Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Many actions are needed simultaneously. Oakland police officers refusing to adhere to even federal guidelines are truly disgraceful on the part of the Oakland police. This is an international issue, because the police terror against black human beings (and others internationally) is a human rights issue. Another great point is to be made. The corporate media's lies about the protesters (i.e. many reactionaries call the protesters vandals collectively and so forth, which is a lie) should be opposed. The fact is that the protesters have great intelligence and they want specific aims from the end to the War on Drugs to the immediate prosecution of crooked police officers. There are strong mothers and strong fathers (of the victims of police killings) who are courageously speaking their minds. They suffer great pain, but they have great insights and great heroic qualities in their own lives. These mothers and fathers inspire us all. People, who are oppressed, have every right to resist evil. Resisting evil and oppression (via protest, setting up independent groups, creating community development actions, building up humanity, and opposing imperialism) are totally common sense actions. The movement of Ferguson has spread all over the world. We have to allow the people to speak (as the great Sister Erika Totten has said) as we demand real change. This is a revolutionary movement. It is a shame that innocent black victims of police brutality and oppression are demonized. Even Tamir Rice has been slandered by some extremists. That is why people are so outraged at the epidemic of police brutality and we demand real solutions. I agree with Sister Goldie Taylor 100 percent that respectability politics will not save us as a people. Racists will hate you regardless, so we should honesty speak the truth in a honest fashion regardless if people take offense to it or not. People can speak the truth regardless if they wear a suit and tie or if they wear less conservative clothing. Respectability politics is never revolutionary and we need revolutionary action to solve our problems.

In life, we should always use discernment. Trust and respect are important values that human beings should advance. Some people are genuine. Other people are not and they try to bait or manipulate others as a way for them to advance their hate-filled agenda. Those who demonize people for no reason or are vindictive in trying to disrespect others are not only wrong, but evil too. From the beginning, they or those who want to cause confusion want to promote selfishness. Karma is an important concept as well. People will reap of what they sow. What anyone puts into the Universe will come right back to them. That is why I am very careful on what I do. Friend is not a concept that ought to be arbitrarily given. A true friend is someone that has proven themselves as trustworthy, loyal, honest, and respectful. I put the emphasis on proven, because a true friend will exist not only during times of comfort, but also they will also act righteously during times of controversy or challenge. We should never tolerate injustice. When we witness how cruel some people treat others in an evil fashion, we should never mimic their behaviors. The positive fruits of the spirit ought to be followed instead of nihilism. Humanity must grow by human beings caring for people and being decent in their conduct. Yes, trust is not a game. Hillary Clinton is definitely sophisticated in her political tactics. She talks about black lives mattering, but she supported the NATO terror bombing in Libya where Western-backed terrorists killed innocent black Libyan men, women, and children. So, she is a combination of a corporatist and a militarist. The issues of Ferguson are very important. The people of Ferguson showed the world that there is still revolutionary fervor in the States. Conscious people aren’t backing down. At the end of the day, legitimate grassroots organizations and great people, who are fighting against police terrorism and desiring real solutions, should be respected.

It is very ironic that you have mentioned that. Decades ago, Bill Cosby established a cartoon, which had characters constantly not using Standard English. The vast majority of the poor and black people do realize that using Standard English during job interviews, in a job, etc. is fine. Also, there is nothing wrong with not using Standard English at certain circumstances like relaxing in home or casually talking with friends. He said a lot more than talking about English. He disrespected people with names like Shaniqua, Shaligua, Mohammed when the truth is that people have the right to name their children whatever name that they want to. He has talked about the black poor as it relates to their families, but he committed adultery against his wife. The big picture is that Bill Cosby should not be disrespected, called out of his name, etc. Yet, people have the right to express disagreements with some of his views about the black poor, nothing more or less. We know that there are people worse than Bill Cosby and Bill Cosby has to handle his situation himself at the end of the day. Also, the battle for liberation is not over. We have to continue to fight gentrification, a corrupt socioeconomic system harming communities, the War on Drugs, imperial policies overseas, and corporate corruption. Black people have the right to stand up for what is right and to stand firmly in solidarity with all members of the Black African Diaspora as well. The relatives of those Brothers and Sisters, who were killed, are real leaders. They are speaking their minds, standing steadfast for justice, and inspiring others. Many people are waking up via the efforts of Esaw Garner, John Crawford Jr., Kadiatou Diallo, Sybrina Fulton, Michael Brown Sr., and others. The protesters include people from many classes and many other walks of life. Police terror must end. I am in solidarity with the protesters who want real change and economic justice is needed too. Thousands of protesters (including about 30,000 people in NYC alone during the weekend of December 13-14, 2014 alone) show that people are inspired. We should do more than just protest, but this new movement should grow and develop into revolutionary solutions.

Xenophobia is an evil that must be fought against. The xenophobic campaign in Germany has led to the burning of refugee homes. There have been three homes that were set on fire in Vorra, Bavaria last Friday night. This action is of xenophobic terrorism. The arson was politically motivated. In the immediate vicinity, the words "No asylum seekers in Vorra" were sprayed on a house wall, along with two swastikas. The fire engulfed an empty restaurant, a barn and a house, which had all been converted into refugee accommodations. The buildings were almost ready. The night before, there was already a fire at a refugees’ protest camp at Weißekreuz Square in Hanover, injuring two people. It is still unclear whether this was the result of an attack or an accident, but the refugees suspect that this may have been an attempt to sabotage their demonstration. According to the human rights organization ProAsyl, a total of 23 arson attacks on refugee shelters were committed in the first three quarters of 2014. In addition, there were 29 racist attacks on refugees. Press commentators and politicians deny that xenophobia was the reason for these attacks. A large proportion of the 2,000-strong population of Vorra gathered on Sunday to form a human chain around the planned refugee homes to express their solidarity with the asylum seekers. "We and other neighbours were looking forward to the arrival of the asylum seekers," one inhabitant of Vorra told broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk. In recent weeks, a group of supporters for the migrants was founded in the village. The residents were glad that the buildings which had stood empty for years had been finally restored and prepared for refugees, one local person said. We know that right wing gangs are being encouraged by reactionary immigration policies of the government including the positions of leading politicians. Many people of the CSU or the Christian Social want to stop immigrants from coming into Germany. The day before the attack, the Bavarian state interior minister, Joachim Herrmann (CSU), told broadcaster ZDF: "We cannot solve Africa's problems by allowing half the people of Africa to come to Europe." That is a racist statement. German federal interior minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU, Christian Democratic Union) was even clearer. As early as last Thursday, he defended the anti-immigrant demonstrations when speaking to broadcaster ARD. Interviewed on the main news programme “Tagesthemen”, he admitted there were some "problematic developments" with the initiators of the demonstrations; "But among those who are participating, there are quite a few expressing their concerns regarding the challenges of our time." Then De Maizière claimed that a section of German citizens felt like foreigners in their own country, and said "We have to take these concerns seriously, we have to deal with them." The same month, there were serious and repeated cases of the mistreatment of refugees in North Rhine Westphalia. This state is ruled by an SPD-Green Party coalition that was supported by the Left Party until 2012. The xenophobic and right-wing populist politics of the federal government are closely linked to the remilitarization of Germany and the social attacks which are being imposed across Europe.

Today, we have the Internet, a wide spectrum of Brothers and Sisters who are experts in great fields from engineering to education, etc. There is nothing wrong with black people developing our economic and political power. At the same time, we should address poverty since we can’t be free unless the poor among us are free. The events now represent a crossroads in our history as black people. The First and Second Reconstructions are over. The younger generation wants to assert itself more since the events of Ferguson. The wealthy among us should form more unity among black people who are middle class and poor. In other words, the masses of the workers, the poor, and the underprivileged of our people must be respected (and have economic justice). One example of a wealthy black person standing up for the masses of our people is Paul Robeson. He fought for the freedom of our people. Unfortunately, some (not all) of the wealthy among our people have embraced too much materialism, arrogance, and selfishness. This must change. Class unity and racial unity in the black community are great ways that solutions can be established. There is nothing wrong with black people showing their own movies and establishing their own fashion enterprises at all. The more that I have learned about the Afro-Brazilians (involving the favelas and their struggles. There is a very strong affirmative action program in Brazil too), the more that I learn about myself as a black person living in America. We are oppressed all over the world and that is why the elders are correct in saying that we need to build our own infrastructure as a means for us to express our own image fairly. We are a beautiful people and we have every right to express ourselves without apology.

By Timothy

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