Thursday, May 07, 2015

Bernie Sanders

Bernie as the Dims 'Trojan Horse' Candidate
Submitted by Nixakliel on Thu, 05/07/2015 - 03:49
First of all so-called 'independent' 'socialist' Bernie Sanders [FYI: the current French Pres is a so-called 'socialist'- yet both his domestic but especially foreign policies are basically the same as Napoleon Complex Sarkozy's who's in tandem w Hillary, Obama & UK-PM Cameron bombed Libya into CHAOS] has always been a defacto Dim- whose track record both on domestic but especially foreign policy is significantly less progressive than even official Dim Dennis Kucinich's [aka DK] was. IMO Bernie looks more so-called 'progressive' than he really is because Billary / Hillary is the DLC Dims {h}ERR-ess apparent, & anyone would seem more 'progressive' than she, unless they're a hard-core FOX Noise Repug!

Ralph Nader recently talked about Bernie's announced candidacy as a Dim on DN!. IMO one of the most important things Nader said was that Bernie along w other so-called 'progressive' Dim senators [IE: Liz Warren], NEVER return his phone-calls... Humm.... but of-course 'liberal' Dim talking-heads scape-goated & blamed Nader for the Bush-Cheneyites HI-Jacking the 2000 election, even though Gore did more to 'lose' [except he really he didn't] that 2000 election than Nader's run actually did [FYI: Gore lost both his own home state of TN along w Slck-Willy's state of AR]. Seems Bernie doesn't want to get {mis}Labeled, ala Nader, as a so-called 'spoiler' who let those crazy Repugs back into the Oval Office- Thus he's running as a Dim instead of on the Socialist Party, Green Party or some other independent party platform. Plus he figures if he runs as a Dim he'll get lame-stream TV air-time on the Dim's POTUS primary debates [but DK did the same yet they manage to marginalize him & minimize his TV exposure]. And just like DK, w Bernie running as a Dim, he'll be obligated to ultimately back Billary/Hillary, just as Bro Bruce Dixon says.  

What was Jessie's run in 1984 & 88 really all about? He effectively kept Blacks [& even Browns] locked-up on the Dims 'plantation'. Lame-stream Dims had NO real intent of making Jessie their candidate for POTUS, but his run ignited Black & even Brown & progressive voters [prefacing Obama's 2008 run]. But had Jessie been the Dims PTUS candidate in 1984 &/or 88, he certainly could do much worse than Mondale [1984] & Dukakis [1988] did [both were completely TROUNCED]- in fact IMO Jessie likely may have done better than either Mondale but especially Dukakis. But Jessie's 'Rainbow' insured Blacks et-al would be loyal to the Dims for the rise of the so-called 'new' DLC Corp ['triangulating'] Dims Slick Willy & Mr 'Green-Jeans' Gore... So expect Obama, Bernie, & all the 'liberal' Dim talking-heads to ultimately urge Blacks, Browns, women & 'progessives' to back Slick Willy's wife Billary/Hillary Clinton.

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