Friday, June 22, 2012

The End of the Week Updates in late June 2012

The New York Times and the mainstream media has to admit that the CIA trained terrorists in Syria. The CIA is sending aid in steering arms to the Syrian opposition rebels. The West, Israel, and the token Gulf States are arming terrorists by proxy. Even the Muslim Brotherhood is being supported by the Western establishment. They or the West are funding terrorists, but they berate the Syrian government for violating an UN mandated ceasefire and for failing to protect its population. The Muslim Brotherhood promotes sectarian extremism, violence, and targeting secular nation-states. They have been criticized in the Middle East. The U.S. government supports the Muslim Brotherhood ironically enough including the LIFG (or the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group in Libya), Baluch terrorists in Pakistan, and the MEK. The MEK is called the Mujahideen-e-Khalq. They are based in Iraq and are used as proxies against Iran. Seymour Hersh admitted that the MEK did covert terror attacks in Iran with America's blessing. A senior American official claimed that the CIA tried to prevent weapons from going into the hands of al-Qaeda or similar terrorist groups. This is silly, because in Libya, al-Qaeda flags were run up across Benghazi by rebels. These rebels recieved NATO cash and arms to destroy the government of Muammar Qaddafi. This fact of the West funding rebels have been confirmed by the fact that Libyan LIFG rebels (who are led by Al-Qaeda commander Abdul Hakim Belhaj) have now made their way by the hundreds into Syria. The U.S. claimed that the international community is trying to stop the violence in Syria. Yet, the NY Times proved that the U.S. is supporting a military campaign against the Syrian government. They want the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to be overthrown. The arms embargo proposal on Syria is now being exposed as being one-sided. This embargo will give the rebels an advantage in the deaths that can tip the balance in favor of Western proxy-forces (without the intent of ending the violence as quickly as possible as claimed by the pro-UN leader Kofi Annan). Turkey is a NATO member state. The Times reported that Turkey directly gave weapons to the terrorists operating in Syria. NATO is involved in the imperialism against Syria. Turkey allowed rebels to use its border region as a refuge, so attacks by Syrian opposition leaders against Syria can transpire. The mainstream media claims that the Free Syrian Army is only made up of only 100 or so small formations (or they consist of a handful of fighters of a couple of hundred combatants). This refutes the notion that there is a massively large popular uprising. The FSA is made up of mercenaries, foreign fighters, and sectarian extremists. They are armed and directly by foreign interests. Some of these terrorists proxies were organized as early as 2007 by the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia (with the purpose of directly instituting regime change and change Syria into a Western client regime). The West shown propaganda about massacres and atrocities when many of these atrocities were organized by rebel related factions. The United States claims that Syria failed to protect its people when the West simultaneously fuel the armed conflict it claims to want to end. This is hypocrisy and this is a crime against peace. 

When you learn about the economy, you learn about competing visions in the world. Both candidates for President believe that they have the best vision on how to jump start the American economy. The President says that the decreasing unemployment rates in Virginia, Florida, and other states validates his agenda. Mitt Romney said that his agenda is a better way in order for the economy to grow rapidly. The President talks about paying down the debt, having sustained, strong growth, and creating middle class jobs, so people can get ahead in their lives. He feels that he is the person to break the stalemate in Congress if he's re-elected as President. Still, much unemployment and social inequality occur across America (in the Midwestern cities too where industrial declines are abundant). Banks and corporations have committed fraud against the people. These problems didn't start with the Obama administration. Now, the income of the top 1 percent grew by more than 275 percent (with an average of 1.3 million dollars a year). Much of this income doesn't trickled down to the middle class or the poor at all. Legitimate regulations can help solve these issues. It's easy to see that the political and economic system of today have costed millions of jobs. The deficit has increased, and profits has increased for certain rich corporations and the super rich in general. There should be job creation and relief for the poor. Yet, we still have to hold the criminals responsible for the financial disaster accountable. The President and Mitt Romney desire austerity or quasi-austerity though. The only difference is that the President wants austerity long term, while Mitt Romney wants it as soon as possible The President claims that there are programs that we can't afford, but he allows trillions of dollars to fund Wall Street banks (and we still haven't got a government jobs or public works program). Obama boasted of signing a law to cut the deficit by $2 trillion and “reduce our yearly domestic spending to its lowest level as a share of the economy in nearly 60 years.” What was America like 60 years ago? No Medicare, no Medicaid, no food stamps, no federal aid to education, no interstate highway system. Far too often, the corporate two party system doesn't seek to radically solve our economic problems, but to manage it (to give aid to some of the problems without cutting down the foundation of a cartel-capitalist system in the first place). The 1929 Great Depression conclusively proved that significant social reforms, such as Social Security, unemployment insurance, public works programs and the Tennessee Valley Authority can work to help the millions of Americans who suffer economic complications. Similar solutions can work again. Our time proves that laissez faire capitalism hasn't work from the industrial power of America decreased to the U.S. being the most unequal economically industrialized country in the world (financial speculation & manipulation benefit the ruling class not the majority of the people).  Far too often, the problem isn't just the reactionaries, who want to destroy the social safety net outright. It's the token liberal establishment that seek to talk about the middle class without calling for a radical redistribution of economic and political power in order for the poor to receive social justice. 

It's obvious that certain segments of the alternative media (not all people in the alternative media, so I want to make that clear) are mouth pieces for the conservative establishment or even Mitt Romney. In their eyes, government spending is bad under President Barack Obama. Why didn't they or these Tea Party, one cent tax increase is a sin, & deficit hawks say the same thing under the administrations of Bush Jr. Clinton, Bush Sr., and Reagan (when they all spent massive amounts of government money). I know the answer to that question and you know it. Romney's campaign leaders want a war with Iran. I don't agree with the President on every issue, but both men are funded by Goldman Sachs. Also, I don't believe in classifying these 2 men in the most vile terms possible as some have achieved. Some of them even criticize the President on legitimate grounds and then go overboard with displaying foolish rhetoric (like saying that the President is a socialist, a communist, a Muslim, etc.). The reactionary, Tea Party types have a hatred of President Barack Obama. Although, they use him as an asset as a means to try to con people to accept the old social Darwinist philosophies. The reactionaries cry and yell about black on white crime. What do I feel about it? As a black man, I don't believe in harming someone in an unjust fashion who is white. Yet, these same people ignore the 400 year oppression against black people in this country (slavery, genocide of native peoples, racism, and fascism are all products of a laissez-faire, corporate system The 1 percent are most responsible for these realities). They ignore the stop and frisk immoral policies in NYC. They don't talk about racist white people killing innocent black people in the streets of the world (not only in America). They ignore the rape and murder of innocent people by imperialists and Western-funded terrorists in Africa, Haiti, and throughout the world. There are eugenics and population control programs being enacted in Africa now. They ignore and they don't want to fight against the negative stereotypes directed against black men and black women in the world (as found in the media, Hollywood, and the rest of the entertainment industry). Yeah, there's a war outside and it's directed mostly against people that look like me by the 1%. The reactionaries even in the "alternative media" refuse to offer sophisticated analysis of the political and economic condition of oppressed people in the world. This condition can be rectified with universal health care, a real stimulus, package, and other progressive solutions. Therefore, I will be independent of the Left/Right paradigm. Some talk show people may say that they don't exist in the Left/Right Paradigm, but they support the same interests & agendas (like a denial of the Rockefeller-funded Austrian economic movement, the refusal to expose white supremacy, their support of the harm of the liberties of immigrants, and their hatred of the social safety net) of the globalists that they claim to abhor. They can talk about civil liberties, the corruption of the UN, and the Second Amendment, which I have no issues with. Yet, you can't have peace without justice for all people. If you want justice for people, you have to look to expose corporate corruption. You have to expose the imperialism directed at people of color (and people of all backgrounds) throughout the world.

It's a historical fact that the international bankers funded both the fascist and the communist movements in human history (especially during the times of WWII). These banks that did it hailed from the U.S., the UK, and even France. Fascism is the antithesis to communism. Both philosophies are evil in my opinion and incompatible to true individual liberty. The industrial revolution of the 19th and 20th centuries created more controversial and interesting developments. It grew monopolies and it grew the labor rights movements (which fascists abhor). The labor movements came as a response to the excesses of corporate growth. The labor movement was also a means where people defended basic human rights (like the right to strike, the elimination of child labor, and a 8 hour work week. These policies existed in the West as a result of the tireless efforts of the labor activists). Some of the technological advances in that period organized workers to run against the ruling class of industrialists and land barons. Some labor leaders protested for better working rights, but the big businesses responded by firings, intimidating, and some murdered workers that were organizing labor unions. The global elite funded fascism as a way to try to strife real social and economic progress in the world. Communism grew as a response to what the Communists saw as a class struggle. Communism too would be funded by the big bankers in their leadership according to the author Anthony Sutton. That is why the Soviet Union evolved from a defeat of monarchy into a banal dictatorship. Mussolini in Italy (Pilgrim chairman and Morgan banker Thomas W. Lamont was a great supporter of Mussolini), Hitler in Germany, Franco in Spain, and Japan were funded by European/American banking super rich elites. For example, people already know that the Wall Street allies of Hnery Ford, the Watson Family, the Rockefellers, the Dulles Brothers, Freemason Hjalmar Schacht, Baron von Schroder, and other provided big financial support to Nazi Germany. The British aristocracy supported the Nazis as Hitler wanted an Anglo-German alliance for years. Private Anglo-German societies advanced the agenda of a Nazi/British alliance like the Imperial Policy group, the anti-Semitic Right Club of 1939, the Anglo-German Fellowship (which wanted a militant German regime), etc. We know that the Jesuits, the Duke of Alba, and the British supported the fascist takeover of Spain by Franco. Before Pearl Harbor, the Japanese oligarchies of Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, and Yasuda had cartel agreements with companies like Standard Oil and I.G. Farben. Why did the West fund these dictators? They did it, because they approved of these dictators and wanted them to act as a buffer to the antithesis of Communism (in order for the balance of power to exist until the Cold War came about). By the early 1940's, the international bankers began to allow the Allies to fight Hitler.

 VC or the Vigilant Citizen made an excellent discovery of the heavy Illuminist symbolism in the Australian ad called "For the Love of Music." I love music too, but not nefarious agendas from the global elite. This ad plays all of the time on the Australian TV station called V. Much of the images found in the ad relates to the works of Marco Barmbilla. He's an artist that is sought after by numerous individuals. Of course, he directed Kanye West's Power video that has collages of Mystery Religion imagery in it. The symbols and messages in the ad is amazing just like the Power video. The ad begins in Hell literally with the Devil covering his ears. The reason he covers his ears is because there are a lot musicians down there. There is a crucifix with fire and the tableau represents rock and roll. Many musicians claim to have soul their souls to the Devil, which is why this ad shows this image. Kurt Cobain and Johnny Cash is shown in the video. Like in Power, the ad conceal occult images. There is the All Seeing Eye with the triangle, which is an old symbol. The devil is shown under the triangular image with the All Seeing eye on top. The All Seeing eyes watches all of the people. Later, dancers are shown and the base of the tableau has the masses. The main entertainers called Daft Punk is there. This duo of musicians show similar triangular symbolism in their performances. In the power structure, the pyramidal system represents the masses on the base of pyramid (while the elite are in the apex of the pyramid). The next scene shows a scene from Rihanna's video Umbrella. Individuals now realize that the Umbrella video describes a hidden entity protecting Rihanna (her video has her trapped in an upright triangle. The upward image is phallic in nature. She is trapped in the triangle. VC says that her being trapped is indicative of her being controlled or possessed by the hidden forces of the industry. There is a tableau representing hip hop in the ad. It shows the Masonic columns looking like a Masonic seal (There are the twin pillars, a checkerboard pattern floor and a staircase to illumination). The tableau has Tupac and Biggie (which represent the two of most famous figures of hip hop history). Kanye West is shown in the ad filled with light. Above this tableau is the “heavens”, filled with pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears – all stars that were (or still are) heavily controlled by the industry. Michael Jackson, to his credit, woke up and started to resist them. The ad lasts for 1 minute and 45 minutes, yet it is jammed packed with symbolism.

By Timothy

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