Friday, June 29, 2012

My Views on the Affordable Care Act

This is time of a new day. The Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision maintained the health care reform law. It's one more toward the real goal that we all seek, which is universal health care for all people. The Court said that the individual mandate was unconstitutional in dealing with the commerce clause. Yet, the individual mandate can exist as a tax on people as a part of the taxing clause of the U.S. Constitution. This case maintained the law. I realize that the law isn't perfect and it has extreme complications on some parts. Yet, the good news is that this is the first step towards true universal health care. This isn't the conclusion of this fight, but it's the beginning. God willing, in the next years, we can see health care expand to all people in the USA. I look forward in my lifetime to see the day where all people will have access to afforable, quality health care. The law despite its imperfections (like the private insurance companies' influences on the health care law itself. That was sad. The big insurance help create many sections of the law via discussions. The Big insurance companies used propaganda and millions of dollars to eliminate the public option from the final law), it does have many legitimate parts in it. The law is right to prevent discrimination against people who have a preexisting condition. The law is correct to allow people 26 or younger to be a part of their parent's insurance. The law is right and just to got out and expand Medicaid to folks that need insurance. Yet, the Supreme Court would allow states to potentially opt out of the Medicaid expansion program. The law gives tax credits to small businesses that can help health care system in this country. According to the Congresssional Budget Office said the this law can reduce the federal deficit by $210 billion over the next decade and saved about 1 trillion dollars over the second decade according to CBO analyses. According to the CBO, if the law is repealed, it would increase the deficit by 230 billion dollars over 10 years. More than 3.1 million young Americans have health care as a product of the law. Health care is national issue, so a national policy is necessary in order for all Americans to have health care. Health care is a human right. I would rather prefer a single payer health care system or Medicare for all than this current law. The total Affordable Care Act won't take effect until 2014. Yet, this is better than nothing or the status quo. The Republicans are hypocrites. They condemn the individual mandate, yet the Heritage Foundation and Mitt Romney once supported the individual mandate. They claim that this is a violation of constitutional liberties (I don't agree with everything in the law), but not all things in the law are evil. The idea that this law (which is not socialistic at all) is going to allow the government to takeover all of our healthcare is a bold faced lie regardless of what Alex Jones says. Some of these alternative media puppets want us to vote for a flip flopping, war mongering, social Darwinist economic loving Mormon like Mitt Romney. You got to be kidding me. I don't agree with President Barack Obama on every issue (he is a puppet), but I don't hate the man personally as some in the alternative media do. Even some in the alternative media agree with Mitt Romney and want a total privatization of the health care system. This is the goal of reactionaries & these radical Republicans (these hypocrites talk about growing government when they support the big government system of the military industrial complex. Regardless of what these liars say, the country isn't broke, life is more important than debt, and public resources have help humanity for thousands of years). The Republicans want to privatized all of health care in order to allow private insurance to do whatever they want (irrespective of the interests of doctors, patients, and especially public hospitals). So, these people aren't real alternative media people (they obsess with taxes when we have record low taxation. We have less taxes than in over 50 years. I rather for my taxes go for the betterment of man and human health than to the military industrial complex & war), but these fake "alternative media" people are reactionaries and covert puppets of the Republican Party. Also, people like Kurt Nimmo and the reactionary Alex Jones (who loves libertarianism, but refuses to expose the weaknesses of libertarianism. Libertarianism is about a human pursuing all carnal desires without restraint. Libertarianism accepts objectivism or a selfish mentality. This is contrary to ethics & true moral values) claim to love the common people, but advocate an economic philosophy (the school of Austrian Economics. Jones' father was in the JBS. The JBS's subsidiary was named Western Goals. Western Goals psied on Americans for years in an extra legal manner before the Patriot Act & even COINTELPRO) of the elite, the Rockefellers, and the international bankers. This liar Alex Jones wants to criticize Social Security when it isn't a ponzi scheme. It has a surplus for decades (Social Security isn't bankrupt) and people earn to receive it. It has worked and some of the oligarchs have stolen wealth from it. The establishment wants to cut it. If Social security is favored by the elite why do they want to radically cut it? So, Jones is wrong and he is known for disrespecting caller with dissenting points of view. I am a real man, so I won't disrespect a person even if that person disagrees with me. It is great to expose the new world order, real conspiracy facts in the globe, and the evils found in BPA & GMOs. On the other hand, it is a cruel jest for some to claim to want individual liberty when they advocate the violations of same individual liberties for immigrants and other human beings. Also, Alex Jones can cry about the mega banks, but the mega banks fund his economic ideology (of free market fundamentalism) and globalism too. People like Jones ignore that the Founding Fathers even agreed with universal health care. I am Independent. Our goal for true human liberation isn't done (as one law can't fix all problems, but this is a start) and the law should recieve more improvements, yet the Republicans have some nerve to want to prevent millions of Americans to have health care. The goal is still universal health care for all people.

Religious deception is every common in the world. Billy Graham supported the Vietnam War in such a hardcore fashion, that is there is another story about this issue. There was the secret letter from April 15, 1969. It was drafted after Graham met in Bangkok with missionaries from Vietnam. They said that if the peace talks in Paris were to fail, then Nixon should step up the war and bomb the dams. Such an act according to Graham excitedy said could overnight destroy the economy of North Vietnam. Graham lent his imprimatur to this recommendation. This policy would have killed a million people, most of which are non-bombatants. The German High Commissioner in occupied Holland, Seyss-Inquart, was sentenced to death at Nuremberg for breaching dikes in Holland in World War Two.  (His execution did not deter the USAF from destroying the Toksan dam in North Korea, in 1953, thus deliberately wrecking the system that irrigated 75 per cent of North Korea's rice farms).  So, this proves that real religion is fine to embrace, but we can't lose our discernment capacity. We ought to promote real doctrine and abhor & reject false doctrines. I just found some new information about Dr. Martin Luther King. Kingsley Ozuomba Mbadiwe was a Nigerian nationalist and politican. He sent a telegram to Dr. Martin Luther King back in February 16, 1968. He wanted to contact Dr. King since both Dr. King and Mbadiwe were working the proposal for a colution to the Nigerian/Biafran civil war. A peace mission to Nigeria was planned for April 1968. Dr. King would be assassinated in April before he could go inside of Nigeria in order for peace to occur in Nigeria. Even today in 2012, there is an Occupy Nigeria movement that believes in the nonviolence values of Dr. Martin Luther King & the civil rights movement.

Counterfeit progressives are all around us in the world. One common theme among all of them is that they want to work with the mainstream capitalist system and promote policies that will harm workers (instead of wanting to destroy the whole system all together and create a better system for people). One left gatekeeper is Bill Maher. He gets to say almost what he wants on his HBO show called "Real Time with Bill Maher." He agreed with stereotyping Muslims in very offensive terms. Even Democracy Now is funded by corporate Foundations. Another group that adheres to anti-immigration extremism is called Progressive for Immigration Reform. One of the biggest left gatekeepers is Anderson Cooper. This is person since I saw him when I was in Middle school. He hosted the Channel One show (that I saw when I was in middle school) that played on schools nationwide back then. Back then, he had gray hair them. He once tried to support real causes and then he sold out. Now, he promotes the war on terror. He isn't even objective in the Syrian crisis. He agrees with NATO and the West's support of the colonalism of Syria. He called Syria's elected leader a dictator, but he supports the CIA-back Syrian fake revolutionaries. These rebels have killed innocent men, women, and children. The elite funded these rebels since at least 2005. Today, he refuses to exposed the Western sponsored regime changes and Western terrorism worldwide. He pretends to be progressive when he is complicit in spreading lies and disinformation. It's a known historical fact that cartel-capitalism has harmed our nation. We have fascism and militarism in America. We can't deny that we have a police state when there is stop and frisk, TSA molestation, unwarranted checkpoints nationwide, drones flying around in America, and the Patriot Act. It is a predatory system that steals funds from the social safety net that harms society. Constitutional rights like habeas corpus and other rights have destroyed our liberties. Both major parties are corporately controlled. There are fake revolutions and fake riots used to make a police state stronger in world society. We need a transformation of society without irrational fear (like some radio talk show hosts present. We know their names) and promotion of civil war. Some people have said that we must reform the modern laissez faire capitalist system. This will not work since the whole infrastructure or systme is corrupt and a better system must be established based on alternatives (like cooperatives, etc.). Modern day free market capitalism is a totally failed system and it must be replaced.

It's known that physical exercise can lower cancer risks. A person having optimal health can prvent a host of chronic diseases ranging from heart disease to stroke (plus dementia). Studies have proven that regular execise can reduce breast cancer and other cnaercs. People are trying to figure out how activity duration, exercise type, and intensity can influence cancer prevention. The researchers from the University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health in Chapel Hill published their findings in the journal called "CANCER." They found that physical activity, either mild or intene and before or after menopause may reduce breast cancer risk. The scientists discovered that substantial weight gain may negate these benefits. Dr. Lauren McCullough is the leading study investigator. She and her team looked for a link between recreational physical activity done at different time points in life and the risk of developing breast cancer. They found that moderate exercise can lower breast cancer up to 30 percent. The study examined 1,504 women with breast cancer (233 noninvasive and 1,271 invasive) and 1,555 women without breast cancer who were 20 to 98-years-old. Participants were part of the Long Island Breast Cancer Study Project, an investigation set up to review possible environmental causes of breast cancer. Researchers determined that women who exercised either during their reproductive or postmenopausal years had a reduced risk of developing breast cancer. The study found out that women who exercise between 10 and 19 hours per week experienced a 30 percent decrease in breast cancer risk. Risk levels were decreased regardless of duration or intensity. That means that a rigorous workout wasn't necessary to achieve positive results. Exercise can lower the risk of hormone receptor positive breast cancer (ER or PR positive), which is the commonly diagnosed tumor type among American women. The study found that that increased weight can increase the overall risk of forming breast cancer (regardless of hours spent exercising). Physical activity can lower the risk, but it can be negated with gaining weight. Dr. McCullough concluded "The observation of a reduced risk of breast cancer for women who engaged in exercise after menopause is particularly encouraging given the late age of onset for breast cancer." A daily 30 minute walk and maintaining a healthy body weight provide a significant shield against this insidious disease.

If we want to find the truth, it has to be real without bias at all. What all sides agree with is that the government and the military made miscalculations about how to deal with the Empire of Japan. All sides agree that some military commanders in the field (like Admiral Kimmel and Lt. General Walter Short. Although, critical intelligence about the forthcoming attack was deliberately withheld from them at the time) should of done better to protect Pearl Harbor. We all know that the Japanese/U.S. negotiations were increasingly failing. The embargo from America increased tensions among Japan and America. There is plenty of blame to go around though among the field and in Washington (including the Western internationalists, which the FDR knew types rarely delve into. To this credit, Tarpley goes into this connection). The reactionaries always obsess with anti-communism when it's bigger than that (as communism and mainstream capitalism are funded at the top by the same people). At first, FDR pledged to keep America out of foreign wars. Yet, he knew this would be an impossible strategy as time commenced. Therefore, he made preparations to protect American interests just in case war would involve the American people. The truth is in-between the two extreme views of this horrendous event. Pearl Harbor wasn't a false flag operation done by the U.S. government technically, yet the Roosevelt administration could of done more to protect America's military services in Pearl Harbor. The reactionaries over exaggerate some of the mistakes of FDR (He did outlaw hoarding the masses of Gold Bullion [under the Trading with the Enemy act] because the United States was on the verge of COLLAPSE from 13 years of bad economic policies under Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, whom FDR Prosecuted) to condemn any form of government intervention in the lives of the people. They or the Tea Party types falsely believe that it's a sin for taxpayers’ dollars to help the elderly, help the poor, and to build up of infrastructure (like bridges, roads, hospitals, etc.). I think that Social Security is fine to help the elderly from starving to death. I believe in food stamps to people that need legitimate assistance. I believe in regulating and prosecuting the speculators that caused the Great Depression. All of these policies came from the 1940's that the Tea Party crowd hates to this very day. To them, to the left of Ron Paul is socialism. To them, to the left of Ronald Reagan is equivalent to socialism. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, despite his failings, did etch a huge mark in world history. We should respect what he got correct. You have to realize that in an emergency situation, the free market alone can't solve a gargantuan economic depression.

By Timothy

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