Saturday, July 12, 2014

JFK Research

Absolutely! If one is going to critique JFK, at-least be factually accurate. As you stated, Lumumba was overthrown & murdered before JFK even took office, JFK was killed in Nov of 1963, probably nearly a yr before that military junta overthrew the progressive constitutionally elected Gov't in Brazil in 1964- or the US invasion of the Dominican Republic, also in 1964- toppling a DR gov't that was too 'friendly' w Castro. The false flag 'Gulf of Tonkin' {non}Incident [LBJ's excuse to massively escalate in Vietnam] also happened in 1964. This all happened on LBJ's watch nearly a yr after JFK was dead.
Even Vietnam & 'the Bay of Pigs' scheme was 'inherited' by JFK from Ike & 'Tricky' Dick Nixon [& the CIA- FYI: the Dulles Boys, who effectively ran US foreign policy for 10yrs, started out as powerful lawyers for Wall St Banksters - Few make the connection between Wall St's corp elites, the CIA & US foreign policy].


I totally agree w your assessment of the author's position here.
- But folks Noam Chomsky has made even worse statements RE JFK's hit & the 9-11 'New Pearl Harbor' event like: 'Who cares, people get killed all the time so why not JFK- it does NOT mean anything.'
Thus in part because of these curious positions sighted 'leftist' intellectuals like this article's author & Chomsky- 50 yrs after Nov 22 1963, Dealey Plaza, those folks who even care to remember are still debating whether: JFK was killed by LH.Oswald as lone-nut assassin w a 'magic-bullet' fired from a cheap unreliable rifle w a misaligned scope, or was Oswald actually on the 2nd floor having lunch & drinking a coke when JFK was shot? - Does the 'magic bullet' [myth] even make ballistic sense? - Did the shot that blew JFK's brains all over Dealey Plaza throwing him violently backwards & to the left, come from behind, or from the 'Grassy Knoll' located in front of him & to his right? Therefore we've never gotten to the far more important questions of WHO? & WHY?...
So was JFK was going to pull out of Vietnam by the end of his 2nd term [w a planned withdrawal of 1000 troops by the end of 1963]? This is a hotly debated & contested issue, & perhaps somewhat speculative. But IMO JFK likely would NOT have escalated Vietnam to the massive proportions that LBJ & Tricky Dick / Kissinger did- & JFK may have even wound down in Vietnam by the end of his 2nd term [we'll never know for sure but IMO every person of conscious should at-least care]. And let’s not forget that the 'Gulf of Tonkin' false-flag {non}Event [LBJ's 'causus belli' to massively escalate in Vietnam] happened after JFK Was DEAD- on LBJ's WATCH!
PS: Let's NOT forget that of the 4 major political assassinations in the US during the 1960s, 3 followed the same ole lone-nut gunman scenario [ JFK, MLK & RFK]- like a series of really terribly bad 'Freddy Kruger' sequels! Thus IMO those inclined to chalk up JFK's hit to Oswald as a lone nut gunman, will most likely do the same for James Earl Ray re MLK & Sirhan Sirhan re RFK [IMO its NO coincidence that MLK was shot in the face near his mouth exactly 1yr to the day after he spoke out against the Vietnam War- calling the USG 'The greatest purveyor of violence in the World'. Nor was it coincidental that RFK was killed when it became obvious he would likely win the WH & a couple a days later they 'finally' just so happen to catch MLK's alleged killer in London after being at-large for almost exactly 2 months].
Yet it would seem that this author's motto is instead of 'Knowledge is Power' / 'Know the Truth & It Shall Make You Free, is rather '[willful] Ignorance is Bliss'! Because obviously this author 'Can't Handle the Truth!'


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