Monday, June 25, 2012

Human Hearts and Truth

The truth is powerful. It's a mixture of little bit of soul, a little bit of power, a little bit of creative thinking, and other combinations making up a symphony of wisdom & justice. I will not show the white flag of defeat. I will rise up my hands to promote hope, victory and joy. Politics is important to discuss and write about. After some years, my core convictions are still the same. I still reject preemptive unjust wars. I never agreed with the use of military force in the Iraq War. It is a cruel jest to try to promote democratic values in foreign countries when there are liberty problems in Harlem, in California, in Florida, in Illinois, in Texas, and yes in Arizona too. I believe in a foreign policy that includes liberty, prosperity, negotiations, and peace. Opposing imperialism is not isolationism. The Libyan war also involved NATO and the elite committing terror acts against the people of Libya. The CIA committed a body of crimes and atrocities throughout the world for decades. Human civil liberties is a concept that I respect wholeheartedly. The Patriot Act should not be reauthorized, but banned completely forever. Homeland Security has violated the rights of American citizens as well in numerous ways. The DHS agrees with the TSA policy of molesting even children in order for human beings to just fly on airplanes. The Drug War is something that I definitely don't align at all. It hasn't reduced the demand or the availability of drugs. The Drug War should end. It should be replaced with fair actions in order for society to help human beings with drug addiction and use means where there is fairness in the justice system. That means that people with mere possession ought not to be sentenced to jail in higher sentences than some rapists, thieves, and even some murderers. The War on Drugs attacks personal and financial freedoms, privacy rights, and corrupts including militarizes the police. Billions of dollars are used on law enforcement to jail nonviolent citizens. It is also vital for us to respect national sovereignty. A global governmental system (that some elitists blatantly promote) is a violation of our national integrity. NAFTA, CAFTA, and likeminded laws not only violate much of our national sovereignty, but some parts in them have anti-labor consequences. There should be an end to the two party monopoly in America. Far too often, the Democrats and the Republican nearly believe in the same concepts ideologically. For example, both parties are nearly unison in funding the military industrial complex, loving the Patriot Act, and seeking corporate funding in their political campaigns. More political choices ought to persist in society. Ballot access reform is fine with me like fighting against the voter ID laws, have more political choices, and to maintain voting freedom. People from across the political spectrum agree with these things. One issue now is that some people worship Austrian economics. This economy system believes in using gold as a source of a monetary standard. This can cause a scarcity or deflationary reaction. The Rockefellers and Milton Friedman loves this form of economics. It failed during the Reagan era and it failed in Chile.

A member of the Muslim Brotherhood has been recently elected in Egypt. It's been found out that the Muslim Brotherhood had ties to Western intelligence for decades (as exposed by Dr. Peter Goodgame). Many of these likeminded groups wanted to do the West's bidding for decades. The Arab Spring has been exploited by Foundation money, the CIA, and other proxies as a means to have neo-imperialist domination in the Middle East. A lot of people never saw it coming and overt warfare would be out of the question (under the Brzezinski model. His model was to use proxies and a divide and conquer strategy in order for the Middle East to submit under the geopolitical interests of the West). Many of the pro-democracy protesters in Egypt were U.S. State Department funded, trained, and equipped mobs. They act as a means to get the job done. Mohammed Mori is now elected President of Egypt. He is of the Muslim Brotherhood. The U.S. State of Department supported Morsi back in April 6, 2012. Many of the Egyptian youth and others were brainwashed by Western propaganda to support Morsi. The West received their wish of getting rid of Hosni Mubarak. Later, the West wants agitation against Syria, Lebanon's Hezbollah, and Iran. The Muslim Brotherhood has been financing the Free Syrian defectors based in Turkey too. They channeled money and supplies to Syria. Also, U.S., Israeli, Saudi, and Qatari agents fund the rebels too in Syria. It was revealed in a 2007 New Yorker article titled, "The Redirection" by Seymour Hersh, that the Muslim Brotherhood was being directly backed by the US and Israel (who were funneling support through the Saudis so as to not compromise the "credibility" of the so-called "Islamic" movement). Hersh revealed that members of the Lebanese Saad Hariri clique, then led by Fouad Siniora, had been the go-between for US planners and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. Back in 2007, Hersh reported that the Lebanese Hariri faction met with Dick Cheney in D.C. This faction said that the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria can be used against the Assad ruling government. So, even in 2007, the U.S. and the Saudi funded opposition groups in Syria. One Syrian National Salvation Front is led by opposition leader Adbul Halim Khaddam. He was a former Syrian Vice President. He defected in 2005 and he is of the Brotherhood. He was funded by the Saudis. Some accusations of voter fraud came after Morsi won the election. Ironically, the Brotherhood is more theocratic and sectarian not secular. These Western aided proxies are slick. Egypt and Syria are being harmed, because the West might want to prepare better to battle Iran. This is just one step in the equation of a possible war with Iran. NATO funded terrorists came about to overthrow Libya's Gaddafi. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt wants intervention in Syria. Such documents like the Brooking Institution's "Which Path to Persia?" talk about ways where the Western forces want to covertly target Iran and even China. An united front against Iran could consist of the following nations: Libya, Egypt, Israel, the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the West. This is wild. They mapped this goal for years. They want Iran to be a sitting duck.

What do I think about the Webster Tarpley vs. Ron Paul idelogically dispute? I shown my views about Ron Paul before. Geolibertarian said it best and his views sum up my views on this debate. I think that Webster is correct with to criticize Austrian School economics as it can lead into austerity and liquidationism. Although, Tarpley is wrong on the drug war and his near worship of nuclear power. I believe that Ron Paul is right on many issues like foreign policy, civil liberties, and national sovereignty, but he's dead wrong on economic issues. Webster Tarpley is very much accurate in criticizing the laissez faire, social Darwinist economic movement of the reactionaries. Tarpley has an interesting view of the some the elites turning on President Barack Obama because of the President wanting austerity more gradually (while Mitt Romney wants it as soon as possible. The elite may want the radical austerity plans to occur ASAP). Even Bill Clinton criticizes those who talk about Romney being an asset tripper, a corporate banking puppet, and a hedge fund leader. Time will tell who will win the 2012 election. One thing is true. Both men are funded by the same ruling class of super rich elites (or the 1%). The Supreme Court will decide on the health care reform law on Thursday of this week. I do agree with Tarpley that healthcare is a human right. Americans have the right to receive healthcare period. Human life is more important than corporate profits. It's obvious that Rand Paul sold out. He made a pilgrimage to the offices of the Weekly Standard (which is neo-con central). Rand is open to agreeing with a Western attack on Iran as he worked with William Kristol and other neo-cons. Rand Paul will support economic warfare or anti-human sanctions against Iran. Rand Paul supports Mitt Romney, which is a definite betrayal of even the conservative movement (that Rand claims to love so much. Mitt Romney agrees with the American Empire overseas funded by our taxpayer dollars and domestic warfare against our civil liberties at home). One funny comment that Alex Jones made was that Masons are a diverse group and some are good and some are bad. The reality is that Freemasonry is wrong spiritually and morally since their oaths are unscriptural and death ridden, many of their rituals are secret, and many of them do acts behind the scenes that are filled with hypocrisy (I know private sources that tell stories about the looseness of Freemasons in real life). Masonic sources encourage lying and the embrace of the occult. Jones is dead wrong on the Masonry issue. Jones says that he doesn't endorse the Masons, but some Masons must be praised by us. No one said that all Masons are devil worshipers, but all Masons are deluded. I will never ally or compromise with death-oath filled secret societies period. Tarpley is right to say that the phrase of "states rights" has been a reactionary slogan to restrict human rights during Jim Crow and other times of human history. To expose states rights as the agenda of neo-Confederates who violated human liberties has nothing to do with wanting some Soviet-style system in America at all. The global elite want austerity period. They want us dependent on corporate power and we should be independent of that. We should control the government in helping society not the oligarchs. So, trillions of dollars shouldn't be given to the war machine. Money should be given to help the poor and suffering in America. 

During World War, 1934 had a huge amount of developments by the Nazis. By February 1934, the Upper House of Parliament was dissolved. Hitler and crew desired to do all that they could to get rid of legislative power inside of Germany. Many religious leaders exposed the tactics of the Nazis. On May 5, 1934, the German Protestant Church's confession synod made the Barmen Theological declaration. This was a decree that criticized the Nazi state. In 1934, the Catholic Bishop Galen of Munster preached against the Nazi attacks on Christianity in a sermon widely disseminated. So, many religious leaders opposed the criminal acts of the Nazis. Many religious figures would die in concentration because of their stands against oppression & genocide. Hundreds of people were murdered during the June 30, 1934 Night of the Long Knives or Kristallnacht (Kristallnact was the beginning of the Final Solution). They were killed in cold blood. Many non-Nazis were killed like the leader of Catholic and 2 army generals. There were revolutionaries within the Nazi Party that were murdered. People were shocked, but no one challenged the terrorism of the Nazis. Hitler was the Der Fuehrer, the Chancellor, and the dictator of Germany by August of 1934. After that, the Nazis launched preemptive war to get war profits, they controlled the population via hyperbolic, jingoistic patriotism, and they instituted a system in order for them to steal elections. In our time, many reactionaries (the same ones that financially and politically aided the Nazis) lie and say that socialism is fascism. Socialism means that the workers or the public owns the means of production. In Nazi Germany, the workers had little to no power in the economy. The Nazis hated unions. Fascism is inherently anti-union. Fascism is corporatism or select corporations having an undue, supreme influence over the lives of the people. The means of production in the Nazi economic system was controlled by a few of private hands (while the government is run by a financial elite to make the government exist as a dictatorship). This historical record proves how the Nazis acted economically. Now, the Nazis wanted to end the nationalization of private industries. In 1932, Hitler gave the control of the Gelsenkirhen company to private hands. He returned the stock of "United Steel" to private hands by 1936. He allowed the banks of Dresdner, Danat, Commerz, etc. into private hands from 1933-1936. The Nazis allowed industries to deduct from their taxable income all sums used to purchase new equipment. Tell me, is this socialism? The answer is a huge NO. Environmental laws, labor laws, and some regulations aren't about socialism. They are means where fraud is extinguished and where the environment can be adequately protected. Fascism is made up of totalitarianism, bigotry (based on class, race, gender, creed, etc. The tenet of equality is antithetical to fascism), jingoistic patriotism, anti-civil liberty views or the loss of personal freedom, economic exploitation, reactionary thinking, the usage of violence or terror (or the threat of these things ) to maintain power, a cult of personality ethos, and the expounding of false propaganda. Not all fascists have these traits, but all fascists have a totalitarian, authoritarian viewpoint. Fascists wants the rights of the citizens to be made less than the rights of the elites and corporations. That is why corporations aren't people, because we should reject the fascist view of the government to be a tool of the rich and corporate elite.

The UNFA has been exposed for years. One of the biggest exposers of the UNFPA is Steven Mosher. Steven Mosher is the founder and President of the Population Research Institute. He outlined videos that exposed the UN endorsed population control acts in China. Mosher say that the policies of forced population control exist to this day. The Bush administration in 2001 decided to cut U.S. funding for the United Nations Population Fund's China program. Later, the present administration is funding the UN Population fund. Many investigations and research prove the the UNFPA had intimiate involvement in China's forced population control policies. The present administration is still giving $50 million to these modern day eugenicists. This policy of funding of group using population control against people of color by the first African American President was done days after his inauguration. Yet, this man is a puppet of the oligarchs obviously (these oligarchy accept the tenets of white supremacy). These programs exist all over the world. State Department spokesman Robert Wood claims that America is using voluntary family planning in the developing world. proved that UNFPA is wrong to claim that they introduce some voluntary reproductive health approach in China. Steven Mosher discussed about the policies of the Chinese government partially funded by the UNFPA. Mosher described these policies as women being arrested for just being pregnant, some women are forcibly aborted, minorities are targeted, the handicapped are forbidden children. These realities are blatant violations of human rights and the UNFPA are not reporting on these truths. Back in 2001, the United Nations Population Fund claims that the reproductive health programs are totally voluntary. The Population Research Institute however traveled to China’s provinces and counties where the UN Population people are active. What they witnessed is heart rendering: “In every village in one UNFPA county, billboard propaganda urges women to help the economy by complying with family planning policies. PRI interviewed dozens of other women and men, all of whom confirmed- without exception- that voluntarism is non-existent in this county where UNFPA operates.” UNFPA's website wants to make an economic argument in trying to justify population control or the decrease of the amount of people in China. The Population Research Institute reported on another story where a woman was pressured to have an abortion against her will. Family planning crews jailed her family in order to find her. This attack came on April 5, 2000. They destroy her relatives' homes. UNFPA’s response? In their ‘Draft country programme document for China’ in 2005, the organization states that “UNFPA will continue to use the results of the systematic monitoring, evaluation and research of its operational project sites to work with key partners to facilitate and advocate programme changes.” Furthermore, the “draft” explains that: “UNFPA and the Government will build on previous experiences in the area of reproductive health in China, including those of partners such as the World Health Organization, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and The Ford Foundation.” Who could these “family planning crews” be exactly, described by the Population Research Institute as thugs looking for pregnant women to intimidate? The UNFPA states that: “The UNFPA country office consists of a representative, two national programme officers, two junior professional officers, and national programme and support staff. National project personnel may be recruited to strengthen programme implementation.” Reproductive health is a code word for populaton control or reducing the world's population.  The 2001 report by the Population Research Institute document how the UNFPA allowed forced abortions in China. The current Obama administration supports groups like UNFPA and Planned Parenthood (regardless of its legitimate promotion of some services; it's still founded by an eugenicist & they advance population control to this day). You can't have a laissez faire approach to policies, which violate human rights plus national & international laws. “We believe that the evidence is conclusive”, stated the PRI-spokesman. “The UNFPA, contrary to its own statements, is participating in the management and support of a program of forced abortion and forced sterilization in China, and should therefore be ineligible for US funds.” No amount of taxpayer money ought to fund China's eugenics programs. Yet, many Chinese people are opposed to these policies and sincerely desire true liberty for their people. So, I want to make that perfectly clear. 

By Timothy

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