Monday, December 29, 2014

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NYC, Feb 1965: The guy kneeling over a dying Malcolm X, Gene Roberts [a Malcolm body-guard], turned out to be a NYPD BOSS [Bureau of 'Special Services'] under-cover cop. The guy IDed as the shot-gun man during Malcolm's assassination [IE: 1 of the 5 Malcolm assassins] was seen by a witness walking in & out of an office in a nearby NYPD station- Without Escort & NOT in Handcuffs.
FYI: Turns out that of the 3 guys convicted for Malcolm's murder, 2 of them where NOT even there.

Memphis, April 4th 1968 [exactly 1 yr to the day after MLK gave his iconic anti Vietnam War speech]: The first to reach a dying MLK was a Memphis PD under-cover cop, Merrel McCullough, who later joined the CIA. In the 1999 civil trial: The King Family vs Loyd Jowers, Jowers named McCullough as one of his co-conspirators in the plot to assassinate MLK [Note: James Earl Ray was NOT named as a co-conspirator].

Chicago, Dec 4th 1969: The head of BPP's Chicago Chapter, Fred Hampton, is executed in his bed while sound asleep [he was drugged] in a joint FBI, Chicago PD, County Sheriff [= COINTELPRO] raid. The guy who gave the FBI & Chicago cops a detailed layout of Hampton's apartment, William O'Neal, who was Hampton's security chief [ala Gene Roberts for Malcolm]- was, you guessed it- yet another paid police informant who likely 'spiked' / drugged Hampton's drink just prior to his execution.

In J. Edgar Hoover's infamous 'Stop the Rise of a Black Messiah' memo Hoover specifically named Malcolm, Martin & the Black Panther Party [along w Kwame' Toure' aka Stokley Carmichael] as his main targets to be 'neutralized'.


IMO likely the most 'revolutionary' act the BPP did was NOT the iconic pix of BPP members in black tams, leather jackets, shouldering rifles which gets the most hype [by the BPP- but even by the FEDs & cops to gin-up 'Mau-Mau' type fear among whites of scary Black dudes out to 'kill whitey' & 'off the pigs']- But rather the BPP's free breakfast prog to feed Black school-kids along w their free medical prog [contrary to this Findley / Ram-boo joker's rants]. Needed programs that Dim poly-tricksters & their approved 'Negro' leaders too often failed to provide [at the time]. Apparently 'J. Edgar's' COINTELPRO also saw this as just too revolutionary- which explains why so often when cops searched BPP offices across the US, using the guise of searching for illegal weapons- they destroyed &/or confiscated food & medicine ear-marked for the BPP's free breakfast & medical progs- along w printing equipment & supplies.

The other 'revolutionary' act the BPP tried to do that does NOT get enough attention, was the BPP's efforts to try to quell gang conflict both on the streets & in prison. The COINTELPRO response- was to use In-Filth-Traitor agent-provocateurs to 'ironically' stir-up conflict between the BPP & street-gangs; or to fabricate bogus charges against BPP members in jail & throw them in solitary for decades on end- like what happened to TRNN's honored RAI guest, Mr Eddie Conway.

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