Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Reporter

Only a white person complains about "the race card" when black people who have been the victims of hatred and racism from white people for years, complain about the treatment.  It is stupid to think that somehow racism just does not exist in America w/ it's "lynch em' up history".  This reporter would not have done that if it was a white man talking and the racism question points to the fact that because Obama is black, racism is the underlying motive to disrespect any minority, in any position, even the POTUS. Racism is the motive for working against the POTUS in congress---even at the expense of the American people---when other congresses have worked together in the past for the benefit of the people. The GOP left this country in a mess after 8 years and the black guy has worked to show some recovery---no matter how small, knowing that full recovery would not come in only 3 years---and they want to blame him for even the 8 years, when the inherited debt mess continues to add to the debt on it's own, every second of the day. It's known as the "Black Tax" and Obama is experiencing it. He could have found the cure for Cancer and he would be blamed for either spending money or taking too long---by the same people who would then benefit from the cure. If Mitt-Rob-Me" wins, he will even take credit for the little bit of recovery as if he had something to do with it---as he sucks up to the wealthy and continues to screw the middle-class and gut the poor into the ground.


Typical behavior from this type of person- another rush linbug- If this president were of the "caucasoid" persuasion- this interruption would not have taken place.
Let's call it what it is.... total disrespect for our President!!!!

Isn't Tucker Carlson the clown that said Mike Vick should be executed for fighting those dogs?  What a con(servative) clown


So it is clear, you do not know what racism is. I can't undersand why whites come to an Afrocentric forum, make foolish, racist, or at least ignorant comments, and then are insulted when no one agrees with them


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