Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jesse Ventura vs. Sean Hannity


I think he is talking about the fact that the British East India company was a monpolistic and Imperialist institution with the power to make or create countries. Make their own government; make their own laws in the absence of state.
BEARDMAN is REALLY trying to misslead people. I dont know why, but im pretty sure its INTENTIONAL (either than, or he's just not sure of his own argument).
Fact: Cut welfare, people will die
beardman solution: They shouldnt have to depend on govt, for food
Its not a very good argument, is it ?
beardman says ONLY if he wants to, should HE pay towards food for starving americans. So, since he WONT pay, unless he's forced, the REST OF US would have to voluntarilly pay his share.
He seems SLY !


What beardman should be arguing for is NOT to take food off starving people. HE should admit that forcibly taxing people is GOOD in some circumstances.
I bet if i had all the food, and he was starving, beardman would want to force me to give him food. He SAYS he would rather die, but really he just wants OTHER people to die form his financial benefit.
He works for ROCKERFELLA, and DOESNT DENY IT, EVER !!!!!!!!
adam is out of touch theres no jobs because of greedy corps. and if we didnt have min wage places like walmart pay us 5 hr jobs left because of nafta and gat wake up its the globalist greed food stamps are run by the states not Federal gov . and gose for libertarians is dont bother us we bother you .wrong you have to stand up even when the fight isnt against you
But we have countries where there are low or no taxes and the Private investments still dont happen. We have countries with tax rates lower than the US with lower private investments than the US. We have countries with taxrates higher than the US with higher private investments than the US. Gimme an economic study which shows that tax rates are directly proportional to the level of private investments--Please. If you dare.

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