Friday, July 18, 2014

The Disaster of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

First, I send prayers and condolences to the victims’ families & friends. One American perished by the crash. More than 300 innocent human beings have died as a product of the plane crashing to the Earth. There are questions about who did it and why they did it? Some believe that the people who shot the missile at the plane (if this crash could be fully established as a product of a missile strike) could be people from the separatist movement or the Ukrainian military. Both sides are pointing fingers at each other. It may take weeks or months to really find out the real truth about how this event transpired. This event is a total tragedy. So far, there has not been conclusive evidence to prove that Russia or Ukrainian separatists being involved in the destruction of the airplane. Russia’s television Channel One said that a tweet made by a Spanish air traffic controller of Kiev’s airport Borispol. According to the Spanish air traffic controller, two Ukrainian fighters had been seen near the Malaysian jet three minutes before it disappeared from radars. This information is confirmed by eyewitnesses in the Donetsk region who saw Ukrainian warplanes near the passenger jet. They say they heard sounds of powerful blasts and saw a Ukraine warplane shortly before the crash. We know that a Boeing 777 of the Malaysian Airlines that was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lampur. Ukrainian Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said on July 17 that the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 airliner had been downed by the Buk missile system. “After the passenger airliner was downed, the military reported to the president that terrorists do not have our air defense missile systems Buk and S-300,” the general prosecutor said. “These weapons were not seized,” he added. The evidence so far suggests that the missile came from the Ukraine border. The neo-cons are exploiting this tragedy as an excuse to promote more aggressive sanctions or even a militaristic response against Russia (or against the Ukraine separatists). Russia is experiencing more sanctions as well. “I think we could bring this to the U.N. and start the ball rolling,” Stephen Black, a Russia fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council, told USA Today. “Not just the Security Council, but the General Assembly, where Russia can’t veto it. There are more economic tools. We did not simply block them from doing dollar-denominated transactions.” The AFPC is aligned with the American Enterprise Institute, the Center for Security Policy and other neocon advocacy groups responsible for the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Members of the Atlantic Council or a NATO think tank (which have people like Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft), is calling for additional sanctions too. More military movements of U.S. forces are in the Baltic region as well. Earlier this month the top commander of NATO, Air Force Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, announced “U.S.-based troops will buttress American forces that have already been moved in recent months from Germany, Italy and elsewhere in Europe for stepped-up ground and air patrols in the three Baltic countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, plus Poland and Romania,” according to McClatchy. A puppet regime in Kiev is continuing. There must be a thorough, independent investigation to figure out who did this evil action as a means for real justice to be executed basically.

Cutting the social safety net radically will starve people to death. I oppose record bailouts sent to Wall Street banks. The Austrian economic philosophy has been funded by the Mont Pelerin Society (as documented in Greg Kaza's June 1, 1997 article entitled, "The Mont Pelerin Society's 50th Anniversary" including other sources). That is not a smear. That is a fact. The Mont Pelerin Society loves laissez faire capitalism and Austrian economics. The Mont Pelerin Society was created by the establishment for the establishment. Von Hayek is pro-Austrian economics. Friedrich von Hayek was strongly influenced by Ludwig von Mises. That society is allied ideologically with the BIS institution (which is made up of the some of the most powerful banking interests in the world). Austrian economics failed in Chile too. Austrian economic leader Murray Newton Rothbard was a racist who viewed black people as intellectually inferior. Mises once did not believe that women should have the right to vote, which is evil. Fascism is more than merging state and big business. It is also about the violation of human rights and the love of corporate power at the expense of the rights of workers & minorities. Not to mention that some regulation is good while others are not. For example, we need environmental regulations to protect human health and the habitats of the country. I have noticed that these market fundamentalists never advocate workers' rights or even an increase of the minimum wage. Some of them are not real libertarians, so they lie about that issue too. Some of their views on immigration (which is 360 degree opposite of what a real libertarian actually believes on immigration) prove that some of them are not libertarians. Also, JP Morgan should not administer or deal with SNAP. That doesn't mean that all of the social safety net should be eliminated when people are starving in some cases. The Koch Brothers have funded the Tea Party movement too (which some people ignore). I do believe in personal responsibility and a strong community. I just reject austerity and imperialism. The older I get, the stronger I am in my core convictions. It is just for us to believe in economic justice. It is just for us to stand up for humanity and to believe in opposing oppression. The extremists and the haters are ignorant, but we are not going to back down.

My views are consistent with the views of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, the old school Black Panther Party, Fannie Lou Hamer, Ida B. Wells, Ruby & Ossie Davis, etc. Most black Americans oppose police brutality, want justice, want workers' rights, etc. My views of supporting an increasing of the minimum wage, the protection of Social Security, an end to the war in Afghanistan, and other great policies have support among most Americans (even most Republicans) as documented by numerous polls. A living wage is better than starvation wages and numerous economic studies prove that a slight minimum wage increase can grow economic productivity. An increase of the minimum wage will not mean that teachers collectively want $50 an hour, so people who hate an increase of the minimum wage are spreading fear mongering. There are many ways to stabilize inflation. Also, me exposing GE, exposing NSA warrantless spying, and exposing the unjust NATO bombings in Libya is hardly pro-MSNBC or pro-FOX News for that matter. I am a real political independent. I don't follow Tea Party rhetoric. I disagree with mass surveillance and corporate welfare. I advocate that the government should be run directly by the people. I don't believe that the government should be ruled by select corporate interests (like we have today. We have massive privatization in our society). Therefore, it is no contradiction. If the government was run by the people excluding lobbyists, corporate influence & select private banking interests, then we would be in better shape. There is nothing wrong with public or private resources to help humanity if it is done in the correct fashion. Not all actions done by the government are evil. For example, the government protecting the environment is not evil. The government going around enforcing anti-pollution laws is not evil either. The government advocating the legitimate freedoms found in the Bill of Rights is not evil either. The government enforcing anti-discrimination laws and anti-financial corrupt laws is not evil. The government investing in infrastructure in a legitimate way is not evil too. It is when the government does something wrong, then that should be exposed and opposed. I oppose corrupt government not the abolishing of every aspect of government. The government is presently owned mostly by the select corporations not by the people. I have hope for the future. I believe in promoting the general welfare not unjust wars. I will always believe in economic justice, truth, and freedom.

Reggie Ross is certainly a hero. He is helping black youth understanding literature. Also, the youth should comprehend great lessons (about learning, building, analyzing information, etc.) that can equip them to understand the fundamental principles of manhood. More education, more literacy, and more social development are necessary things that we need to in order for us to grow and develop our communities. Reggie Ross expressed a lot of gems in that video that folks should take heed. A barbershop can be more than a place where hair is cut. It can and should be a place where Brothers can grow intellectually. Also, there is nothing wrong with black men teaching and leading black youth in the ways of righteousness. The Sisters should be respected too. Mentoring the youth is a great action for anyone to pursue. We will never give up as a people. We will keep on fighting and keep on living our lives. I am glad that Big Tobacco has a downturn on its sales. That is good news. Yet, we have to be continually vigilant on how many of these companies try to exploit the suffering of black people and the poor for profit. The arrogance of the Big Tobacco industry has been known for years. Any form of specific advertising of cigarettes to kids is abhorrent. The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is doing a great job in showing the real facts on this issue. Cigarettes have tons of poisons literally. Too many people have unfortunately died from tobacco addiction. That is why it is important for us to continue to make the truth plain on this issue. Too many people have passed away from that addiction. That is why people are rightfully adamant about corporations trying to exploit the pain and suffering of others as a means for them to make profit in that way. A cigarette is a straight up gateway to death if precautions are not made. Back during the 1990's, Big Tobacco heavily advertised to kids. A corporation is lower than low to advertise poisons to children. The good news is that in the United States of America people smoke less than a generation ago. First, Detroit water bills have increased in record levels. Many people don't have the time to adjust to the record increase of such water bills. These people have not ignored the water bills out of laziness. People do want to pay the water bills, but they lack the resources to do so. Detroit’s water prices have gone up 119 percent over the last decade and are now twice the national average. Most people in Detroit are workers and hardworking, so the reporter is talking out of his head. Even the Canadians are offering water to Detroit residents. Detroit has lost its democratic power to the emergency manager and other unelected forces. Many of the activists want an immediate moratorium on water shutoffs, which I have no issue with. Hopefully, things can change.

It is obvious that a massive flood of bigotry have been shown about the border. Many of the anti-immigrant protesters have shown a lack of compassion for children refugees. There has been an increase of migrant youth detentions. Murrieta, California is one location out of many that has detained children who escaped from a war zone. Murrieta is just an hour’s drive north of San Diego and it is to the east of the Camp Pendleton Marine base. Many of the anti-immigrant bigots protesting the refuges have been transported from Texas. The Border Patrol facility is very inhumane to put it lightly. The children have been made the new scapegoats of a system that criminalizes the most vulnerable people in society for the “crime” of seeking a better a life for themselves and their family. There is another sickness spreading too. It is the sickness of xenophobia spreading in America. Both the Republicans and the Democrats in their leaderships agree on more border militarization and more deportation with little to no concern for justice or human rights. These refugees have traveled to America from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Most of these people are children. About 57,000 people have been detained since last October. To the anti-immigrant protesters, the detainees, no matter their age, are criminals and must be deported ASAP. Even that is against the law since refugees are merited due process. One of the demonstrators held a sign reading: "Send them back with birth control." Racist garbage like that is a disgrace. Courageous pro-immigrant supports counter protested. They know that that they are in solidarity with the victims of a system that forces them to make a terrible choice (continue in risk of being killed and face poverty or face the deadly risks going to America). The popular Mexican-American singer Lupillo Rivera was among those immigrant supporters--he was spit on in the face by a racist protester. Murrieta is not the only place with xenophobia. This sentiment is found all over suburbia. Both parties have promoted a twisted path to citizenship for the undocumented. The U.S.’s reactionary foreign policy contributes to the mayhem in Central America. The White House wants to speed up the deportation process. ICE house raids are common in Chicago. During this administration, we have the fence, over 2 million deportations, and 57,000 children being crammed into detention camps along the border. It is clear that this policy is not progressive at all. Anyone saying that the White House wants millions of immigrants to come into America in a fluid fashion is either lying or misinformed period. The White House has recently deported many of the children back to Central America. Not to mention that there are 18,500 Border Patrol agents currently, up from 9,100 a little over a decade ago. What increased border militarization has done is drive migrants into the most dangerous corridors of the desert, under the control of narcos, in order to avoid detection. In the final analysis, the migrants have the right to seek a new life in wherever they wish they have the right to seek employment, and they have the right to have equals rights to anyone in the world period. We have to oppose globalization, neoliberalism, austerity, and militarism. There must be fair trade deals and an end to the War on Drugs with alternatives.

By Timothy

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