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Interesting Words

You sound a bit like Noam Chomsky w that quip 'who cares' RE the JFK hit. I see you're a bit young [no more than 30 perhaps] & possibly was not born & raised in the US [correct me if I'm wrong], thus your response may be forgivable [but Chomsky damn well should know better].
I'm well past my youthfully naive 'hero-worship' of JFK, but the JFK hit [along w Malcolm X, MLK, & RFK] was the 1960s equivalent that 9-11 was to the 2000s- it rocked the US to its very core. Out of those 4 major political assassinations, 3 of them followed the same 'lone-nut' gunman scenario- just like a really terrible series of 'Freddy Kruger' sequels. In every case the 'official' explanation [just like 9-11] is disputed & IMO dubious at best [or an out-right cover-up]. but as long as folks are stuck debating how JFK [& Malcolm, MLK, & RFK] was killed, they never get to the far more important questions of WHO? & WHY?...
IMO there's reason to think JFK after the Cuban Missile Crisis wanted to roll back from the cold-war [which almost went thermonuclear HOT in Oct 1962] w the USSR. It's much debated if JFK would have pulled out 1000 troops from Vietnam by the end of 1963, but IMO he likely would NOT have escalated to the massive levels [over 500,000 troops] that LBJ & 'Tricky' Dick / Heinz Kissinger [massive bombing in Cambodia & Laos] did. Thus it's NOT TOO far-fetched that JFK may have wound down in Vietnam by the end of his 2nd term. That would have meant sparing the lives of 1000s or even 10,000s of US troops along w 100,000s to perhaps 1 - 2 million Vietnamese. I think that matters- even today.
Even Ex-Black Panther [BPP] & ex political prisoner Dhoruba Bin Wahad [imprisoned for 17yrs based on bogus charges resulting from COINTELPRO's relentless & merciless assault on the BPP], in a critique of Obama's candidacy- said that the assassinations of Malcolm, Martin & even JFK & RFK- along w the McCarthy 'red scare' witch-hunts of the 1950s, & the COINTELPRO assault on the Black Panthers, SDS, etc- had the over-all effect of pulling all of US political discourse to the 'hard right', He went on to say that any time 'center-right' guys like Obama or Billary can be seen as 'liberal', progressive, or even called 'socialist' [in the case of Obama]- you know there's almost NO such thing as a meaningful political 'left' anymore in US political discourse [in the true sense of the word].
To someone under thirty, 40 - 50 yrs ago may seem like ancient history, but any true historian will tell you that the 1960s - 70s era is modern history or even recent history. & the JFK hit certainly has had ripple effects- even today.
PS-FYI: There's NO statute of limitations on Murder, especially if it amounts to HI-Treason!


You're 22 & from the UK- that explains you're obvious lack of knowledge & understanding of this topic, but NOT your apparent lack of humility. IMO when you say 'so what if JFK was hit by the covert forces inside the CIA & MISSC, etc- what does that have to do w activists today', what you really may mean is- since it did NOT / does NOT affect YOU Personally- 'why should 'I' even care'.
PS: Had JFK lived to complete a 2nd term, & made peace w the USSR & ended the 'cold war' / nuke arms race [leading to nuke arms reduction if not elimination], & pulled out of Vietnam at-least by the end of his 2nd term, I'd consider him about as close to a POTUS actually worthy of a peace-prize [unlike Obama] as the US could ever get- w the obvious exception of FDR's VP Henry Wallace- [whose career I've only come to know of just recently- When I was growing up the only Democrat Wallace I knew of that notorious racist Dixiecrat Dim Gov of GA- George Wallace].
If you really want to know the ripple effects of the JFK hit on today's politics, first NOTE: that IMO [& others even more knowledgeable than me], every POTUS since JFK has effectively had an unseen gun to their head- should they step out of line.
Take Obama, who when he ran in 2007 - 08 was even called the Black JFK. JFK's own kid brother the late senator Ted Kennedy along w JFK' daughter Caroline, who had publically avoided politics up to that point, came out a crucial point in the contest between Obama & Billary to endorse Obama- w both even comparing Obama to JFK. Everyone who kept up w the 2008 Dim primary race knows this was likely thee game changer that helped Obama pull away from Billary permanently. 
So what's my point: after it became official that Obama was the Dim's candidate for POTUS in 2008 [or perhaps it was after he won the WH in Nov 2008], Obama on a visit to Dallas was driven thru Dealey Plaza. Upon being asked what was his thoughts as he drove past the spot where his famous Dim predecessor [whom he was being compared to] was killed- Obama's reaction: 'I didn't even realize I was in Dealey Plaza till someone told me later.' HUHH- OH REALLY - MY Reaction -THATS BS!!!
It also been said that when Obama was asked why he's not pushing for more 'progressive' anti-war policies- he quipped- 'We saw what happened to Martin' [= MLK].
FYI: There been at-least 3 significant security breaches RE Obama- that go beyond the run-of-the-mill FOX Noise type 'Good Ole Boys' 'Shooting off their lip from the hip' type threats. 1} Involved a 'mystery couple' crashing a hi-level state affair at the WH where Obama was hosting another foreign hi-level VIP. The fact that this mystery couple were able to get in the same room w Obama & his VIP guest at an official state function, meant they circumvented at-least 4 -5 layers [likely even more] of WH & SS security to get within potential striking distance of Obama &/or his VIP guest!
-2} In early 2012 the editor of the largest Jewish circulation magazine in the southern US, printed an editorial stating that if the US Pres [= Obama] refuses to back any plans Bibi might have to Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran, then the Mossad should put a hit out on that POTUS. The guy then doubled down on that declaration. When he was later 'chided' for such an outrageous declaration, he was allowed to just make a {non}Apology & then retire [I wonder where]. Amazingly apparently he got NO 'visits' from the FBI, Secret Service, DHS, etc- HUMM...
-3} Obama state visit to Columbia where 24 SS agents where sent home for step-out w some Columbian 'call-girls' which mean they where probably also drinking & may even been tooting some of that 'Ole Columbo 'Blow' '. Seems the lame-stream media's focus was on entirely the more salacious aspects of this story. But I immediately recognized the parallel to the JFK hit. FYI: The night before JFK was killed many / most of his SS detail went bar-hopping [& most likely w____-hopping] drinking & partying it up. The very next day all these same SS guys [w the lone exception of Clint Hill who was Jackie's SS guard & would NOT have even been there except that she insisted], just stood around watching twiddling their thumbs like Tweedlie DUMB, while the POTUS [JFK] whom it was their sworn duty to protect at all costs, was getting his head BLOWN-OFF in front of them! One would think after the SS' total failure to protect JFK, it would from then on up to this present day, be an unforgivable security breach for any SS agent officially assigned to a Presidential detail to ever go out drinking, partying & w____-hopping again. But they pulled the same crap this time while assigned to the 'Black JFK'.
Thus it would seem someone's sending Obama a message!
PS: As the 50 anniversary of the JFK hit approached, Obama's Sec of State John Kerry, made a brief quip that he feels that LH.Oswald [& others?], carried out the HIT on behalf of Castro- refusing to elaborate further. First of all let's remember John Kerry's back-ground before becoming Obama's Sec of State. A decorated Vietnam Vet, Kerry was a long time senator from the Kennedys' home state of Mass.- serving as co-senator from Mass. w JFK's kid brother Teddy for decades. So what's the purpose of Kerry's 'limited hang-out' statement pointing fingers at Fidel & Raul Castro [who IMO had absolutely NOTHING to do w the JFK hit]? Is Kerry laying out a casus-belli RE Cuba??? At the very least it 'justifies' the US' ongoing 50yr economic strangle-hold on Cuba! 
Yet according folks like you, Chomsky, Peter Dreier, etc... apparently none of this matters!!!

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