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Religious Informaiton

Some Biblical Quotes that Bill O will NEVER embrace [& likely neither will Pope Francis]:
} I am my Brother's Keeper...- The greed for money [power & materialism] is the root of all Evil...- You shall protect & watch out for the fatherless, the widow & the elder...- The workman is worthy of his hire…
[Thus saith the Lord God, I am against those who do NOT keep my Law, but do oppress & {cheat} the worker out of his just wages & who forsake & oppress the widow & the fatherless, the elders & the sojourner…]
[And when you harvest your fields- you shall not strip it completely bare- but leave some so that the poor, the needy & the sojourner won't go hungry...]
[And They {His Apostles} were not fixated on their own personal stuff - but rather shared all things in common - each according to their needs...]
[And the Lord said: I was hungry but you refused to feed me, I was homeless & out in the street but you refused to give me shelter, I was sick but you denied me medical care, I was unjustly imprisoned &/or treated unjustly in prison because you denied me justice... Verily I say... since you have NOT looked out for the welfare of the least of {my people}, then you have Neglected & Abused ME... And those who do so shall face condemnation...]
[He who claims to worship the God of Heaven who he has NOT seen, but mistreats his fellow man {& woman} whom he sees every day, Is a Lying Hypocrite!]
['And a rich-man came to Yeshua [aka: Jesus] saying- I believe in your teachings & I'm ready to get w your program. So Yeshua responded That's Great - but I've got one more thing to ask of you - Take all that excessive material stuff that you possess [but don't really need or even use] & give it to the poor & needy [who have far more need of it than you]. And the rich-man left from him rather dispirited because he was very rich. Then Yeshua said to His Apostles- It is easier for a camel to go thru the needles' eye than for the rich to get into the Kingdom I'm talking about.' -
Explanation of the 'Needle's Eye' Parable: Old Jerusalem was a walled city w several main gates. But it also had a smaller passage way which only 1 or 2 men could pass thru at a time- called the Needle’s Eye Gate. So when traders w goods came to the city w only 1 or 2 camel loads instead of a whole caravan - instead of opening one of the main gates {especially at night &/or during conflict} they stripped the camel down {naked so to speak} of all that stuff it was carrying & made it hunch down on its belly so it could crawl thru the narrow Needle’s Eye opening. Thus the moral of Yeshua’s 'Needle's Eye' parable: Most rich folks aren't going to be willing to share their wealth w nor see & treat ordinary folk as their equals. {
- Many would call these scriptures a call to so-called 'Christian Charity', But in fact they are stated as the DUTIES & Responsibilities of how the 'well off' [especially those who claim to be 'Believers'] are REQUIRED to Treat the 'less fortunate' [IE: beyond what should be done it's what MUST be done to serve God]. They speak of basic principles would likely be called by many / most today a type of 'SOCIALISM'.
PS: If if the current Pope's truly serious he should start w his own house- particularly closing [or at-least total revamping] the Vatican bank. And also, most particularly, rescinding & renouncing the Papal Bulls of 1452 & 1455 by Pope Nicholas V -&- the Papal Bull issued by Pope Eugene IV to Portuguese Prince Henry in 1442.


Nixak77  7 months ago

I think my initial Biblical quotes above- indicate what many/most today would term a type of 'socialist society'- though the term 'socialism' [nor 'capitalism'] would NOT have been used in the Biblical era.
But let's be clear what type of World Yeshua [aka Jesus] lived in. Ancient Israel Palestine / Judea was a NON-Western [& NON Euro-Christian] primarily agrarian culture & society [which is why so many of Yeshua's, & other Biblical prophets', parables used metaphorical terms IE; 'Lost sheep, shepherds', lambs & flocks; 'seeds, trees', wheat, corn & tares, fruits, grains & Harvest; streams, serpents & vipers- etc...]. 
- Next ancient Israel was set-up as a Theocratic Monarchy type of Gov't [based on a confederation of the 12 Tribes of Israel], that was supposed to be based on the principles of Righteousness, Truth, Justice & Equity. Hence Yeshua's use of the term 'Kingdom of GOD'. Yeshua himself was said to be a King-Priest after the order of Melik-i-Tsadek [= King of Righteousness] who was the HI priest-king of ancient Jerusalem [capital of ancient Israel-Palestine] in Abraham's day. Yeshua's father Yosafe [Joseph] was of King David's line & his mother Miriam [Mary] was the daughter of a Levitical Priest. 
- Futhermore Israel-Palestine in Yeshua's day was under Roman imperial occupation [preceded by Greek imperial occupation] & 'King Herod was a usurper [= illegitimate occupier] of the throne [seat of gov't] of Israel [backed by the Roman Empire]- who was NOT Even an Israelite / Judean. Plus the Israelite HI-Priesthood had been corrupted / co-opted by Grecco-Roman occupational influences for centuries. 
IMO Yeshua should be likened unto the MLK / Malcolm X of his times. I would say Mandela- but there's no evidence that, unlike Mandela, Yeshua actually lead / called for an 'ARMED' struggle against the Roman occupation. And, unlike Mandela, Yeshua NEVER got the chance to [at-least 'in theory' & appearance] sit as the {figure?}Head of his Gov't. Rather, like MLK & Malcolm, the Roman Empire eliminated him as a perceived 'Enemy of the State'.


Nixak77  7 months ago
If you want to get a good definition of WHAT global neoliberal corporate [disaster] capitalism IS, how it operates & what it DOES- IMO you might want to read Naomi Klein's 'The Shock Doctrine- Rise of Disaster Capitalism'.
The fact is vast majority of people who live in a capitalist society [IE: the US the EU, Japan, S.Korea- even modern Russia & China, etc] are NOT actual Capitalists. They may NOT be socialists [nor Marxist-Leninist communist]- but that don't make them capitalists in the real sense of the word. Heck most folks are NOT even entrepreneurs of small to medium size businesses for self employment. 
First of all the corporate capitalist system is a pyramid / Ponzi scheme that can accommodate only a handful of true capitalists at the top [aka the 1%]. We know who some of those real capitalists are IE: The Rockefellers, Bill Gates, the late Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Mike Blomberg, Warren Buffet, George Soros, the Koch Bros, the Waltons of Walmarts, Penny Pritzker, Oprah, etc & their ilk [see: ]. IMO anyone who's nowhere near having at-least Kobe Bryant, LeBraun, Tiger Woods, Denzel, Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Kanye', Venus & Serena, Beyoncee' etc... kind of $$$ [IMO these guys are quasi-capitalist wanna-bes]- IE: they punch someone else's 8hr clock at a 9- 5 every day [yet too often still struggle to 'make ends meet']- yet somehow think that they're a 'capitalist'- are FOOLING themselves & do NOT really understand what a real capitalist is.
The fact is most folks in the current corp capitalist system- are seen as mere Worker-BEES / Worker-ANTS to be used [up] by the capitalist system. At one time in the US & EU [but NEVER in the so-called '3rd World'] the working-class / [disappearing] so-called 'middle-class' could earn a some-what decent living- but that has been steadily fading since the 1970s. Now neo-liberal global corp disaster capitalism has created conditions of a race to the bottom, where the working-class in the US & EU compete for 'minimum' [= near starvation] wages vis-a-vis blatantly exploited slave-wage workers in the 3rd World [think NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT the WTO, etc], & now even have US workers [& even 3rd World workers] in competition w prisoners locked-up in the US' Prison Industrial Complex- who do work that corporations would have to pay $10/hr - $15/hr - $20/hr to US workers- but instead pay US prisoners $2 to $5 / DAY. Thus the working-class [the 90% - 95%] in the US & EU are often seen as mere expendable cannon fodder for / to be used-up [& then discarded] by the corp capitalist system.

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