaders like Allende, etc. has contributed to the instability and massive poverty found in certain areas of Mexico, Latin America, etc. That is why we will CONTINUE to reject xenophobic rhetoric and keep our eyes on the prize. The prize is that black people (including humanity in general) deserve justice and we can have justice without scapegoating all immigrants when we know that the corporate elite is responsible for crushing much of the labor movement, for the criminal war on terror, and for ecological damage done in our environment (No one can be a true revolutionary without caring for Nature). Immigrants are victims of a corrupt system. The massive deindustrialization began in the mid-late 1960's. Even Dr. King predicted that this will come as he said that automation was going to massively replace workers and that jobs will be SHIPPED OVERSEAS in a high level (as shown in the "All Labor Has Dignity" book). We are in solidarity with the oppressed including the Haitian people who have been the victims of neo-imperialist policies. The Haitian Brothers and Sisters have stood up against French imperialism during the 19th century. They were the victims of the evil U.S. occupation of 1915. The Haitian people have great resiliency and strength that we all respect. We are in solidarity with Haitian Brothers and Sisters. We have every right to declare our political independence. There are many Brothers and Sisters now who fighting the good fight. Justice for workers is needed. Darren Wilson has disrespected Michael Brown and his family. He has called Michael Brown a demon and he has expressed no remorse or even true respect to Michael Brown’s family. The hospital records show that Darren had no serious injuries. Darren Wilson's testimony was not cross examined in a thorough fashion either. So, we have the right to not respect Darren Wilson.

We know how the FBI works. COINTELPRO like actions didn’t end in the 1970’s. We know that the FBI has undercover agents in various movements today. The FBI is known for its usage of terrorism and its violation of human rights. Their agents including its informants were even in the Klan when the Klan were bombing churches and killing innocent human beings back in the 1960’s. The new Black Panther Party has released a statement denying all allegations and stating that their organization forbids the usage of acts of violence. It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds. Yet, we can’t forget about the bigger picture. The bigger picture is white racist terrorists are harming black people nationwide and worldwide. We know about the real crimes where protesters are being brutalized by the police, a church was burned down, and the abuse including murder of black human life CONTINUES. The events of Ferguson represent a new era of the black liberation struggle. We are in a war and in a struggle for our liberation. We have work to do and we will continue to defend our people and we will always stand up for justice. The political elites readily treat prisoners as less than human all of the time. The 13th Amendment even legalizes slavery if someone is imprisoned as people know. That is why that part of the 13th Amendment should be eliminated. We do have to fight back against irrational biases. These irrational biases demonize black people, other people of color, the poor, and others of numerous backgrounds. Divide and conquer strategies are still abundant in many spheres of society as Brother Conway has spoken about. The poor communities are treated as occupied territories. Many officers don’t even like the poor communities that they are patrolling, so they carry that hatred into their actions. Even in the mainstream media, it is taboo to not only discuss about institutional racism and the system of white supremacy, but even to mention the words of white supremacy. People should be treated as people not as commodities. The dignity of humanity is superior to money and property. The economic exploitation of the ghetto, the prison industrial complex, and other poor communities has been greatly documented. All of this signifies that we have a long way to go. Yet, we can’t lose hope. Hope is precious thing. We should use hope and action if we want things to be changed. We all want this corrupt system to be replaced with the existence of justice for all.

This information (about an ebola vaccine possibly coming as early as January 2015) proves why the development of a strong infrastructure is important. Austerity, sequester, etc. has damaged our economic system and our medical services. We certainly need greater research. There is nothing wrong with positive innovation and altruism. Great investments in research can cause treatments and cures to exist more readily, so human lives can be saved. I certainly have a great amount of respect for the organizations and other people who are helping those suffering (with the illness of ebola) in West Africa. Lauten is just wrong and sick. To disrespect the First Family's children is just abhorrent. These reactionaries have no shame. Her fake apology is just cover. Sasha and Malia are strong, intelligent, and young Sisters who should be treated with dignity and with respect. We, as black people, aren't going anywhere. We will defend our people and we will stand together as Brothers and Sisters. There are many black activists now who are using civil disobedience, organizing boycotts (not just the Boycott Black Friday campaign), and doing other amazing work. I will never minimize nor discount their efforts. There should be discussion and debates. No social movement in history was totally monolithic. The different diversities of people in the civil rights movement still believed in the same goal. Even Dr. King and Kwame Ture disagreed on tactics, but they wanted the same goal (which was freedom, justice, and equality for black people). Should more be done now? Yes. Are people collectively doing nothing? The answer is No. We have a long way to go, but many people are doing something. In America, there are discussions about economics. There is nothing wrong with using economics to positively help black people. Yet, there is nothing in the rule book that says we can't critique or question laissez faire, cut throat capitalism. Malcolm X (back in 1965 in an interview), Dr. King (in his 1967 SCLC Presidential Address via a speech entitled, "Where do we Go From Here"), etc. questioned mainstream capitalism outright. So, people deserve economic justice (in ending unfair tax loopholes, in forming a living wage, and in creating fairer trade deals). Unjust laws (that deal with stop and frisk, redlining, predatory lining, the Patriot Act, etc.) should be eliminated. Revolution is about the overturning of the current system and the replacement of that system with justice. It is as simple as that. Revolution readily deals with sacrifice, love, and strength. People are correct to mention that non-blacks should respect our human rights unconditionally. People don't need the status quo since the status quo doesn't work. It will take work and we have a long way to go. That is why we should keep on going and keep on working in our own families and in our own communities. The struggle is never easy, but it is a struggle that we will follow through to the end.

Africa can only be totally free unless neo-colonialism and imperialist militarism are ended in Africa. We know about the militarist agenda of AFRICOM and NATO. NATO was involved in the bombing of Libya. NATO supported terrorists and these terrorists assaulted, raped, and killed innocent Black Libyan Brothers and Sisters. We can never forget that. We have to be socially and political consciousness about our situation as people of black African descent. There are now 54 independent states in Africa. Now, the struggle against exploitation and oppression continues. The CIA, the IMF, etc. are still trying to control the development of Africa. Africa has great mineral resources, it has agricultural strength, and a young work force too. Capitalists want to exploit African resources to the maximum way possible. As far back as the 15th century, Portugal and Spain started the Maafa which lead into colonialism. Today, there is still imperialism and neo-colonialism. We know that African peoples have fought imperialism since its start. The Trans-Atlantic slave system was destroyed by the 19th century. The anti-colonial movements existed by great Brothers and Sisters as a means for them to establish independent African nations. There has been the unity of the Civil Rights, Black Power, Afro-Caribbean, and Pan-Africanism movements for social change in the 20th and 21st centuries. These movements are made of African workers, farmers, the youth, and other human beings. The late Brother Dr. Kwame Nkrumah fought to liberate Ghana and Africa in general. He realized that U.S. imperialism was a great threat to real liberation. Today, we see Brothers and Sisters in Burkina Faso who stood up against the puppet regime of the neo-colonialism Blaise Compaore. On October 30, 2014, millions of people gathered at the capital of Ouagadougou and other cities around Burkina Faso to call for the ouster of Compaore. Later, Compaore left office, which was a great event. Workers and other people (in Nigeria, Egypt, Zambia, South Africa, etc.) want a living wage, decent housing, quality education, and the end to environmental degradation. If we want real change, then we have to create qualitative development in the areas of addressing the social conditions of the masses of the African people. We must defeat poverty, economic exploitation, and imperialist militarism. There are many brave African people now who are involving in social justice issues and they seek a future where the Motherland reaches its highest potential as a continent.

By Timothy


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