Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Commentaries

I doubt that even bankrupt Western imperialism is stupid enough to attempt a war against 1.5 billion Muslims. But the image of the Muslim Threat may be a handy substitute for the now defunct Communist Threat. That a tiny part or sliver of the Muslims really are extremist loons is probably useful in maintaining the spectre of the Muslim Threat. In America, as in Orwell's 1984, external threats and foreign enemies are useful tools to impose fear drenched conformity on the population. If Islamic extremists, or even Islam itself, were to disappear our ruling classes would find or manufacture a new enemy.



 I've read and taught writings of Frantz Fanon. He was especially influential among our revolutionary forbears of the late 1960s and 70s, especially among the Black Panther party. His phenomenal influence is acknowledged by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr in his book called WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE. Fanon's magnum opus is THE WRETCHED OF THE EARTH (Les Damnes de la Terre) 



 ORLANDO BAGWELL. A fellow Baltimore homeboy has directed two very interesting films: AT THE RIVER I STAND, a documentary of the Memphis Sanitation workers strike, which was Dr. Martin Luther King's final campaign. And also MALCOLM X: MAKE IT PLAIN. This film examined the life and leadership of Malcolm. Both films were made in the 1990s; both quite inspiring and informative. Someone also made a film about Frantz Fanon, also in the 1990s And a Francophone brother whose name I forget made LUMUMBA, which I saw in June of 2001 at the Charles Theatre in Baltimore.



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