Tuesday, November 06, 2012

President Barack Obama is Reelected

He's been releelected. The President of the United States won reelection. It was a historic night. Now, the brother belongs to ages of 2 term Presidents. Now, he definitely has no excuses this time. The brother can go into the path of FDR or Clinton (or he can follow in his unique path). Only God knows the future, but one thing is certain. That thing is that we should continue to fight for liberty and to never stop defending the right to vote among any human being. It was a crazy election and some of the reactionaries have been proven wrong to assume that Mitt Romney would win the election. I knew by instinct that this election was important. Regardless, we should still be resolute, hold our poltical leaders accountable, show respect, and fight for truth. Anyone still in line should vote since voting is a part of a human right in the world. This election was the rejection of the Southern Strategy and voting suppression efforts. The American public is a whole lot smarter than the enemies of truth realize. The President certainly is a great campaigner and it's time to make more solutions regardless if people agree or disagree with the President politically. 2012 is the year where the backlash or the Reagan revolution was ended officially. The human rights movement continues forward. When you go forward, you can't go backward.

By Timothy


Frankly, I have my own issues with Obama. With his tepid centrism when we need courageous progressivism.
But at least the RIGHT has been defeated. And I know I'm going to enjoy the discomfort of all those white racists who cannot abide the idea of a BLACK PRESIDENT. LOL!
A Black INTELLECTUAL president.


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