Thursday, July 10, 2014

International Affais and National News

I am learning more information about this situation. First, this situation is a humanitarian crisis involving a civil war in Central America. There are American laws that deal with humanitarian situations. The Civil War in Central America has been impacted by the decades long U.S. foreign policy, which funds reactionary, anti-democratic regimes in Central America. At the bare minimum, the humanitarian needs of the people must be handled. Even the White House has said that they will deport the children in the future and the White House has deported over two million human beings. ICE is notorious for their anti-immigration raids. So, this administration is not progressive on the issue of immigration at all. The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 requires that those seeking refugee status from Central American countries receive due process. Under the law, the Border Patrol agency is required to take in these children, screen and vaccinate them, then turn them over to the Department of Health of Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). Rick Perry is a hypocrite. He claims that he wants to stop illegal immigration, but years ago he supported the Trans-Texas Corridor (which allows highways in Texas to be owned by the Spanish company Cintra). Perry supports a law giving illegal immigrants in state tuition. I would not shake Rick Perry's hand either. I will never ally with the agenda of reactionaries (many of their ancestors stole the land of the indigenous peoples of the Americas). I am an independent man of black African descent. Also, Rick Perry supports the evil of fracking, which has been proven to harm the environment. Fracking readily pollutes the air, the water, and the soil. You have to believe in improving the environment in order for you to be a true revolutionary. So, real Independents should realize that both parties are funded by the same corporate interests. The real truth is that multinational corporations, bad trade deals, poverty, and economic exploitation have increased illegal immigration for years. If we want the problem solved, then the solution must be comprehensive. The minimum wage must be increased, workers’ rights must be improved, corporations should be punished if they violate the rights of workers, the border should be protected in a humane fashion, fair trade deals must come about, there must be more collaborations among nations in the Americas, and those who are undocumented human beings should not be scapegoated for every ill in America.

Even if all black people would stop using the word, racists would still use it. The author James Lincoln Collier can easily use alternative language to write about racism in America. Yes, the President has experienced racism in his life (that racism that he has suffered ought to be fully condemned). Also, we have the right to be politically independent too. Historically, both Republicans and Democrats have stifled or harmed the power of the black liberation struggle. We know about the reactionaries and their extremism (who are in love with corporate power from the 1%. These reactionaries are wrong period). I believe in social programs and I believe in economic justice. Although, we can’t bow down to any mainstream political party. We are never responsible for the Maafa. The European capitalist imperialists (such terrorists like Christopher Columbus, etc. have also exterminated Native Americans too) originated the Maafa. People should understand that fact. Many white people are open about what they want. We should be more open about what we want regardless of societal expectations. Yes, we ought to condemn that word and not use it in the degradation of our people. We want freedom, justice, and liberation. There must be a revolutionary change of values as Dr. Martin Luther King said. We face the evils of poverty, imperialism, and economic exploitation in the world. Some people are restricting water in Detroit among the masses of people, which is evil. So, we should continue in the fight for the rights of the people. Also, Dr. King and our other heroes opposed police brutality too. The military industrial complex is heavily linked to the instruments of the surveillance state domestically too. We need to have direct action. The people have every right to understand how the NSA works and to oppose warrantless NSA wiretapping. Other whistleblowers have exposed how much more unjust the NSA spying programs are too. We know about how the US spied on the German Parliament too. High-level NSA whistleblower Bill Binney and Thomas Drake have talked about these issues too. I have witnessed those from across the political spectrum who oppose the overreach of the NSA. Sarah Palin being on the View would be interesting. So far, she has refused to stand up strongly for the rights of workers. She refuses to advocate real economic justice and she has allied with the same reactionary factions that decades ago supported Jim Crow oppression against human beings who are black people. Therefore, the truth will always prevail and Sarah Palin ought to wake up and see that Tea Party demagogues, war mongering neo-conservatives, and other extremists embrace views that ought to be repudiated completely.

It is part of hypocrisy for some to lecture to the poor about handouts and not expose record bailouts sent to multinational corporations. They will not talk about Wall Street corruption and environmental degradation performed by many corporations. They will not talk about low wages and the need for an increase of the minimum wage (which can lower poverty. Most Americans by polls support an increase of the minimum wage). The reality is that for decades, trickled down economics, austerity policies, massive privatization, etc. have harmed communities nationwide. We have record low taxation in nearly five decades. Many social services have been cut via sequester, state budget policies, and neoliberal economic laws. The vast majority of Americans don't have food stamps, Medicaid, Section 8, and Schip (which is not a handout in my eyes). These programs assist the poor and even Article I, Section 8 states that Congress can fund the general welfare. That is in the Constitution. Also, the government has used Job Corps and other programs to train human beings. These human beings are not "these" people. They are us. We are human beings, so these are our people. There are educational services in America. Also, these programs in it of itself are not evil. Some folks try to imply that these programs are evil for the sake of disrespecting the poor and minorities (who utilize such programs). Yet, there is no shame in people getting those programs if they need it. I rather help somebody (who needs help) than allow a person to starve to death. If my taxes go out to help the poor, then that is better than funding bailouts for big corporations. Also, poverty is complex. Complex solutions must arise. First, all fraud, waste, and abuse must be eliminated. Then, there must be a radical redistribution of economic and political power since income inequality, which is rising, is harming societies. I believe in economic justice. It is a national emergency. This situation in Chicago must be declared a state of emergency. If people don’t treat the situation in Chicago as a real crisis and a national emergency then nothing will change. Folks are right that we should build up stronger families (there is nothing wrong with more two parent households existing in the world with a father and a mother. There is nothing wrong with a loving, stable family in general. We must have ethics, morality, dignity, and honor promoted in the world) and we need to stop the glamorization of violence & other evils in our communities. That is not enough though. We also need investments in housing, education, etc. We have to address poverty, unemployment, illegal gun trafficking, and low wages in Chicago. There must be a massive, urban reconstruction plan in Chicago. The community in Chicago should have direct input on forming solutions. Independent organizations doing what is right in Chicago should have their voices heard and be directly involved in solving problems. So, an one sized fit all solution will not cut it. Many actions must be simultaneously done.

The CIA is a terrorist organization obviously. Their history documents this reality. Even back in the day, members of the CIA and even the State Department viewed JFK as too leftist for them (when JFK was a center-left President, but to his credit his foreign policy was very progressive). The CIA has a very influential role in controlling the conservative establishment and the liberal establishment. CIA leader William Harvey ran the project JM/WAVE until 1962. His protégé Ted Shackley took over the program, which wanted to overthrow Castro (and had the Mafia and Cuban exiles working for them). Important names under Shackley at JM/WAVE included: David Morales, chief of covert operations; Felix Rodriguez, Rafael Quintero, George Joannides, David Atlee Phillips, Carl E. Jenkins, Rudi Enders, Thomas Clines, Edwin Wilson, Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, Rip Robertson, and, briefly, future CIA director Porter Goss. Later, Ted Shackley ran the secretive, sinister Cercle group. Even CIA head Allen Dulles became an executive member of the Pilgrim Society. We can't sleep. The reactionary forces are very serious in wanting to deprive us of our human rights (from voting rights to our economic rights). There are many brave people in the Moral Mondays grassroots movement. Many of the protesters have been jailed, because they wanted to defend the aspirations of the people in society. We are not turning back to a time where legalized apartheid existed. We are fighting fascism and the archaic views from the Tea Party movement. We are moving forward, because moving forward represents adhering to freedom (which is the inherit right and an inherit goal for us and our posterity). 50 years have passed since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Our people are still fighting to be free. In the end, we will be victorious. Our people are fighting internationally too. Decades ago, Nkrumah fought against colonialism. He risked his life in opposing European imperialism. Today, we are still fighting against imperialism and neo-colonialism. If we want things to change, then we have to utilize our efforts, our strength, and our ingenuity to change things. The Civil Rights Act doesn’t mean that things are over or we live in a post-racial society. It means that we are moving forward and we have work to do. We have work to do when we need to advance political independence and we need to defend our people who are the victims of police brutality. We have work to do in fighting poverty and various forms of oppression. Yet, when we do real work like doing the right thing, then that work is always righteous. So, the work continues and the dream will never die.

Many people have talked about global investments in Africa. Some people believe that these global investments have not worked to fully improve Africa since income inequality is still high even after a product of these foreign direct investments in Africa. The aid from corporations and banks heavily has been corrupt, because the structural problems of economic inequality have not been fully addressed in Africa. There must be a break from the capitalist system in order for Africa to be fully liberated in essence. FDIs are part of the global financial capitalist system, which maintains and reproduces inequality and keeps African states dependent on Western countries including financial institutions. Money is a system of credits and debts between human beings. Capital is the savings of the past used for production along with other factors of production like land, labor, and enterprise. Capital is money used to add value to production. We live in a time where we see financialized capitalism where finance is privileged over production. The local and national markers are destroyed or manipulated to benefit a few hundred global corporations and banks. The 2011 study by the Organization for Economic Co-operating and Development or the OECD entitled, “Divided we Stand: Why Inequality Keeps Rising” revealed that globally, the rich-poor gap has widened in the last decade. Between nations this is clearly evident. But even within advanced countries – including the “egalitarian” states such as Germany, Denmark and Sweden – the rich-poor income and welfare gap is growing. That is why we need a distributive solution to handle this situation. There is the problem of corruption when aid from IMF and the FDIs prop up bourgeois regimes. Many of these items are negotiated between nations and big corporations. Some negotiations can take months or years. Even BITs or Bilateral investment treaties can harm the sovereignty of African nations. People want solutions like massive savings that can be generated from African nations themselves instead from IFFs or illicit financial flows (or from Western multinationals). Some independent communities are using communal money. Obvious, capitalism has no future in Africa. Only self-reliance, independent solutions, and strong political leadership (among the masses of the people can strengthen African nations). All wealth in Africa must reach its people. If not, the economic growth is mute. We must always reject colonialism and neo-colonialism forever. There must be investments in Africa along with national reconstruction. There are many strikes in South Africa and even in Ghana, because the people want economic justice in Africa. The vast resources in Africa must be used to help the workers, the farmers, and other human beings in Africa.

By Timothy

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