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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RNC Attendee Throws Nuts At Black CNN Camerawoman: ‘This Is How We Feed Animals’


moerumm Moderator 7 hours ago

When you are completely void of ideas. When you can't defeat your opponent on the merits. When you have no plan to lead, you resort to your natural predisposition to use race as a weapon.Now, that was my civil response.
My black response, I would have opened a can of Kicksomea___ and poured it all over the Peanut thrower.


so funny how they do this around their people when your out numbered. had their been a fair shake of african americans at that convention, it wouldnt of happened. if i was an african american at that convention and romney herman munster did nothing to address this incident, that would be a very clear message as a black republican that you are only needed for a vote and nothing a presidential candidate, he has a responsibility as a leader to check his people. thats what leaders do.
i tell you what , that could not of been me behind that camera. 


CourtneyR Moderator 1 hour ago

this incident and others like it should be all over the MEDIA .that it should not be and will not be tolerated. the more they continue to down play these incidents, the angrier people across this country are going to become.  and when it boils over, their is nothing anyone can do to stop is seriously time for african americans to stand tall, and any other group of people that care enough,to  start dealing with these people who are racist one on one. racism is a serious problem and these incidents are allowed to happen and made light of as if it isnt. im telling you, i dont have any problem with anyone who wants to live peacefully but if im confronted by one of these racists throwing anything at me, its going to be a serious problem. its a damn shame ,grown as W people acting as if they have power over you. not gonna happen.and african americans need to wake up. this election has nothing to do with fairness. this is an election about RACE


Timsomor Moderator 5 hours ago

I want to see what Michele Steele (AKA Fiddler) will say to get his party/Masters out of this one.  He will mosdef make his money tomorrow on MSNBC, not doubt saying the other party does it too in some strange way. Animals!
These people don't hide there hate anymore, Nor do they hide the hoods.  It is now in the form of a TeaBag!


Steele didn't get an invite to the convention at all apparently. They don't need him anymore since they decided to rev up the Southern Strategy.


I'm surprised that news organizations are not covering this story.  If somebody threw peanuts in my face and called me an animal while I was doing my job, I'd call the police and have them arrested for assault.
But really, what do you expect from a party that photoshops the Obamas as gorillas and emails them as jokes, and that thinks it's funny to talk about birth certificates. What one reaps, he will sow. Have you heard these people promoting tolerance?  And now they are Willie Hortoning the president by insinuating that he intends to revive the good old days of Welfare.
Anyway, I'm shocked that CNN and other news stations are covering up this story. If this was a story about a white woman being disrespected, they'd be all over it.


slapchopped Moderator 56 minutes ago

Stay classy, Republicans!


2ysur2ysub Moderator 15 minutes ago

If this incident isn't the clarion call for ALL of us to put the GOP out of business, then we'll be slaves for the rest of our lives.  These racist GOPs have shown disrespect to the President in ways that makes the Bush Administration look like a Black debutante ball.  I hope each of us is doing something for his or her party, whatever it is.... but you OWE it to yourselves to let your outrage be shown, in polite discussion, but more importantly at the Ballot Box.  Get Latinos on board, and the sane White people who know to dislike the GOP brand - WE CAN DO THIS.  TOGETHER. VOTE AGAINST BIGOTRY. VOTE YES FOR AMERICA.




agree jay.just makes me so mad. this should be all over the news.second, i cant understand how this convention can be so for the people while again, people in louisiana are getting pounded again by a hurricane. I hope she goes on the  news outlets very soon and expose whats really going on at the gop conventions.


I am certain that if a white man or woman was behind the camera, this would have never happened.  Having just argued with someone who believes this was just a joke directed at the "mainstream media",  I call BS.  But even if, for argument's sake, this was neither racist nor misogynistic in its intent, it was still the reprehensible behavior of a bully.  The argument that "this was just one guy out of thousands" is ludicrous.  It is symptomatic of undercurrent that has been tolerated for the last few years, and maybe even subtly encouraged.  If conservatives want to stop the Republican Party from self-destructing, they must reign in the ever-growing element of those who show no restraint or respect in their actions and in their words.



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