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The Black Panther vs The Corporate Candidate


'When Blacks Get Together w Whites'_Which Whites Do You Mean???

I've made this point before- Which whites are you referring to [FYI: most Jews you're refering to ARE Euro-WHITE -&- for the matter which Jews? FYI: There are some African & Afro-Asiatic Jews]? Do you really think most whites will join Blacks in a 'fight' against {white} Jews [I don't think so]??! Traditionally some of the most stridently vocal anti-Jewish whites have been KKK & NeoNAZI types. Is this who you think Blacks should join forces w vs the Jews??! If So- DO COUNT ME OUT!!!
To Illustrate My Point: White Mormon [until just the 1980s a blatantly racist religious doctrine] Mitt Romney, a filthy rich guy who just said a few months ago while campaigning that 'I'm not concerned about the poor...' [code for Black & Brown people]- has a good chance of being the next POTUS. Definitely most white voters are going to vote for him. YET he's even a more vocally strident Likudnik / AIPACer candidate than even O-Bomb-er is!


All Help Ain't Good Help...

It's obvious the power structure fears Barron [just like its obvious the power elites prefer Obama, Romney or even Grinch-witch to Ron Paul]. Just like they dug up some old news-letters [all of which to my knowledge weren't even fully authenticated] to imply Paul was a bigot to stop him from winning in Iowa, but then let Grinch-witch race-card his way to a N.Carolina win without much of a fuss from the lame-stream media - Now they've dug-up an old bonified - KKK / Racist / anti-Jewish bigot from Louisiana [David Duke] to endorse Barron in a NYC primary race [no dirty trick is beyond these people]. IMO: Barron needs to disavow himself from ex-KKKer Duke quick fast & in a hurry -&- in no uncertain terms- or he'll likely lose support even from his Black supporters.
NOTE: Barron putting the stiff-arm to ex-KKKer Duke Ain't the same as when the Obama Candidate renounced first Farakhan, then his own pastor Rev Wright & then even the church he was married in & 2 daughters baptized in - just to appease 'liberal' whites.


Sounds fishy. Why would

Sounds fishy. Why would David Duke get involved in a local NYC election? Looks like the powers-that-be are getting desperate if they're busing in southern Klanfolk to torpedo Barron's campaign. Let's hope the sheeple won't fall for it, but you know how they are.


Charles Barron

I live in NYS and I will recount some painful history. In 2010 the NYS Black community sought to establish an independent Black political party in NYS. Up state and down state Blacks wre united in this effort. In NYS new politcal parties must be established in a gubenitorial year. Charles Barron was our candidate for govenor.
We had to obtain 50,000 valid signatures to obtain ballot status in NYS. We, Black folks did it. NYS has the most difficult standards to obtain ballot status of any state in the U.S.. Once this was accomplished there was very little effort by the Barron campaign to keep the momentum going. After the Freedom Party came in last in the vote count, it was clear that crookness had taken place. Many who had worked hard for this effort called for a recount. Barron did not call for a recount. Some attempted to go to the Justice Dept. to address this matter. Barrone offered no assistance in this effort. If you don't belive me ask Alton Maddox.
If Mr. Barron loses the election for the congressional seat will he ask for a recount or will history repeat itself?


Hand ballots only!

Hi Eric,
I think I was the first one emailing some of the lawyers in that camp about watching out for vote rigging & irregularities with those new damn electronic voting machines (word must've got back to Maddox), and sure enough:
They found out that Tens of thousands of votes got tossed in the South Bronx!
How many more votes were tossed throughout the state (particularly in heavily black populated districts throughout NYC) that they didn't find out about yet?
Truth-out.org has reported that TWO ACADEMIC COMPUTER SECURITY EXPERTS HACKED AN AVC EDGE SEQUOIA/DOMINION ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINE in the months before the 2010 congressional election (I remember skimming through an article about this in the past, and here it is: http://www.dailyprincetonian.com/2010/10/15/26598/ I didn't realize -at the time- that these were the same voting machines used in NYS!). The voting program was replaced with a Pac-Man game! The machine was opened with a screwdriver without breaking any of the "tamper-evident" seals. The AVC Edge is used in precincts with 9 million registered voters.
Pac-Man Hacked Onto a Touch-Screen Voting Machine Without Breaking "Tamper-Evident" Seals
Saturday 21 August 2010
NY: 50 Percent of Sequoia Voting Machines Flawed
July 14, 2008 | Categories: E-Voting, Elections
Why Go To The Arcade On Election Day----------When You Can Go To Your Nearest Voting Site!
PAC-MAN being played on voting machines
Shocking! Voting Machines Get Hacked in hours ! (1080P)
DAN RATHER REPORTS (the illuminati had to fire his ass, because Dan Rather started reporting some real shit)
Complete, Disturbing Investigative Exposé, Featuring Troubling New Revelations About America's E-Voting Companies, Now Available in Full Online..
There were high level employees claiming that Sequoia used the "hanging chad" controversy as a pretext to introduce their Pac-Man machines (In the same manner that Chertoff hyped the FBI's stupid, drugged out, entrapped 'terrorist' (patsies) in order to introduce his biometric/radiation porn machines at our nations airports).
Trailer: HDNet's 'Dan Rather Reports' to Run Another Investigative Report on E-Voting Tuesday


4 years of "change we can believe in"

Many are "suffocating" in this country under Obama: tent cities, even in small towns like mine; the mentally ill with their belongings in a shopping cart, sleeping under bridges, people having to choose between paying for medicine or rent. The list is seemingly endless. Tell these people Obama is better than Bush!
Also, its not just about this country. tens of thousands of human beings have been murdered under Obama's tenure in Iraq, Afgan, Pakistan; and they're still being murdered on a daily basis. Tell the people these BOMBS are being dropped on, Obama is a little "less horrible" than Bush.
Your Dem/Rep analogy reminds me of a Malcolm X quote:
“You don't stick a knife in a man's back nine inches and then pull it out six inches and say you're making progress"


I Refer Back to 'America is a Fascist State Because IT IS Racist

Which was an article by Mike Pirch posted here @ BAR on Oct 19. IMO- Its theme is key to understanding the true historical nature of the US' Police-State.
TSA Naked Body Scanners are simply the hi-tech equivalent of strip-searches so many Black & Brown Men [& also Women] have been subjected to by Officers of the State [IE: Police of the State = Police-State] for Decades {centuries}. Who recalls that so many Black & Brown Women were routinely PHYSICALLY strip-searched [including body-cavity searched] at US international airports - under the guise that African & Carribean Women were all so-called 'Drug Mules' in the decade(s) prior to 9-11??!! TSA Naked-body scanners are simply a 'Sterile Hi-Tech' means of strip-searching EVERYONE at US Airports [who are mostly white]. But some whites who are NOW crying Foul about TSA Naked Body Scanners, should ask themselves [if it should apply] why they didn't cry foul THEN when so many Black & Brown women were Routinely Physically Man-handled & Strip-Searched - if they can even remember this ['Injustice Anywhere {& to Anyone} is a threat to Justice Everywhere {& to Everyone}' - Rev Dr ML King]! Furthermore- The Gov't' [under Obama but spearheaded by ex-Bushite Homeland Security Chief & now top naked-body scanner lobbyist- Mike Chertoff ] began rolling-out these TSA naked-body scanners - after the 'alleged' [& suspect] X-Mas Day Underwear {non}Bomber Episode in 2009- the accussed being a Nigerian who should have NEVER been allowed on that plane because he had NO passport & visa & whose father Alerted US officials in Nigeria about him- weeks in advance! But then the image & targets of the Gov't's phony 'War on Terror' - so-called terrorist has been mainly Blacks &/or Afro-Asian Muslims- most of whom have been ENTRAPPED by PAID Gov't Agents, Who Actually Cooked-up These PHONY PLOTS in the First Place! BUT- Again there seemed to be little outrage then- because few saw that all of this phony 'War on Terror' hype would lead to a full-scale roll-out of these TSA Naked-body Scanners ['Injustice Anywhere {& to Anyone} is a threat to Justice Everywhere {& to Everyone} MLK]!
SO- Why is it that in most EU countries drug addiction / abuse is mainly seen as a public health issue, while in the US it is criminalized? One obvious reason- most of the EU's drug addicts are white natives of those countries, while in the US many [but by no means most] addicts are Black & Brown - so the US' so-called 'War on Drugs' is effectively an extension of the US' on-going 'War on Black & Brown People' - who are the Main Targets of this phony 'War on Drugs' [though some mainly poor whites also occasionally get caught-up in it]! This is obvious, because it's been well established that drug abuse rates for whites are roughly equivalent to that of Black & Brown Folk- YET Black & Brown folk are the ones whose image the MSNM Media has demonized & the US' Criminalized {in}Justice System / Prison Industrial Complex has Crimalized IN MASS Incarcerations [NOTE: Up until the 1970s - early 1980s most of the US' prison population were white men - the phony 'War on Drugs' {circa mid 1970s - 1980s} changed that]!
Facism is also called a Police-State. You can't have a Police-State without Police as enforcers of the Facist State. If you look at the history of the Police in the US vis-a-vis Blacks you'll see that: The police are mainly charged with protecting the property of the Power Elites & Affluent. In the Slave-South that meant protecting Slave-owners property from slave rebellions &keeping their slave-property from escaping. Many police in the South [up to the 1960s or even 1970s] were often in cahoots w or actual members of the KKK, white citizens councils, etc! In the North the police were often strike-breakers [IE: breaking the strikers heads]. They also Broke many Blacks' Heads- who took action against their oppressive segregated living conditions & unjust work conditions or just plain being locked out of fair job opportunities... In other words too often the Police's un-official job description [in both the North & South] was - 'Keep the Niggers in Check & In Their Place'! All of this was the relevant pre-conditions for the current looming Police State apparatus- and this must fully be understood & acknowledged!



I think that neither the "stop and frisk" laws which largely target Black, and Latino youths, and other young men of color, nor the more intrusive airport security screenings which impact everyone who visits an airport, but are also skewed to focus a lot more on non whites, and on those who are Muslim, or on those who are moving between nations which are on suspect lists (non of which are, of course, "White" Western nations) would exist without the approval of the majority of White suburbanites who have voted in these measures and the politicians who design them and enact them into law. These laws and others like them will continue to exist, to expand, and to become even more onerous as long as many White suburbanites believe that the state is protecting them from dangerous, hate-crazed outsiders. In a racist society such as this one, I don't have the luxury of pretending that racism is an insignificant component of social control. If the day ever comes when 3/4 of all White males in the United States are caught up in the penal system, and White political and economic power mirrors that of American Blacks, perhaps we can have a conversation about the equality of oppression. I simply do not see that ever happening in this country. As if has with the drug war, and with the vagrancy laws which preceded it, America will always find a way to criminalize Blackness in ways that it simply does not do with others, especially Whites. Within all police states, not everyone is equally policed, and many who live within them not only support the police, but actually are the police. They just dispense with the uniforms. 


Jul 26 2011 - 8:54am
In a world where mis-info, propaganda & deception comes in the form of mains-stream views & NEWS, we must be mindful & consider possible alternative views- because there may be more to it than meets the eye.
So on that note- Note this article in Vanity Fair by Gore Vidal entited 'The Meaning of Timothy McVeigh' @ www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2001/09/mcveigh200109?printable=true
Some may want to dismiss Mr Vidal's article as so-called 'Conspiracy Theory' [or absolves McVeigh & blames the Gov't]. BUT just as the Gov't's official version of 9-11 is by definition a 'conspiracy theory'- so is the Gov't's official version of the OKC bombing- IE: Tim McVeigh was accused along w Terry Nichols & Mr Mike Fortier [the Gov't's key state's witness who in-turn was given a greatly reduced sentence] were all involved in the OKC plot- thus by definition their case was based on a Conspiracy Theory!
This is not to pass judgment on the tragic events in Norway at this time. It is far too early to make an informed assessment & jump to conclusions - as those MSNM News outlets' so-called 'Experts' did when falsely pointing to Al-Qaeda / Islamic 'Terrorists', etc...
An illustration of just how much our minds are controlled... In both the case of the OKC bombing & now the recent Norway Bombing, a fertilizer bomb was used - IE: Commercialized petro-chem fertilizer was the base material for those bombs. Few folks ever pose the question [assuming the official account is valid]- Why is it that you can take the stuff they grow our food with & mix it w fuel-oil & set it off w a dynamite fuse AND LITERALLY BLOW A LARGE 9 STORY CONCRETE STEEL REINFORCED BLDG IN HALF??!! D___- This is what they GROW OUR FOOD WITH??!!


Why Did the US become the United Police States of America

I keep referring to the 10/19/2011 article here @ BAR entitled 'America is a Fascist State Because It IS [& always has been] RACIST':
This article provides the proper historical context from which the current Police-State measures based on the phony 'War on Terror' comes. The Fact is as important as the Bill of Rights are- the so-called 'Founding Fathers' created a ticking time-bomb w a potential bomerang effect [IE: 'The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost'] because in 1776 theirs was a white Revolution for Independence & at best a Half Assed Measure due to their hypocritical & schizophrenic position on slavery [because many / most of them were slave owners] as they abolished white indentured servitude & because they coveted more of Indigenous Peoples lands.
The Irony here is that the {white} power-elites have found an Uncle Judge Thomas & a {some} {White}House NEGRO{es} to help them carry out this act of Treachery! But since everyone fakes like they want to have a 'real' discussion about race- lets do a break-down of those in congress who voted for this violation of the Bill of Rights - white senators & US Reps [whether Repug or Dim / man or woman] voted over-whelmingly for it as non-white congress-people vote against it - namely white Dims voted 3 to 1 & white Repugs voted 5 - 6 to 1 - for this act of treachery! Yet Black congress people [all Dims & members of the CBC] in effect voted against fellow Dim & ex CBCer Obama when they voted against this act treachery! IMO: In this era of Obama & so-called 'post-racial' USA, where if you bring up the race question you're accussed of playing the so-called 'Race-Card'... - The people should know just what the faces of those who Sold them & their civil-liberties protections OUT - looks like! But remember the CBC could NOT get even ONE so-called 'liberal / progressive' Dim white senator to support their resolution protesting the Hi-Jacked 2000 election that brought the Bush / Cheney / NeoCON regime to power!

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