Monday, December 01, 2014

Savant's Words


I support the wave of nonviolent resistance and mass demonstrations happening throughout America--and even, I hear, in LONDON, England. But while I favor nonviolent resistance, and greatly admire the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, I do not take off the table other forms of resistance. We have a right to self-defense; and where justice is not available in the courts, we have a right to TAKE in the streets. If the nonviolent protests do not succeed, if the fascistic police repression CONTINUES (even killing a 12 year old whom the stupid pig cop said he thought to be a 20 year old),, then ARMED RESISTANCE, clandestine military action is an option. Some of my Black students are already asking "How long are we supposed to put up with this?" And one coed said that "we need to bring back the Black Panthers." Perhaps we need to consider "The S___k Who Sat by the Door." A BLADE in the throat of oppression! -Savant


 I would like to see social scientific studies of the social characteristics, upbringing, education, specific location in the economy and community of those members of the Black middle and upper classes who become CONSCIOUS and committed to the liberation of the masses of Black people. Is there something in their socialization which inclines towards a higher social consciousness? Why is it that King chose to "identify with the underprivileged " but not Bill Cosby? What's different in the social and psychological history and makeup of the middle class or upper class brother or sister who sees the Black masses as brothers and sisters, in contrast to other elite Blacks who see them (not unlike white racists) as pathological thugs, criminals, and hood____s? -Savant


 Pendant ma voyage a Paris en 1988 j'ai lu un article tres interessant, un revue du livre par Manning Marable: HOW CAPITALISM UNDERDEVELOPED BLACK AMERICAN. A l'Amerique, not even the New York Times would publish a review of Manning Marable's book. Bien sur, un Marxiste Gramscian Afro-Americain n'est pas exactement beloved by our corporate media, not even the "liberal " media. -Savant



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