Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday News in December 12, 2014

People have the right to agree or disagree with the Selma film. The most important thing is that we should move forward and continue to fight. We can learn from the past and stand up for our human rights. That means that we should have hope and initiate action. It is important to remember the sacrifice that our people made in the black liberation struggle too. Our ancestors didn't just march. They were involved in rebellions, they fought in the Haitian Revolution, they organized political groups, and they did a lot of other constructive actions in standing up bravely for their human dignity. Many of our people bled and died, so we can live in this era. So, I will never disrespect the sacrifice of real black heroes who sacrificed their time, their jobs, and their lives as a means for future generations to be liberated. Black people have a lot of resiliency and Black is Beautiful. Also, our ancestors would never want us to have apathy. Apathy is folly. No one said that this struggle for liberation would be easy. It is not easy, but we should keep on working since we have work to do. Doing the right thing means that we reject bigotry, we reject scapegoating people unfairly, and we believe in economic justice. I will always love the truth and I will always love black people. Even now, we have to fight for our democratic rights and fight against imperial policies.

Yes, the CIA has been nefarious since its inception. Also, they collaborated with many Nazis to promote the Cold War agitation. That shows how corrupt the CIA is. That is why people from across the political spectrum want the CIA to go. Many intelligence agencies have used policies which lacked transparency and superseded the authority of even the elected government officials. Fascism did not die in 1945. We still have to fight it in our generation whether it is the police repression of protesters' rights to the war crimes done by the West. Yet, we do realize that for generations, progressive activists have stood up for freedom and are fighting for justice today as well. Some cops have some nerve. They have as guns and they can kill people. Not to mention that these cops can have impunity too. People having distrust of the police never existed out of a vacuum. For decades, many crooked cops have assaulted labor activists, black people (as they did in Selma during Bloody Sunday back in 1965), and other evils. So, the police should be angry at the War on Drugs harming communities. They should be angry at the blue wall of silence, which contributes to a lack of accountability and transparency in police departments nationwide. They should be angry at the epidemic of police terrorism harming not only black people, but people from across backgrounds as well. If they use that same anger and direct it at the system (with fighting for structural changes) instead of showing anger at how people feel about them, then progress can be made. That is the point. Real activists don’t want a McCarthyite witch hunt. Activists don’t want an authoritarian society. Activists want justice. We have love for the people and when you have love for the people, then you advocate human beings to be free from oppression.

You can’t be free without hope. Many Millennials are doing what is right. Anyone lacking hope and faith is not a real revolutionary. A revolutionary, by definition, wants to end the corrupt system in a radical fashion, so society can be better. The skeptics have said that the Maafa would last forever or that the Confederacy would last forever. They were proven wrong. Therefore, the Millennials need encouragement. They need to be told the truth and they need to grow without a defeatist attitude. Now, the Millennials should develop political and economic strategies to form solutions. It is fine to talk about how Black Lives Matters, which is very true. Also, Millennials should advocate the collective growth of economic power via independent institutions. That also includes Millennials withdrawing economic support from any economic institution which is anti-black. Many Millennials are fighting for environmental justice (clean air, clean water, and a clean Earth are things that anyone should advocate for), for fair trade policies, for a living wage (as Dr. King has advocated before his assassination), for civil liberties, and many are anti-imperialist. Being anti-imperialist courageously is part of our history as black people. Strategy, unity, and solidarity are important, because there must be a political and economic plan (when I mean economic, I don’t mean crony capitalism or laissez faire capitalism, which has been involved in the genocide and exploitation of people of color worldwide. I mean a cooperative, economic framework where workers’ rights are respected. Economic inequality must be addressed. No one can be liberated without workers having economic freedoms) as a way for black people to be truly liberated.

Not to mention that self-determination is very vital. Demanding change is not necessarily equated to begging regardless of what anyone says. People have every right to voice their views and fight evil. Many people are not conscious, but they are theocratic in a vicious way and reactionary. That is why I advocate unity among all black people internationally. African Americans, Afro-Brazilians, Africans, Afro-French, Afro-British, Afro-Latinos, etc. are one people. We are all one people. The Millennials need advice and respect. They need to be reminded that the communities of America must not only be rid of police terrorism (The fact of the matter is that the police have been used to protect the STATUS QUO or the established order of racial and class hierarchy. Racial and class oppression are evils that must be combated), but communities need to be rebuilt. That is why independent organizations must be further established, so the masses of black people can be assisted. That’s common sense. Our elders have talked about supporting this concept of self-determination for generations and they are right. Police terrorism against the black community should be condemned. Accountability must exist. That means that crooked officers must be punished without exception. Black people should never be scapegoated for institutional racism or any form of oppression. A radical redistribution of economic and political power, as Dr. King has said, is fine with me. Therefore, developing economics, creating infrastructure, believing in civil liberties, fighting to end unjust laws, and developing our own power via self-determination are legitimate things to do. In the final analysis, we have to build.

No one should be shocked by this. Many Hollywood elites present themselves as super progressive, but their movies and their emails document how wrong they are. That is why so many Hollywood movies and TV show degrade black people and show the most false stereotypes about our people. These executives forget that black people have eclectic tastes and we are very diverse as one people. With recent events, it is certainly not a time to be naive. Evil people are telling us overtly and covertly how they feel about us, so we should keep on disregarding their lies and continue to fight for justice. This is not surprising. Hollywood is not as progressive as people think it is. Certainly, Hollywood officially has links with the military industrial complex (which is involved in outright imperialism) in consultations. The Pentagon has been involved in direct funding of Hollywood enterprises as a means for corporate executives to promote various films. Many Hollywood films outright degrade black people, so I don’t have naiveté about the history and the agenda of Hollywood. The truth is that black people have eclectic tastes and our human dignity should be respected. We should use this situation as a means for us to keep on fighting and to be even further inspired to help our communities. Nothing will turn us around. Athletes can do a diversity of actions. They can wear T-Shirts, fund causes, speak at rallies, build infrastructure, and work with real organizations that are making a real difference in society. We know that Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, John Carlos, Tommie Smith, including other people stood up for legitimate causes (from being anti-Vietnam War, promoting economic & political empowerment, and advancing civil rights). Today, people do have a responsibility to be conscious and to help communities.

By Timothy


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