Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Miami Heat wins NBA Finals (They are the champions)


Congratz to my city and congratz to King James for getting the title and winning MVP of The Finals! The 305 is on fiyah!!!!


 You beat me to the punch. If Dan Gilbert would have gave James the help he needed, none of this would have happened.




Dan Lee ·  Top Commenter
I'm so glad to see Lebron James on top. It's absolutely pathetic the way people fall in line with the corporate media because he and others decided to exercise their rights as citizens to choose their place of employment. Had he gotten hurt in Cleveland he'd have been dropped like a hot potato. And for all of you folks ragging on him for leaving I NEVER hear you b____ about how OKC left Seattle after 41 years when the new owners PROMISED on many occasions to leave the team in Seattle. You can hate all you want.......He achieved his goal in spite of the hatred of the corporate media and naive uninformed "Fans".


Michael Clarke · St.james secondary
Sport is win or lose...Le Bron had options and he took one is obliged to stay at a franchise for life. He saw an opportunity and took it.....leave the KING alone! Where are the uplifters , why do we try to keep our black sportsman down!


Loretta Smith
LaBron honrored his contract in Cleveland...what more doesa man have to do. They are treating him like he OWED Cleveland something. A person is free to do what is BEST for HIMSELF during HIS career! That plantation thinking that he owes the owner and a city something is antiquated at best! He hurt no one in persuing HIS dream. After his loss last year Labron seeked out a mentor, worked on his game, worked on himself, committed to HIS TEAM and came out victorious! He showed that he is still humble and learning...what more do people want? Congratulations LaBron on a well deserved CHAMPIONSHIP!


Bunny Withers
Congratulations to LeBron and the entire HEAT Team. I will never understand the attitudes of those who continue to 'hate'. You are absolutely correct, Mr. Flood sacrificed his career so that athletes like LeBron have the right to Free Agency. He stands on his shoulders. Congratulate this young man...he worked extremely hard to get to last night. His work ethic can never been denied and he has grown as a person and as a man. Leave this 'chile' alone!


Louis Wright
Congrats to LeBron. You are still an Ohioan! You had every right to make your own decision as it relates your career. For those hating, get a life.


Forest Brown ·  Top Commenter · John Bartram High School
Congrats: To The King! Class and Talent! A Great Unselfish Leader, Never Arrested, For Drugs, Drinking, Never Accused of Raping, any White Women, Or any women, Does't Beat his Partner, Or Children, Never Spit on Kids, Always Law abiding, All You Haters, Should Hope, That Your Children, Grow Up To Be Like Lebron King James.



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