Monday, March 07, 2016

Political Information in early March of 2016

Certainly, we live in a time of a crossroads and black people should take our circumstances very seriously. Hillary Clinton’s history and reactionary policies are well known. She supported Barry Goldwater in 1964 and was in the Republican National Convention in 1968. That same convention nominated Richard Nixon (who was a criminal, a liar, and someone who supported the suppression of the Black Panther Party). Hillary Clinton then became a Democrat and continued to support the evil administration of the Bill Clinton administration. Hillary Clinton is wrong to call black youth “super predators” which is racist. Bill Clinton made racist comments also during the year of 2008 too. So, I will never vote for Hillary Clinton at all. Hillary Clinton has never apologized for her super predator comment either after a black woman confronted her about it. Even Bernie Sanders voted for the 1994 Crime Bill, which expanded the prison industrial complex in America (where black people have been harmed for over 20 years). Hillary Clinton had a hawkish foreign policy. She gloated over the death of Gaddafi when he was unifying African nations and promoting independence. I don't agree with Gaddafi on every issue, but Gaddafi shouldn't be murdered in an extrajudicial fashion. Libya now is in a state of civil war now by the war crimes of NATO/Western forces (along with the Western backed rebels who have lynched raped, and killed black Libyan people). Libya being bombed has only exacerbated problems in the Middle East and Africa. Hillary wants a no-fly zone in Syria, which will cause more chaos in the Middle East. We know that white political elites don’t care about the interests of black people. It is sad that most black people have voted for an imperialist like Hillary Clinton in South Carolina and in other states. We know that members of the black misleadership class and compromised preachers love Hillary. Also, I don’t view Bernie Sanders (who calls himself a democratic socialist) as perfect as many of his foreign policy positions are very similar to Hillary Clinton’s views. The Clintons have used their influence to exploit Haiti and to support a neoliberal agenda. The Clinton administration supported NAFTA that crippled millions of American jobs. There is the continuity of policies from Republicans and Democrats (the same policies of Bush continue in the Obama administration. For example, the Patriot Act, the drone strikes, and Wall Street bailouts have existed in the Bush and Obama Presidencies). This is all by design as the Electoral College (not the American people directly) decides who we will be the next President of the United States. We know that Trump’s agenda is repugnant, xenophobic, racist, and sexist. We, as black people, have every right to use our critical thinking skills, realize that the system wasn’t created for us in the first place, and act accordingly. We have to promote autonomous, independent, and socially strong movements in our communities that oppose imperialism, that want to develop our families & our communities in general, oppose police terrorism, and want justice. Creating solutions is a necessity. We want black people to have mental, social, and economic liberation. We have to tell people the truth no matter how uncomfortable it is.

Anti-black racism isn't just found in the Dominican republic. It's found worldwide. There has been many cases where not only Haitians have been murdered in the Dominican Republic. Many Afro-Dominicans have been oppressed too in the Dominican Republic. Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina was a brutal, evil dictator, a racist, and an enemy of black people. There is a huge problem of colorism in the D.R. There have been books written about this and it has been shown in the documentary "Black in Latin America." The only way for us to fight back is to know about the situation, confront it, and defend the beauty of Blackness. Nina Simone gave unambiguous statements in defense of Blackness throughout her life. Zoe Saldana have given more moderate, wishy washy statements on the issue of Blackness on the other hand. There are tons of qualified black actresses (other than Zoe) who can play Nina Simone easily. I disagree with the biopic for numerous reasons (from the inaccuracies to the mocking of the legacy of Nina Simone. Nina Simone's daughter is perfectly in her right to disagree with the biopic too). The film is a disgrace. Also, this story makes me aware about how the growth of Pan-African unity economically, socially, and culturally is so important. We, as black people, can respect and honor our cultural diversity (regardless of our nationality) while honoring ourselves as one black people at the same time. Right now, Haitian human rights activists are constantly fighting for the rights of Haitian people in the D.R. (many of whom work in the D.R.). The Parsley Massacre was a total injustice committed by that murderer Trujillo. One of the greatest human rights activists in the region was the late Sister Sonia Pierre. People should study her life. She was a great human being.

You already know what I'm going to type. I have to keep it real. I will got there. There is a fascism in America and all of it wasn't eradicated in 1945 when World War II was over. He has supported waterboarding or torture. Trump advocated using things "much worse than waterboarding too" like he said he advocates the killing the family members of terrorists even if those family members are innocent. That's callous. He has threaten people (who are journalists who disagree with him) with lawsuits, which is against the First Amendment. He doesn't want any Muslim human being to come into America. He has stated that he once didn't know who David Duke was. Trump has gone of his way to issue misogynistic statements. His father was been charged by the government for discriminatory policies against black people involving housing. Donald Trump's campaign is based on fascism, vulgarity, playing on people's fears, and ignoring the truth that we need a higher minimum wage than the anemic one that we have now currently. So, Gere's comments certainly show that many people aren't falling for the deception displayed by Trump. There is no way where millions of people can be deported in America in a quick fashion unless a police state system comes around to do it. Trump's evil xenophobia is repugnant. Trump quoting Mussolini doesn't surprise me. The corporate media glorifies Trump's extremism on many occasions too. They cover his speeches constantly and they ignore in many instances the real issues from Western imperialism, corporate corruption, to ecological problems going on in America. His obscene message is very similar to the white nationalist message that abhors immigrants, Muslims, and black progressives. He's a hypocrite and a flip flopper on many issues. Trump's barbaric policies violate the First, Fourth and Eighth Amendments of the Constitution. Now, we see the fraud of his Trump University that have ruined the lives of so many people. We have seen his evil disrespect of the Central Park Five. We know his history and we know his nefarious agenda. One thing that I will never do is vote for this male. I believe in my views and I reject reactionary extremism. I believe in the separation of church and state. I believe in civil liberties and the protection of the environment. I believe in social, racial, gender, and environmental justice. I stand for my principals. I believe in equality and I believe in justice.

Slavery existed worldwide and abolitionists fought to abolish slavery worldwide too. Slavery was abolished in the French Republic in February 4, 1794. Slavery was abolished all over the French empire during the French Revolution of 1848 (with the efforts of Victor Schœlcher and others). The Trans-Atlantic slave trade completely ends by 1859. Slavery is abolished in the Indian Territory or Oklahoma today in 1866. People ended slavery in Puerto Rico in 1873. In 1822, the Ottoman firman abolishes all forms of slavery regardless if the slave was black or white. Slavery ended in Cuba in 1886. Brazil bans slavery in 1888. In 1906, China ends slavery effective January 31, 1910.  The 1926 Slavery Convention, an initiative of the League of Nations, was a turning point in banning global slavery. Article 4 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948 by the UN General Assembly, explicitly banned slavery. The United was convened to outlaw and ban slavery worldwide, including child slavery. In December 1966, the UN General Assembly adopted the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which was developed from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 4 of this international treaty bans slavery. The treaty came into force in March 1976 after it had been ratified by 35 nations. The last nation on Earth to ban slavery was Mauritania in 1981 and it was made a crime in Mauritania in 2007. Slavery is illegal in all countries. Yet, slavery continues to exist in the 21st century. It is estimated that about 21 to 29 million slaves exist worldwide. Modern slavery is a worldwide business worth with estimates up to $35 billion. The slave trade industry is evil. The Global Slavery Index 2013 states that 10 nations account for 76 percent of the world's enslaved. India has the most slaves of any country, at 14 million (over 1% of the population). China has the second-largest number with 2.9 million slaves, followed by Pakistan with 2.1 million, Nigeria with 701,000, Ethiopia with 651,000, Russia with 516,000, Thailand with 473,000, Congo with 462,000, Myanmar with 384,000, and Bangladesh with 343,000. Mauritania still has slavery when slavery is illegal there too. Modern slavery exists in different forms like forced labor, forced marriage, sex slavery, human trafficking, forced migrant labor, bonded labor, and other evil actions. There are many organizations that are fighting against modern slavery, human trafficking, etc. They include 3Strands, 5-Stones, the A21 Campaign, Abolish Slavery Coalition, Abolition International, Abolition Now, Against Child Trafficking (ACT), Agape International Missions, Anti-Slavery International, etc.  We won’t stop until slavery and any injustice is gone from the Earth.

The truth is that many young black people are social activists in our generation. The corporate media doesn’t report readily on this fact, but tons of black people are working day in and day out in mentorships, combating police terrorism, standing up for racial justice, and developing solutions in the black community. The Dream Defenders for years have stood up against imperialism, zero tolerance policies in schools, patriarchy, and other evils. The Black Lives Matter movement since 2013 has stood up against the criminal injustice system and police brutality. Hands Up United, Black Youth Project, and other activist organizations have not only lead protests in America. They have been involved in discussions, standing up for black liberation, and realizing that we are all in this together. The Black Immigration Network also has done great work to defend immigrant rights and to show the truth regardless of our nationality or place of birth, we are oen black people. We are part of one community. According to Sister Opal Tometi, there are about 500,000 undocumented black immigrants in America. There are about 11 million undocumented immigrants nationally in total. Black immigrants have been detained by the feds and many lack job opportunities and face discrimination in the workplace. We have the right to speak up about these issues and make changes. The nefariousness of respectability politics have been combated by those who believe fully in social justice. It is very important to end the incarceration state, to invest in poor communities especially, and to expand adequate housing and jobs for human beings. We want poor people (not just the middle class and the rich) to have access to universal health care and healthy foods too. The state apparatus has oppressed us for a long time, and that is why progressive alternatives to deregulated capitalism, imperialism, the prison industrial complex (as black people and others have been readily raped, assaulted, abused , etc. prisons nationwide and worldwide. Solitary confinement is still common in many facilities as well), and bigotry must exist for all. Regardless of our nationalities or backgrounds, we are black people and we want justice and human liberation.

By Timothy

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