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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Well, extra events are coming on in the world. There is a spy scandal, which George W. Bush allowed electronic spying between a foreign and domestic citizen. The New York Times knew about this story and reported on it for years. The truth is that this illegal procedure (since only a FISA court can authorize a spy on citizens) existed among Clinton since Newsmax reported on how he used Echleon to spy on Americans. The NY Times also reported on how the FBI monitored PETA, Greenpeace, and other political organizations. I don't support this Big Brother culture that Bush and his allies promote. Our civil liberties is more important than anti-freedom laws indeed. This is Bush's and the Neo-Cons desperate attempt to preserve even all of the portions of the Patriot Act. Actually, the Patriot Act is so against the United States Constitution, that all of it should be banned period. Lately, I've been hearing about Holocaust Revisionism. While people have a right to peacefully believe that with no arrest, many racists, Neo-Nazis, etc. have supported this view. Many mainstream historians debunked it and racists who promote use it as an excuse to justify the activities of the Nazis. That's why in 2006, I will list a refutation of Holocaust Revisionism. I will expose the nexus between white supremacy, population control, radical environmentalism, anti-immigration, and abortion as well. Lately, I see more Christian bashing. It's a good thing that I'm around to refute those lies. Real Christians will never unjustly kill people. Witheforce, John Wesley, John Quincy Adams, etc. supported freedom for all men regardless of color and they are great Christian role models that counterract the lie that real Christians supported genocide, unjust slavery, and other evils in human history. Just for that, I will in 2006 set the record straight on real Christian history and our contributions. I'm going to target the lie of Peak Oil (supported by Big Oil, the Club of Rome, and other establishment groups) and these anti-Semites who hate both Jews and Arabs. Some of them don't know real history and the fact of a permanent Jewish presence in Israel from Hadrian, Byzantium, the Islamic Empire, the Ottomans, the British, and today. I will not be intimidated by no man whatsoever. I still believe in God creating the universe. As for the Alternative Media Movement, there are some good people there. I witness them all of the time. It is true that a lot of alternative people are shills, but let's not say all people in the movement are. We must expose evil, yet inspire people to change their ways plus reach out to folks as well. I think that WING TV is doing a lot of good, but for them to unite with David Duke is a disgrace. I never consider WINGTV a shill group, but David Duke has never formally apologize to the public on his comments about the KKK, blacks, Jewish people, etc. Even if Duke is right on some issues, without his formal apology, I can never unite with him as a man. I wouldn't be a black man if I didn't oppose David Duke. This is one sign of WINGTV's hostility toward Jewish people.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


Anonymous said...

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Timothy said...

I don't follow David Duke, I'm black, and I don't follow the credo of racism at all. Sormfront is a racist website.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

Anonymous said...

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