Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Summer of 2012 Part 4

Joseph Campbell

It isn't a secret that Joseph Campbell was a key leader of the New Age Movement. He wrote many books on this issue from 1934 until his death in 1987. He wanted a new type of non-theological revelation to handle society. He wanted people to study the myths of the ancient world and he believed that some concepts found in these ancient myths can be regarded as scientific fact. His 1988 PBS' "The Power of Myth" documentary exposed Joseph Campbell's true colors. In that documentary, Joseph goes about to criticize the major tenets of orthodox Christianity. He mocked the bodily resurrection as a clown act in a blasphemous way, yet he's the one that deifies myths. He believes in a pantheistic, subjective view of God and religious experience. He believes that God is within humans in a transcendent type of way without ego. If God is an impersonal energy force that transcends all categories of human thought, then God transcends even that description and the concept of God becomes empty of all meaning whatsoever. Also, if God is the ultimate mystery that lies beyond all categories of thought according to Joseph Campbell, why does Campbell sometimes use human reason to defend his pantheistic view of God. God is not a total mystery in fact. People have written about God for thousands of years. The Hebrew/Christian tradition teaches that God transcends the space and time of the material universe. He is separate from his Creation, but people can know certain aspects about God. As usual, Joseph Campbell respect absolute relativism. That means that he doesn't believe in only one ultimate truth or only one way to God. Yet, he wants people to accept his unified pluralistic view of religion and morality. Moral absolutes exist in the Universe like murder being wrong, the truth being wise to accept, and the act of kindness (or treating your neighbor as yourself) being holy. Campbell is right to believe that a hero sacrifices himself for another person, a people, or an idea. Jesus Christ is a real hero who sacrificed his life for the redemption of the whole human race. Yet, he is wrong to believe that man is God. Man can't create the Universe, defy the laws of Universe 24/7 365, or form planets out of thin air at all. He rejects the Virgin Birth and tries to compare it to other religions. This is incorrect, because according to J. Gresham Machen in his 1930 work, "The Virgin Birth of Christ," all pagan stories about miraculous births are not really virgin births. Either the god or gods have sex with human beings or the human father participates in some kind of sexual union with the mother. The virgin birth of Christ is completely different. Joseph Campbell doesn't believe that ethical monotheism existed in primitive culture when scholars like social anthropologist Edward Evans-Pritchard and Charles Joseph Adams proved that ethical monotheism is found in ancient cultures indeed. The late Joseph Campbell maintained that civilizations are not based on science, but on myth. "Aspiration," Campbell explained, "is the motivator, builder and transformer of civilization." Our technological society has been built on Francis Bacon's myth of the New Atlantis. So, Joseph Campbell's ideologies are a part of the same old New Age dogma. His ideas aren't new. There is nothing new under the sun.

The Zeitgeist movement is similar to the movement of Joseph Campbell. Each deny the mainstream view of Jesus Christ and each teach New Age like ideologies. The Zeitgeist movement believes that Jesus is equivalent to Horus in their life history and other social compositions. The refutation of Horus=Jesus is easy to see. There is no evidence that Horus was born on December 25h as there is no informaiton of the date of the birth of Jesus either. Horus was born on the 2nd of the Epagomenal Days (that corresponds form July 31st to August 24th). Isis was not a virgin. Isis is Horus' mother. Horus was born by Osiris body's impregnanted in herself. There is no reference to Horus being a "prodigal child teacher" at the age of twelve, or of being baptized at age thirty. — Zeitgeist claims that he was baptized by "Anup," hovever this is a demonstrable error. "Anup" is simply an alternate spelling for the name of the god Anubis who, by the way, was an embalmer, not a baptizer. Horus didn't have 12 disciples. Horus is called by sun god by Zeitgiest, but Jesus was never considered a solar deity. The sun is creation. Sun worship is violation of Judeo-Christian teachings. Ra was the sun god, but Horus was considered a sun god in falcon form. here is no relevant parallel between Jesus and Horus, and the ones brought up are mostly fabricated. This film denies the historical Jesus. These thesis has been promoted by Christ haters for centuries and thousands of years. Even the first century Roman history Tactius admitted that: "...Christus, the founder of the [Christian] name, was put to death by Pontius Pilate, procurator of Judea in the reign of Tiberius. but the pernicious superstition, repressed for a time, broke out again, not only through Judea, where the mischief originated by through the city of Rome also." (Annals XV, 44).

People have exposed Tom Horn's doctrines for a while. He not only believes in some heresies about the Bible, but he embraces Ecumenicalism with Romanism. Tom Horn praises Vatican I Catholicism. Rick Wiles on TruNews (who interviewed Tom Horn) admitted that he has many Catholic listeners and doesn't want to offend them. Horn believes that the Vatican is withholding Catholics from the Third Secret of Fatima. Lucia dos Santos is claimed by people to show visions of the future. Yet, the reality is that people should not ally with the demonic apparitions of the Papacy at all. We don't need Fatima visions to learn about prophecies and the spiritual realities transpiring in the world today. There are over 30 prophecies alone that describes Jesus Christ's birth, life, actions, death, crucifixion, and his titles. Even Pliny the Younger admitted that Jesus Christ existed and that Christians have a specific way in their moral conduct (like being forbidden to do fraud, theft, adultery, or to offer food up to idols or false gods). So, Horn believes that Vatican II (being infiltrated by "Masonic infiltrators") is the reason why the Catholic Church is corrupted, when Romanism was corrupt since it inception centuries ago. Horn should lick the boots of the Catholic Church. Ironically, the Catholic Church claimed to love the Bible, but they burned Bibles (from the Textus Receptus line) centuries ago. Romanism teaches the heresies of a works based salvation. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church made a memorial to a Nazi in Croatia. That is a disgrace. Pope Benedict XVI kneel in front of the Nazi Catholic bishop Stepinac of Croatia in June of 2011. Even a Jewish organization condemned a memorial Mass in in 2 Catholic churches in Croatia for Ante Pavelic. Pavelic led the Ustasha regime during WWII. He caused thousands of Serbs, Gypsies, and Jewish people (some were imprisoned and murdered in Croatian death camps). That memorial Mass is a ridicule of Christian values and an insult to Pavelic's victims. Catholic priests and bishops supported the Pavelic regime. Stepinac supported Ante Pavelic's agenda of killing non-Catholics back in World War II. Ante Pavelic shook hands with Hitler in June 9th, 1941.today, we have the Vatican/Jesuit network. This network works with the Knighthood Orders & the pro-Labor Zionist Kabbalists (with their supporters like the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds and the Rockefeller recently worked together on a huge financial deal. The Rothschilds used cash to help construct the Masonic Supreme Court building in Israel. The reestablishment of Solomon's Temple in Israel has been the goal of Masons covertly for over 100 years). It's a known fact that Jesuit-educated Vatican asset Shimon Peres was recently made a Knight of the Order of Saints Michael and George. He is loyal to according to Troy: "...
to his Grand Master the Duke of Kent (also Grand Master of the UGLE & thus global head of Regular Freemasonry - whose own son, a converted Roman Catholic, was married in the Vatican in 2006 with Papal blessings) & Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II, that Papal Dame of the Order of Malta...."

Also, many professing Christians are fake. They act materialistic, hateful, bigoted, and hypocritical. So, I want to make that clear. They bow before material goods as idols and false gods. Their version of Christianity is very much Euro-supremacist, pro-Nicean faux Christianity. Materialism is contrary to the words of the great prophet, the Messiah, & leader Yeshua ben Joseph (Peace be upon his name). You know how they wrap themselves behind the flag when the stars and stripes can't save a single soul. You know what I'm going to type. See, it's more than someone wishing for God to bless America. It's about America being civilized or people would come to civilize her. Either America will be better or be condemned in the eyes of the Universe. The eyes are watching. I want to write more controversial stuff about this topic, but now isn't the time.


The Left/Right paradigm keeps many people down. Many progressives and many conservatives are trying to do the right thing, but the elite among both major parties have done their fair share of nefarious policies. Also, laws that promote legitimate rules in being anti-discrimination and promoting civil rights aren't about forcing white people to do evil (or left out of a multicultural society) It's about preventing discrimination and promoting basic human rights for all people. All people deserve liberty, justice, and equality without exception. The racists and reactionaries are slick with their literature. Rational people don't view black people of having an advantage when black people have experienced discrimination then an now (and my people suffered other ills). Only reactionaries believe that legitimate laws equate into some oppressive, abrasive quota system. Many blacks people in America have earn their success by hard work not handouts. Also, white people via the Homestead Act and other policies have received public assistance throughout the ages. Also, race-based quotas are banned and tons of people of color have worked hard fairly to earn their benefits.

The Democrats and the Republicans aren't perfect. So, many folks want to use Republican talking points as a means to try to patronize my people to accept reactionary propaganda. I will not yield to it. Black people are victims of racism spanning centuries. That's real. Examples include Jim Crow, police brutality, the criminal justice system (as documentary by numerous authors), and other actions. Black people should have accountability, but not omission of a white supremacist system (that promotes GM foods, population control, etc.). Blacks have contributed a fair share to this country before numerous folks were born. We of black African descent build many buildings in D.C. as slaves. Some black people were exploited as a means to establish the modern American empire via blood and sweat. Therefore, legitimate labor is important to promote. We worked here. The bigots are all the same. The Declaration of Independence doesn't mention reactionary worship. A voucher is more complex than that. Many vouchers do nothing to build up public schools, but only make public schools worse. Some violate the church and state relationship. Tons of the poor pay local, state, and federal taxes. It's a lie to assume that the poor doesn't pay any taxes. The rich on many occasions pay little to no taxes (there is record low taxation on the super rich too). People like O'Reilly, Limbaugh, and Romney omit that the top 1 percent of the Americans own a disproportionate amount of wealth in America. The rich don't pay their fair share with subsidies, outsourcing jobs, and labor exploitation. An educated population realizes that progressive tax structure grew the economy under Clinton and other Presidents. Reaganomics didn't do it. President Barack Obama is compromising to placate the radical Republican ilk and it isn't enough for that ilk. The President isn't perfect, but Mitt Romney may be worse on economic issues. Austerity never works. Real blacks will never bow before Republicans as slaves.

We live in a new generation. One of the newest generation's most proponent proponents of the discredited philosophy of anarcho-capitalism (that Ron Paul loves) is Adam Kokesh. He recently debated Webster Tarpley on the issues of economics and politics. The debate was a great debate. Each man was even in their debate (I agree with Webster Tarpley's views more) until the end when Webster Tarpley talked about social justice and economic reforms. Kokesh couldn't refute the truth that social justice and progressive economic reforms are a necessity to eliminate as much poverty as possible. Kokesh is a libertarian. Kokesh forgets that humanity is imperfect. Libertarians are right to assume that the human individual can achieve excellent contributions and excellent inventions in the world. Yet, they are wrong to ignore the need of some governmental intervention (even on the federal level) to prevent fraud, to protect human rights, and to give the general welfare to society. These acts aren't oppressive since the government should be by and for the people. Corporations in America shouldn't have tax loopholes. Unfettered casino capitalism was one out of many reasons on why the recession came about in the first place. When Wall Street lacked real regulations, they acted in a destabilized fashion. It's better to end the war and fund our infrastructure than to gradually cut all areas of the social safety net (which Libertarians ultimately want since they hate government. To them, the government itself is the enemy [even if the government is ruled by decent people] ignoring the corporate/oligarchy-dominated government we have today). You either have some form of fair government in a complex nation (with diverse ethnic group, diverse technologies, diverse locations, diverse flora & fauna) or you have a feudal system. Ending the social safety net will extend poverty and cause possible genocide. For example, before the New Deal, millions of people starved and suffered for food. The New Deal caused so many of the suffering to have jobs, foods, and a chance at a better life in their longevity. The libertarian propagandists talk about localization, which I have no issue with. Yet, even with localization (or local power in business, trade, etc.), there should be federal standards in society since one nation is a federal institution. America is composed of complex technologies, locations, and climates. You need an organized federal structure to handle our national problems. The federal Bill of Rights is legitimate. Polls show that Americans want the same or more spending on infrastructure, Medicare, aid to the needy, education, etc.

Local and state power should never be superior to federal human rights. This doesn't mean that government should control every aspect of society, but it should be strong enough to protect rights & promote the general welfare without oppression. Ultimately, libertarianism means that all government services are sold to private interests. Peter Thiel supports these ideals and he's on the steering committee of the Bilderberg group. He funds Ron Paul. Corporations in many occasions violate laws from the state. Also, some folks act the state is a dirty word. The state can be good if it's controlled by the people and it acts in a reasonable fashion. Also, not all independent private entities are virtuous. Some corporations escape paying certain taxes and violate state laws. So, some of them act in contrary to the interests of the state (even when a typical corporation is created under the laws of the state). The government is made up by the people. It should be strong enough to provide the general welfare without oppressing people's rights or liberties. Yet, no one is entitled to their facts. The fact is that the worship of the "unholy" unregulated free market doesn't equate into the establishment of an Utopian yellow brick road. You need both private and public sector solutions in order for us to solve our complications. A group of individuals determining their destinies is fine with me. As one quote says:

"...Thou shalt not turn away from him that is in want, but thou shalt share all things with thy brother, and shalt not say that they are thine own." – The Didache

The specific Article I, Section 8 outlines the right of Congress to tax citizens (debates continue over it). The income tax amendment came later. Today, populists desire a fairer tax system. You omit that the state can tax citizens in many areas also as confirmed by the 10th Amendment (which libertarians love so much). The commerce clause does deal with trade between states and this trade can be regulated by the the feds. The rest of the Article I, Section 8 confirms federal government funding of our infrastructure (as taxes historical. Even a new 2011 study (PDF) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) highlighted by economist Dean Baker shows that, contra the conservative talking point, non-military spending can create more jobs than money going to defense programs. The study's authors, economists Robert Pollin and Heidi Garret-Peltier of the Political Economy Research Institute, used statistics from the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other sources to deduce how many jobs are created by public spending in various arenas. The problem is that the real people aren't in control of our government, but corporations, international bankers, and lobbyists are. Not to mention that many large corporations are hoarding over 2 trillion dollars in cash without spending it to build up American businesses, jobs, and infrastructure. The free market isn't divine nor perfect, so safeguards are instituted in the market, so fairness can reign.


By Timothy

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