Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Controversial Words, but It is the Truth

Government information is spreading far and wide. When news came that Rand Paul will support Mitt Romney, I wasn't surprised. All of this talk about Rand being a different type of Republican has been proven false. Even by his own standards, Romney represents something contrary to his views. Romney represents things that I don't accept in my heart and mind as well. I believe in civil liberties, an end to the Drug War, debt-free money, and an end to this abominable war on terror. Romney like President Barack Obama agrees with the Patriot Act, and the war on terror. The current President starts military strikes in Pakistan, supports a NATO terror campaign in Libya, claims the right to assassinate U.S. citizens without due process, and can claim to incarcerate you in Guantanamo Bay possibly (under certain circumstances). These are all facts. Mitt Romney wants the status quo. Even Ron Paul's "Plan to Restore America" advocates $1 trillion to cuts to the federal budget in one year. That is extreme and would cause massive depression and possible starvation in America. That plan will cause deflation. Deflation is the decrease of the value of the money supply. At least the sinister Super Committee (made up of 6 Republicans and 6 Democrats) want the $1.2 trillion cut to spread over 10 years. The Super Committee is still wrong though and they never had an agreement so far. Reactionary types like Ron Paul obsess with balancing the budget without much consideration to the complex nature of our society or the concerns of the poor people (with the WIC program that has been very successful to give high protein meals to nursing mothers, young mothers, and infants). Paul wants massive cuts to WIC and the S-CHIP program (or the State children's health insurance program). Therefore, Ron Paul may talk about peace and opposition to totalitarianism, but he agrees with a draconian, brutal series of budget cuts. Ron Paul and most Republicans want to keep the Bush tax cuts that inordinately favor the rich. The Austrian school is a fraud and the American economic system is superior to the Austrian school. Austrian economic theories represent feudalism, because it offer little to no regulation of the actions of economic instruments. In the final analysis, the money supply should in the hands of the people not private banking families or select private interests at all. Also, we should fight against environmental degradation. We can't be liberty lovers and believe that our air, water, and land should be polluted. This means that we can't allow corporations to promote nukes in our communities, especially in urban areas. Some want nuclear power plants to be placed in poor towns in America. As Bruce A. Dixon wrote: "...One of the best examples of this is in Georgia, where the Obama administration in 2009 granted Southern Companies $800 million to underwrite the construction of two nuclear reactors next to a pair of leaky existing nukes in a poor, mostly black Georgia town where almost every family has a cancer case or two..." This example of environmental racism has been common in the USA for years and decades. 

World History from 1500 to the Present represents the modern era of human existence. The end of the Middle Ages caused numerous great events. The massive growth of science, technology, inventions, and large political organizations characterize our time. A lot of evil is in this era as well. There was imperialism by Europeans and others, wars, oppressions, and other nefarious activities. Geographic influences always related to world history. For example, the rivers and oceans in the world allows civilizations to promote transportation, farming, and the growth of towns & cities. Mountains can be used for protection and the creation of unique cultures. valleys in the world can allow for the land to be fertile in order for nations or empires to flourish. During this time period, the Renaissance was important in Europe. The Renaissance was an European artistic movement where they revitalized art from ancient Greco-Roman culture. Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, and other artists devised detailed images, paintings, and sculptures of figures plus other creative aspects of the Earth. The Reformation is one of the most important times of human history. It changed the world. The Reformation was about Protestant breaking away from the heresies of Romanism, which included indulgences (during that time. An indulgence is a bribe in which a person can try to go into Heaven. That's silly), unmarried priests by forced, and the authority of Pope. The actions of Martin Luther, John Calvin, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and other typify the essence of the Reformation era. This period is characterized by international trade massive between the Old and New World. Also, there was the usage of the printing press that increase the spread of works and documents. It allowed a movable type in allowing words to spread quickly on parchment or paper. The common man soon gained access to wisdom and knowledge surrounding the globe. Africa, Asia, Australia, the Americas, Oceania, and other places in the world advanced great civilizations. There were the universities of Timbuktu, there were the advanced empires of China, and there were the developments made by the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. Imperialists unfortunately led a campaign of terror to harm Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Another key point of this modern time period was the advent of Revolutions. The American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and others were about people rising up against monarchy or established reactionary governments. The hatred of monarchy has been a common themes among numerous revolutionaries. Even today in 2012, there is the Arab Spring trying to overthrowing the dictatorial governments of the Middle East. 

To fully understand WWII, you have to understand the characters of the war. There are so many names involved in WWII that literally I can't name them all. For the Allied side, the famous participants in this war are numerous people. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the President of the United States during World War II. He was a controversial figure. He did a lot of things correct and made some errors. His most controversial part of his legacy include the New Deal and his policies involving WWII. The New Deal was an experiment that wanted to see how far the government can go in ending the tragic circumstances of a massive Great Recession. What we have found that some parts of the New Deal didn't work, but most of it was successful in ending the recession. This proves that infrastructure programs and a social safety net can help citizens (who suffer extreme poverty) to escape poverty. He was an articulate, well balanced leader in the whole theater of World War II. Harry Truman was Roosevelt's Vice President. Truman would strongly advance the Cold War after WWII ended. Dwight D. Eisenhower was a 5 star General. He was the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe. He led forces in supervising the invasion of North Africa in Operation Torch from 1942 to 1943. He bumped heads with General Patton since General Patton wanted independent military tactics in order for the Allies to quickly defeat the Nazis (and fight the Communists too). He was of Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry. He is not without controversy. Operation Keelhaul comes into mind. This operation was about the Allies (under the orders of Eisenhower according to his critics) to force 2 million former Russian prisoners of war to the dictator Joseph Stalin. Stalin is known for more mass exterminations than even Hitler. George C. Marshall was the General of the Army. He was the Army Chief of Staff during WWII and the chief military adviser to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. he is named after the Marshall Plan (which was money being sent by the USA to rebuild destroyed Europe after WWII). The Freemason & Druid Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the UK. From the beginning, he opposed the agenda of the Nazis. The agenda of the Nazis was total domination of the European continent if the the globe (and the extermination of the entire Jewish population in the world). He was a great orator. He presided over the dying British Empire. Roosevelt was more progressive with the Soviets, while Churchill evolved into being more conservative or hostile to the agenda of the Soviet Union. General Douglas MacArthur was a military genius that fought for the freedom of Asia from Japanese imperialist aggression. The Axis Powers were made up of fascists, dictators, and blatant extremists. Adolf Hitler performed eugenics and genocide against a wide spectrum of human beings. Benito Mussolini of Italy terrorized Ethiopians during WWII. He was a criminal and war monger. Hirohito was the Emperor of Japan. In ancient Japanese culture, the Emperor is viewed as a god. Japan's advanced military hardware grew their empire in Oceania, and tons of locations in Asia. During that time period, Japan had the 9th largest economy on Earth, the 3rd largest naval country, and one of the 5 permanent members of the council of the now defunct League of Nature. He was not prosecuted for war crimes as other Axis Powers' leaders were. Hideki Tojo of Japan was the General of the IJA or the Imperial Japanese Army. He was the 40th Prime Minister of Japan during most of WWII.

Vietnam should be explained fully in the world. America was involved in Vietnam since 1954, but U.S. troops were seriously overtly involved in the Vietnam War (via military strikes) in 1962. In 1962, 9,700 U.S. military so-called "advisers) and many CIA agents tried to support the corrupt reactionary regime of Diem. Diem was a true traitor to his people indeed. He ruled Saigon and now in 2012 Saigon is called Ho Chi Minh City. In that President Kennedy's Defense Secretary Robert McNamara said that America was winning the war at the time. JFK wanted to act cautiously in the Vietnam War. By 1963, he decided to slowly get rid of American G.I.s and by 1965, he wanted to get rid of all U.S. troops from Vietnam. He was assassinated before having his wish. Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson escalated the war massively. The Pentagon allow the South Vietnamese government to torture or even killed suspected enemies of Saigon. The peace movement was huge during the Vietnam War era. The first anti-war rally was in 1962. By the late 1960's to the early 1970's, over 60% of Americans opposed the Vietnam War. Towns, cities, and even the capitol of America were the numerous locations were active anti-war demonstrations commenced. The peace movement wanted the world to witness the error of America fighting the Vietnam War, because the war is essential a civil war. The dropping of bombs in a foreign land with no direct threat to America is wrong. Also, a peaceful negotiation among all sides is one out of many solutions to nonviolently ending that catastrophic conflict in Vietnam. The war crimes, the dropping of napalm, the killing of children, and the death of the U.S. military people needlessly are all negative occurrences during the Vietnam War.   Even American G.I.s firmly expressed anti-war sentiments. Historian Howard Zinn included this paragraph on the opposition to the Vietnam War by American soldiers in his "People's History of the United States": "The capacity for independent judgment among ordinary Americans is probably best shown by the swift development of antiwar feeling among American GIs — volunteers and draftees who came mostly from lower-income groups. There had been, earlier in American history, instances of soldiers' disaffection from the war: isolated mutinies in the Revolutionary War, refusal of reenlistment in the midst of hostilities in the Mexican war, desertion and conscientious objection in World War I and World War II. But Vietnam produced opposition by soldiers and veterans on a scale, and with a fervor, never seen before." According to the Washington Peace Center: "During the Vietnam War, the military ranks carried out mass resistance on bases and ships in Southeast Asia, the Pacific, U.S. and Europe. Military resistance was instrumental in ending the war by making the ranks politically unreliable. This history is well documented in 'Soldiers in Revolt' by David Cortright and the recent film 'Sir! No Sir!'" By 1968, there were about 535,040 troops in Vietnam. Even Republican President Richard Nixon bombed massively Vietnam and Cambodia. An estimated 40,000 "Vietcong" (suspected members or supporters of the NLF) were murdered during the long-running "Operation Phoenix" assassination campaign conducted by the CIA, Special Forces and killer units of the Saigon forces. U.S. involvement in Vietnam ended by 1973. The Vietnam War finally ended in 1975 when Saigon was taken over by the Communist forces. 

The Gwyneth Paltrow controversy is a recent example of a long history of racism in society. It represents still that black people are maligned, stereotyped, and hated by many people (even by some traitorous blacks). For the record Gwyneth Paltrow is dead wrong to tweet those words. The brother Nas ought to know better than to support the degradation of his own people. I know people like Jay Z, the Dream, Ice T (he needs to stop trespassing on the truth. People don't know: Ice T disrespects his own people when talking about his wife Coco. He said that we black men would lay up with any type of women, which is an old stereotype. Newsflash, there are still brothers like me that like black sisters alone romantically and we are in the majority in the black community), Russel Simmons (he compared the N word to pigs feet, which is silly. The N word is about dehumanization since it falsely denies the real humanity of black human beings), and others would support Paltrow's comments. Imagine if a song with a slur about Jewish people, Hispanics, Asians, and others would exist. Would a person saying these lyrics in a concert become supported by the wider public? We know the precise answer to that question. Brother Nas, you are better than that. I am 10 years younger than you Nas, but you have to wise up Nas (smart up Nas). I just have to agree to disagree on Nas on this one since Nas is a real brother. On the other hand, some of these House Negroes must believe that this so-called "queen white woman" Paltrow in their minds must be defended at all costs. No Sir, I will not bow before the damned false idols of Hollywood at all. It's time to call folks out who degrade black men and especially black women (since they are demonized more than anyone in the world). You can't talk about Black Power and lay up with white supremacists or disrespect sisters in music, acting, or in private. It isn't happening and it's not cool. See, bigotry doesn't just reside in old Dixie; it's everywhere in the world. The organization of common interests, common goals, and common mobilization acts can fight against this oppressive system. These manipulated House Negroes didn't give a pass to the sisters being abused by criminals or the righteous brothers being demonized for being themselves. These House Negroes act so submissive to slick white racists and even justify oppression in order to maintain corporate sponsorship. Yet, as Brother Kwame Ture said, the white woman is not the queen of the world. The original Queens are black sisters alone. The Hollywood executives blatantly promote nefarious stereotypes against black men and black women all of the time. Hollywood acts like it's a progressive, liberal location, but underneath that fake facade is the same reactionary anti-black attitude that is commonly found in the Klan. Paltrow's unjust comments are in the tip of the iceberg. Hollywood executives make Paltrow's comments seem pale (no pun intended. LOL. She is pale you know, very pale. LOL) in comparison to the huge racism found in Hollywood executives. For example, Leonard Rowe is probably the best known and most successful of black concert promoters. He said that he knows that many powerful Hollywood executives regularly use racial slurs all of the time. That is why many black people struggle in Hollywood all of the time.  Some black concert promoters have trouble to even promote a mainstream black entertainer that crossed over into a mostly white audience. The great Sister Cynthia McKinney received evidence that was presented to the District Judge Robert P. Patterson and Chief Judge Lorretta A. Preska (or the Southern District of New York). The evidence showed that Hollywood executives use the N word, "uncle tom" (which I use on occasion), "colored," and other racially charged words. These words were used by the executives via email and conversations. Rowe's case was dismissed, but Rowe was never given the emails that produced the 18 page summary sheet. Who are these executives? According to Rowe, these people are found in the William Morris Agency (now known as William Morris Endeavor) and Creative Artists Agency, the biggest and the baddest of the bunch. (And adding political muscle to this tawdry script, William Morris Endeavor is currently headed by Ari Emanuel, brother to the former Chief of Staff of President Obama and now Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel). This racism in Hollywood have been exposed by Leonard Rowe, Paul Mooney, Marcus Washington (an expert), and tons of other people. This is nothing new. Howard Hughes was one of the most prejudiced persons in Hollywood. The struggle continues. Paltrow never created this situation. She is just a signal that we have a long way to go in order for us to reach that Promised Land that we all seek. We have issues of war, illiteracy, crime, poverty, civil liberties, the environment, some social issues, and tons of other issues that we should be concerned about.Yet, institutional racism ought to be exposed as well in the world. 

By Timothy

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