Friday, July 11, 2014

Savant's words

Oh lord! Just stopped in and must run. To put it briefly and perhaps oversimply, my vision is that of a COOPERATIVE society with an expanding realm of direct democracies. It is COMMUNITY. So, I have in mind popular assemblies (Occupy experimented with this before being suppressed), producer and consumer cooperatives, women's and youth councils (democratically formed and governed), and a number of other things. I'm also thinking about how to revitalize the African American cooperative tradition which has been swamped by neoliberalism and an ideology of possessive individualism. A sister has written a book on the Black cooperative tradition (which saw an upsurge during the 1960s), a book I believe to be title COLLECTIVE COURAGE. I intend to grab it next pay day. I do some work with youth when I can, and will probably be working with Marshall Eddy Conway, recently released form BPP leader, who has worked with youth in prison,and is not attempting to do so in the larger community. Some of the Panther programs may still be relevant. Be back later.



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