Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On the Eve of the Health Care Decision

There is the contempt vote coming forward from the House of Congress. The Black Caucus is going to walk off when the vote comes up. Issa is making the accusation that Holder obstructed justice. The NRA claims that the current administration wants to use this controversy as an excuse to promote more gun control laws. The problem with this assumption is that we have record gun ownership in America and more people than ever legitimately agree with Second Amendment rights. There is a record number of folks keeping guns and ammunition in their homes. Even some liberals now believe in the Second Amendment. Rep. Issa has no evidence that Justice Department leader Eric Holder or the White House knew about all of the components of the Fast and Furious case. Holder released thousands of documents to Congress about the Fast and Furious program. Fortune magazine believes that the Fast and Furious scandal didn't occur as the Republicans claim it was. This case was one of a dozen cases that the feds were pursuing. I believe in Second Amendment rights. Yet, the NRA is hypocritical in claiming to be the vangaurd of gun rights when they worked with anti-gun groups for years to craft various anti-gun legislation. The NRA advanced the anti-gun Project Exile program.  Remember, the NRA also opposed taking the Heller case to the Supreme Court originally, because it was too scared of what might happen. Tomorrow, the health care law will be decided by the Supreme Court. It is expected that the individual mandate might be gone, but most of the health care law will live. We don't know what exactly will happen. The good news is that single payer health care might occur in the future. The bad news is that if all of the law becomes eliminated, millions of Americans will still be without health care assistance. The insurance companies will continue to dominate the health care system. The future Supreme decision is one of the most important Supreme Court cases in American history. Medicare for all is fine with me. Human beings have every right to have healthcare as healthcare is a human right. Universal health care is better than Paul Ryan's plan of Medicare being hugely decreased. 

Now, the Syrian rebels ransacked Christian Churches. There are shocking images that show how these rebels are destroying property of religious buildings. This is ironic since the hypocritical West claims to be against Muslim extremism, but they support these extremists as an excuse for them in attempting to conquer Syria (via neo-colonialism). A Christian woman in Homs showed one photograph. That photograph had a member of the Free Syrian Army posing with a looted Catholic cross in one hand and a gun in other while wearing a priest's robe. I don't agree with Catholicism religiously (you know how I feel about that religion), but I do believe in religious freedom. Even if I disagree with a religion, I don't believe that followers of that religion ought to be harmed or disrespected in an inappropriate fashion. Homs is the location of one of the bloodiest clashes of the conflict. To the Catholics, wearing priests' garments are disrespectful. The source says that the FSA people destroyed the church and filmed it. These robes can only be worn by deacons or priests or sub deacons. They also ransacked a church in Bustan al-Diwan (Old Homs). These rebels also rallied around the al-Qaeda flag like their allies or counterparts did in Libya. There is a video that shows Syrian activists flying the Al-Qaeda flag during an anti-Assad protest in the northern Syrian town of Binnish. There is another clip where Syrian rebels addressed the camera standing behind a table draped in the black Al-Qaeda flag. Even a French news agency AFP showed a Syrian rebel wearing the al-Qaeda flag on his arm. He accompanied UN observers in the villages of Azzara. It's hypocritical for the West to claim to fight al-Qaeda when they're allying with Al-Qaeda in trying to overthrow the regime of Assad. Western governments are in a war on terror, but they are working with radical Muslim terrorists. Another image has the Syrian rebels destroying the roof of the Church Um Al Zinar. The mainstream media present the deceptive characterization of these terrorist rebels as saints when they are involved in terrorism and massacres of innocent men, women, children, and babies. Another terrorist attack by rebels occurred recently. A gunmen stormed a pro-government TV station, bombings are still happening in buildings around Syria, and he shoot dead 3 employees. NATO supports these killers and terrorists still. They indirectly support the desecrating of places of worship. Back in March of 2012, there was video footage of Libyan rebels desecrating Christian and Jewish graves at a cemetery. The clip shows Libyan rebels breaking apart headstones while shouting “Allahu Akbar”. The men later try to smash up a large Christian cross statue with sledgehammers. So, we know the truth. The truth is that this imperialism against Syria is disgraceful and evil.

It's easy to see that the pretrib "secret rapture" is unscriptural and is supported by Freemasonry & the Jesuits. In fact, the Jesuits invented the modern pretribulation rapture doctrine period. The fruits of the pretrib rapture are abundant. Its fruits include confusion, arguments, division, heresy, and some folks have loss their faith. No good fruit can come from a bad tree. The tree of the pre-trib secret rapture has brung out rotten fruit obviously. The man Jesuit Francisco Ribera modernized this doctrine. He was a doctor of theology. He wrote a 500 page commentary in trying to stir people away from the Historic viewpoint of the belief that Catholicism and its pope were the Antichrist system (and the Antichrist himself is the Pope). He believed that the Tributlaiton church will be raptured 45 days before the end of the Tribulation and return with Christ at the end of it. The early Church leaders, the apostles, and Jesus Christ said that the tribulation church will go through the enitre 3.5 years and will be raptured at the end of it. Ribera lived in the 1500's and the Jesuit Manuel de Lacunza accepted a form of futurism as well. The version of futurism that we see today came about in the UK in the mid 1800's. This doctrine there was promoted by a minister of the state Church of Scotland named Edward Irving. He preached the rapture gospel that has been talked by the Jesuits centuries before his time. Now, in 1830, he meet a young Scottish teenage girl named Margaret MacDonald. The story mentioned that she came into a "trance." Later, she said that Christ will come one time to the righteous only visible and a second time to execute wrath on the unrighteous in the nations. Irving claimed that he heard a voice from heaven to preach the secret message. Fellow Englishman John Darby accepted the secret rapture views of Irving. Cyrus Scofield notes about this theory are found in the Scofield Bible. This is greatly known by individuals. The secret doctine is very popular today, especially among some Evangelicals. It's interesting to note that Scoland is where the Freemasonic Scottish rites orginated from and many Masonic doctrines. The secret rapture theory wasn't taught by the Messiah Yeshua ben David, the Apostles, or the early church at all. 1 Corinthians 15:52 is rather clear that at the last trump when the rapture will happen (as validated in the book of Revelation). Today, the 501 (c) 3 type "churches" advance the doctrine of the secret pretrib rapture. Hal Lindsey is one such man. He was divorced 3 times. He was once in the CRF (or the Coalition for Religious Freedom). The CRF had links to the cult leader Moon (who is the founder of the Unification Church and calls himself the Messiah). He is a friend to the TBN family and he's a close friend of Roman Catholic John Gizzy. Billy Graham Ministries advances this doctine. People realize the truth about Billy Graham (who is a suspected of being a 33rd Degree Freemason). He's right that all people ought to have equality. He is a friend to the world. The world loves him and he's a a friend to many worldly U.S. Presidents including the Papacy. He is wrong to be a friend of the establishment, to support the evil Vietnam War, and to publicly call for the new world order (during the Persian Gulf War era). Billy Graham and his preaching children believe and teach the pre-trib rapture. John Hagee advances this doctrine. He denies that Jesus is the Messiah for all people, he wants a war with Iran, and he's an ally of the Skulls and Bones Bush family. He once preached the true history of Catholicism and then compromised when pressure came. I promise to God that I will not compromise in exposing the true history of Roman Catholicism in my life (in public and in private). Others who accept the pre-trib theory are Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Todd Bentley, etc. 

1942 was an important year of World War Two. In January 1, 1942, 26 Allied governments signed the signed the Declaration by United Nations during the Arcadia Conference. These nations include the Big 4 (or the USA, the UK, the USSR, and China), nine American allies in Central America and the Caribbean, the four British Dominions, British India (before India was independence outside of British colonialism), and eight Allied governments-in-exile. This Declaration became the basis of the modern UN. This group was meant to fight against the Axis Powers. They allowed worked together as a means to promote life, liberty, independence, religious freedom, and ways to promote human rights. They wanted to uphold the Atlantic Charter. The Atlantic Charter (supported by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill) was a policy mandate issued on August 1941 (which wanted no territorial gains sought by America and the UK, the right of people to have self determination, the right of people to have social welfare, and the advancement for the freedom of the seas among other goals). In January 2,1942, Manila was captured by Japanese forces. This was when the American and Filipino troops had to retreat into Bataan (to fight for another day). The Japanese took Cavite naval base. The British forces advanced military warfare against the Nazis in North Africa during 1942. Rommel shows his counter offensive from El Agheila in North Africa. By 1942, the Nazis begin an U-boat offensive along the east coast of America. Americans finally arrive in Great Britain on January 26, 1942. SS Leader Heydrich held the Wannsee Conference in order to organize the parts of the Holocaust. 1942 was the time when the Nazis and the rest of the Axis Powers reached their peak. During June 30, 1942, Rommel reached El Alamein near Cairo, Egypt.

In life, you will always encounter the post-racial types & the racists that use certain arguments in trying to justify their world views. People have mentioned their agenda for years. Today, they issue their talking points. One is that blacks are just as racists as white or even more so. That's a lie, because black people never kidnapped millions of white people at gunpoint and sold them into slavery, never wiped out mass groups of people on three continents plus taken their lands, never raped so many white women that most white are now part black, never created a racist standard of beauty n the world (via the mainstream fashion and the mainstream film industy), and never organized other genocidal atrocities killing millions of human beings. Therefore, black people aren't the most racist people on Earth period. Black people have every justification to defeat white supremacy period. The white supremacists use black crime statistics (sometimes they distort these stats) as an excuse to believe in the lie of black inferiority. The reality is that these bigots forget that crime is universally done by people of every background. In America, most crimes are done by white people not black people. Also, sometimes high black crimes are a product of the drug trade, racist policemen, bad policing, racial profiling, and socioeconomic factors (not because of black inferiority). The reactionaries and the racists will not show statistics of the identity of the most of the serial killers, mass shootings, financial crimes, collusion, domestic violence, imperialism, etc. in the world. We know the identity. White racists use FBI crime statistics as an excuse to believe in the lie of something genetically wrong with black people, while making excuses for the same stats on why whites commit more crimes in hate crimes, etc (which they classify white crime as an individual flaw). Most crimes in America are done intraracially (or among the same race). This doesn't mean that people of color should do criminal acts or we should omit problems in the black community. It does mean that black people aren't inherently inferior and deserves justice. There is no such thing as reverse racism. Racism is racism. The Bell Curve has been refuted to, because the Flynn Effect allows IQ rates to rise many percentage points per decade (among all human beings), human beings across backgrounds achieve great intellectual achievements, and there is equality in the human race. One of the biggest myths of white supremacy is the bootstrap myth. This bootstrap myth means that the poor or suffering should just get up by their own bootstraps and succeed without any public or nearly no private assistance at all. This lie also says that anyone with hard work and clean living can be rich or successful in a short period of time. Many racists use this idea as an excuse to promote the lie that American society is fair and that racism is dead. These racists talk about the Jewish people, the Asians, and the Irish, yet blacks have done the same things as these ethnic groups. These ethnic groups never suffered the massive institutional discrimination on a high level before in America as black Americans have. Although, black people are just as much victims of white supremacy as all people of color are. People of color (and all people in the human race) aren't our enemy. The system is the enemy. Although, as a black man, I do place black women highly on a pedestal. A black women birthed me, so the black sisters are always Queens in my mind and in my heart. The Homestead Act, the grants, grandfather clauses, etc. refutes the bootstrap lie completely, because these policies allowed tons of certain Americans to achieve their livelihoods. Working hard and staying clean doesn't necessarly mean you will live in a middle class neighbhorohood or be super rich. The bootstrap myth (it is myth since much of American society was built on the theft of land and the exploitation of Native Americans and African Americans) was created by some white people in America an excuse to excuse their racist mindset. If the bootstrap philosophy was real, then the working poor (filled with intelligent, strong, morally potent, and upright people) wouldn't exist in America today. You can't tell a person get up by their own bootstraps when they have no boots to being with. You have to give a man some boots first. In my opinions, these boots are programs and public opportunities. This is why today people are working their tails off and still receive low income. You have record income inequality here in America. Some folks are forced to have a 2nd job to make ends meet.  What is amazing is that in less than 50 years after Jim Crow, black Americans have billions of dollars worth of income, are architects, engineers, teachers, lawyers, athletes, journalists, speakers, theologians, plumbers, mechanical workers, librarians, musicans, and tons of other contributing members to society. This proves that black people have beaten the odds with the Promised Land still not with us yet. The truth is that any human can succeed in life, but we ought to make this more of a reality by a radical redistribution of economic & political power. That means that private and government action are necessary in order to give the poor & minorities opportunities to fulfill their own dreams and aspirations. These pro-bootstraps so-called "apple pie eating, superiority complex having, all American heroes" types keep on lying to believe that they didn't recieve help to get what they got. All humans received help or assistance one way or another in their lives.

By Timothy

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