Monday, June 04, 2012

The Day before the Wisconsin Recall Election

The skeptics believe that we don't live in tyranny, but that's false. We have many tyrannical, unjust laws on the books today. People daily suffer stop and frisk procedures in NYC. Folks have been molested by TSA officials nationwide. There are checkpoints in the world. American citizens have been murdered or killed by the U.S. government in our name without a recourse of trial or any form of basic due process. These actions are wrong, therefore we have tyranny here. It may not be as bad as other countries, but we experience it nevertheless. We have every God-given right to stand up for freedom, never bow before oppression, and speak strongly against bigotry (including stereotypes, and injustices) plaguing the world. Bad policies usually come out during a time of war or during an unsuspected moment of time. 9/11 was the period of them where tyranny was executed in a slick way. The Patriot Act was passed on October 23, 2001. Even William Safire writing for the NY Times said that the first Patriot Act power were like President George W. Bush "seizing dictatorial control." The Patriot Act manipulated warrant searches, it can monitor certain records from libraries and other places, and its other provisions violated parts of the Bill of Rights (especially in the Fourth Amendment). The 2006 John Warner Defense Authorization Act expanded the President's power to declare martial law under revisions to the Insurrection Act. The law can take charge of United States National Guard troops without state governor authorization when public order has been lost and the state and its constituted authorities cannot enforce the law. In October 17, 2006, Bush signed the Military Commisions Act. It set up a military commissions for violations of the law of war and for other purposes. It ended large sections of habeas corpus according to the law's critics. The Presidential Directive 51 (NSPD 51) from 2007 allows the President to have dictatorial power in case of when the President declares a catastrophic national emergency. It should be noted that neither NSPD-51 nor HSPD-20 has any reference to Congress. This Executive Order ensures a continuity of governmental program can be implemented without any Congressional approval or oversight. Even Congrsssman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) admitted that the government prevented him from view the classiiied material that deals with COG (or continuity of government. This is the shadow government plan). “I just can’t believe they’re going to deny a member of Congress the right of reviewing how they plan to conduct the government of the United States after a significant terrorist attack. We’re talking about the continuity of the government of the United States of America,” DeFazio says. “I would think that would be relevant to any member of Congress, let alone a member of the Homeland Security Committee.  Maybe the people who think there’s a conspiracy out there are right.” In January 11, 2010, President Barack Obama signed an exeuctive order. This order formed the Council of Governor or an unelected group of 10 governors. They are appointed by the President and work to ensure the merging of the state and federal military activities in America. The non-elected governors would ally with the Pentagon’s Northcom, Homeland Security, the National Guard as well as DOD officials from the Pentagon. The Continental Perimeter was passed by President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. This perimete is about the integration of the North American continent involving transportation, the environment, etc. This is part of the North American Union agenda, which is similar to the North American perimeter (or like the North American version of the EU). On March 19, 2011, U.S. launched tomahawk crew missiles in Libya in violation of Article I, Section 8 of the constitution.This action escaped real Cngressional approval. On May 26, 2011, President Barack Obama signed for a four year extension of 3 key provisions of the Patriot Act. They are roving wiretaps, searches of business records and conducting surveillance of “lone wolves” – individuals suspected of terrorist-related activities not linked to terrorist groups. On September 30, 2011: an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki and his teenage son, were assassinated under orders of President Obama without regard for a previous executive order that forbids assassinations. A U.S. Federal judge considering a case brought on by the Center for Constitutional Rights and the ACLU raised some “serious questions” asking: “Can the executive order the assassination of a US citizen without first affording him any form of judicial process whatsoever, based on the mere assertion that he is a dangerous member of a terrorist organization?” These events existed in just 2 administrations. The previous administrations have brought up similar unconstitutional policies.

In our generation, more people are rejecting false views. David Ricardo (1772-1823) is wrong to say that: "...Anyone who lacks independent wealth has no claim to even the smallest portion of food..." It is just to view humans as not some number on a spreadsheet or stock market portfolio. Man is not something to be placed in economic trivialities (or allowed to starved to death via austerity), but man is valuable. Man is dynamic and economic revolutionary tenets should be all about social justice. People who need services deserve grants, Medicaid coverage, Social Security, and Medicare. We should reject corporate greed. Charity is a virtue. Man's obligation is not totally to himself. Man was created to serve God, his creation, and all human beings in the right fashion. Self sacrifice is one of the greatest actions that an indiviual can execute. Self sacrifice can include many things. So, the trash of materialism, bigotry, anarcho-capitalism, and obsession with pop culture comes from a supremacist system of faux religion (as opposed to true, natural spirituality). The corrupt system is found in mainstream unfettered capitalism. Unfettered capitalism lies all of the time. Also, the elites hate the poor. You can just look at recent history to see that. For example, the government watched and did little in the beginning of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Thousands of people died in New Orleans and in the Gulf Coast region as result of the destructive force of the hurricane. The government in many cases taxes the poor to give money to the rich. This allows corporations to slash jobs and benefits. Today, we have billions of dollars spent on militarism, while poverty grows in America. The Drug Revolution (aided by the rich Foundations and the CIA in its leadership) and the dialetic of the War on Drugs (aided by rich Foundations and the CIA. Gary Webb has proven this truth) were funded by the establishment to harm the poor, especially in the Black community. One Contra was CIA agent Adoflo Calefro (he is a supporter of the mainstream Evangelical community) were created to stifle progress and prevent a real revolutionary change in America. Two Nicaraguan contras, Danielo Blandón and Norwin Meneses, met with Col. Enrique Bermúdez in Honduras. Meneses met with Calefro and Meneses was a huge drug smuggler according to Gary Webb. The modern day War on Drugs caused many of the poor to live in the ghettos suffering drug addiction and the prison industrial complex. Crack cocaine has been marketed to the poor in order for revolution to be strified. Webb's research reveals that the Contra networks were involved in the distribution of cocaine. AND IT REVEALS THAT THIS CONTRA-COCAINE NETWORK DELIBERATELY CHOSE TO TARGET BLACK COMMUNITIES WITH THEIR DRUGS. The reactionaries today blame the victims for the conditions of the poor instead of the chess players in the top that created the conditions where poverty flourish in the first place. Back in the day, cocaine, LSD, and heroine were confined mostly to the rich, the hippies, the Beatniks, etc. because these were very expensive. Today, these drugs affects everybody of any socioeconomic & ethnic backgrounds. I am not saying that people should be sentenced to life in prison for non-violent drug possession. I oppose that idea. I mean that alternatives ought to exist to handle drug addiction among non violent sufferers of drug addiction. That is why Jesus so many years ago warned us not to love money. He condemned many of the actions of the rich and powerful. Therefore, spiritually we ought to respect justice not greed.

Fareed Zakaria wants to starve the Syrians into compliance. He wants crippling sanctions on Syria in order to force regime change on Syria. That's imperialism and evil 101. Zakaria is a member of both the CFR and the Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission. He also meet in the Bilderberg Group before. He wants starvation as a means for Syria to force Syria to accept the will of the United Nations and the globalist establishment is one of the options under consideration. Even Syrian National Transitional Council head Bassma Kodmani was present in the 2012 Bilderberg conference. This proves that the establishment promotes these faux revolutions in the Middle East in order for Syria to be a token country under the ruling elite's belt. The EU during May of 2011 imposed restrictive measures agaisnt Syria. It froze financial assets and imposed a travel ban. It banned the export to Syria of equipment, goods and technology that can be used for “internal repression” and also agreed to ban luxury goods. Investment in oil and construction was outlawed. All technical and financial assistance was made illegal. The President issued an executive order in August of 2011 as well. This order prohibited the exportion, sale, or supply of services from America to Syria. It blocks investment and the export of oil from Syria. America levied sanctions on the Syria International Islamic Bank by May 30. The Treasury Department acused the bank as acting as a front for other Syrian financial institutions seeking to circumvent sanctions. America expelled Syrian diploments day before May 30 after the al-Houla, Syria massacre (when no conclusive evidence proves that al-Assad's military was involved in the affair). In August of 2011, Congress introduced S.1472, a “ impose sanctions on persons making certain investments that directly and significantly contribute to the enhancement of the ability of Syria to develop its petroleum resources, and for other purposes.” In November, the Arab League suspended Syria’s membership and adopted “unprecedented sanctions at a meeting in Cairo by a vote of 19 to three,” according to the BBC.The House Foreign Affairs Committee passed the Syrian Freedom Support Act via an unanimous vote in March of 2012. The vote deals with supporting sanctions in Syria, to end Syria's government, and to have other policies in Syria. Foreign jihadists or terrorists are still in Syria. The same al-Qaeda terrorists that fought U.S. troops in Iraq and helped NATO to overthrow Gaddafi are in Syria. Libya's transitional ruling authority is sending weapons and fighters to Syria to help the Free Syria Army. They are fighting al-Assad's regime. Even British Special Forces are on the ground in Syria to direct rebel fighters. A Stratfor email leaked by Wikileaks in March revealed that the Pentagon and the USAF strategic studies group planned direct terror attacks and assassinations inside Syria. “After a couple hours of talking, they said without saying that SOF teams (presumably from U.S., UK, France, Jordan, Turkey) are already on the ground focused on recce [reconnaissance] missions and training opposition forces,” the email states. Stratfor is an Austin,Texas-based corporate intelligence agency billed as a “shadow CIA.” Other nations in Europe want to ask help from other nations to boycott Syria. Susan Rice or the U.S. envoy to the United Nations said that America and other nations want to bypass the Security Council in order for them to impose fresh measures if violence escalates in Syria. Sanctions can harm the Syrian people. Sanctions in Iraq killed more than 500,000 children from malnutrition, disease, and starvation. If al-Assad is gone, the IMF and World Bank can have debt harming policies that can sell resources to transnational corporations. Starving Syrians to death is wrong when Syria has a food crisis already. According to the New York Times, "...Even before the violence broke out in Syria, a food security survey found that 1.4 million people were struggling to meet their daily food needs, the World Food Program said. But the U.N. agency complained that it had not yet managed to raise the money to pay for its food aid program..." We need peace not starvation based sanctions.

The French Revolution is heavily Masonic. People realize this now. James H. Billington's "Fire in the Minds of Men: Origins of the Revolutionary Faith" is one of the greatest works that describe revolutionary movements. Some Masons before the French Revolution were not revolutionaries or reformers. Masonry was one way where the revolutionaries created national symbols, songs, banners, seals, etc. Even some of the cries, songs, and phrases of the French Revolution can be traced track to Masonic lore. The ancient Mysteries influenced the Enlightenment and other occult movements too (including Freemasonry and other secret societies). Adam Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati of course venerated Minerva and her owl. He also admonished his initiates to study the doctrines of the Eygptian priests of Isis. In this group there were Miverval assemblies and a Minerval Superior. The French Revolutionists believed in some nationalist fascist fervour. They wanted to make a regeneration of the world according to Roger Griffin's "The Nature of Fascism." They desired an Utopian society that was related to the some perfectibilist philosophy. The President of the Convention named Hérault de Séchelle addressed the 1793 gathering by saying that he watns the regeneration of France and he wanted to accept fraternity and equality.

We live in a new generation. One of the newest generation's most proponent proponents of the discredited philosophy of anarcho-capitalism (that Ron Paul loves) is Adam Kokesh. He recently debated Webster Tarpley on economics and politics. The debate was a great debate. Each man was even in their debate until the end when Webster Tarpley talked about social justice and economic reforms that Kokesh couldn't refute. Kokesh is a libertarian. Kokesh forgets that humanity is imperfect. Libertarians are right to assume that the human individual can achieve excellent contributions and excellent inventions in the world. Yet, they are wrong to ignore the need of some governmental intervention (even on the federal level) to prevent fraud, to protect human rights, and to give the general welfare to society. These acts aren't oppressive since the government  should be by and for the people. Corporations in America shouldn't have tax loopholes. Unfettered casino capitalism was one out of many reasons on why the recession came about in the first place. When Wall Street lacked real regulations, they acted in a destabilized fashion. It's better to end the war and fund our infrastructure than to gradually cut all areas of the social safety net (which Libertarian ultimately want since they hate government. To them, government itself is the enemy [even if the government is ruled by decent people] ignoring the corporate/oligarchy-dominated government we have today). You either have some form of fair government in a complex nation (with diverse ethnic group, diverse technologies, diverse locations, diverse flora & fauna) or you have a feudal system. Ending the social safety net will extend poverty and cause possible genocide. For example, before the New Deal, millions of people starved and suffered for food. The libertarian propagandists talk about localization, which I have no issue with. Yet, even with localization (or local power in business, trade, etc.), there should be federal standards in society since one nation is a federal institution. The federal Bill of Rights is legitimate. Local and state power should never be superior to federal human rights. This doesn't mean that government should control every aspect of society, but it should be strong enough to protect rights & promote the general welfare without oppression. Ultimately, libertarianism means that all government services are sold to private interests. Peter Thiel supports these ideals and he's on the steering committee of the Bilderberg group. He funds Ron Paul. Corporations in many occasions violate laws from the state. Also, some folks act the state is a dirty word. The state can be good if it's controlled by the people and it acts in a reasonable fashion. Also, not all independent private entities are virtuous. Some corporations escape paying certain taxes and violate state laws. So, some of them act in contrary to the interests of the state (even when a typical corporation is created under the laws of the state)The government is made up by the people. It should be strong enough to provide the general welfare without oppressing people's rights or liberties. Yet, no one is entitled to their facts. The fact is that the worship of the "holy" unregulated free market doesn't equate into the establishment of an Utopian yellow brick road. You need both private and public sector solutions in order for us to solve our complications. A group of individuals determining their destinies is fine with me. The specific article outlines the right of Congress to tax citizens (debates continue over it). The income tax amendment came later. Today, populists desire a fairer tax system. You omit that the state can tax citizens in many areas also as confirmed by the 10th Amendment (which libertarians love so much). The commerce clause does deal with trade between states and this trade can be regulated by the the feds. The rest of the Article I, Section 8 confirms federal government funding of our infrastructure (as taxes historically has helped to build our roads, schools, highways, and health care throughout human history). The problem is that the real people aren't in control of our government, but corporations, international bankers, and lobbyists are. The free market isn't divine nor perfect, so safeguards are instituted in the market, so fairness can reign. 

By Timothy

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