Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Brother Nixakliel on WSWS

That [for WSWS & their ilk] Class ALWAYS Trumps Race- Even in Cases like Freddie Gray, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Aiyana Jones, Rekia Boyd, etc, etc, etc...


IE: WSWS' recent article: 'The Baltimore Upheaval: On Race & Class in America'. Of course there's the US' [as well as else-where] Black Mis-leadership class, that effectively works hand in hand w the US system of white-supremacist, military-imperialism & [corp] capitalism [what MLK called the 3 triplets of evil racism, militarism & economic exploitation]. We've known that for decades & even centuries- This fact is again emphasized by the 30 anniversary of the Philly PD bombing of MOVE, on Philly's 1st Black Mayor's [Wilson Goode] watch. But the fact is in the US context race & class is for the most part so thoroughly intertwined, trying a 'class analysis, while ignoring race, is IMO likely more lame than trying to analyze race while ignoring class. But for WSWS its always either or- which for them class always takes precedence.

IMO WSWS needs to direct that argument to white especially working-class whites- interrogating why so many / most US working-class whites have traditonally & repeatedly acted against their own best [class] interest in support of  the US' systemic racism. This fact is clearly spotlighted by the fact that while barely 25% -30% of southerners were actual slave-plantation owners [aka aristocrats], 250,000 - 300,000 DIED fighting NOT just to preserve slavery but actually to EXPAND slavery for their aristocrat commanders who led them to their death- w many more maimed / crippled for life. If these working-class white southerners really believed WSWS' meme that class trumps race they'd joined their 'slave brothers' & defected to the ranks of the Union, or at tehvery least refused to fight for RICH Slave-Plantation Owners IE: Lee, Jeff Davis, Nate Bed Forrest, etc...

When WSWS [& their ilk] write articles taking most of the white-working class [which includes cops] to task for NOT rejecting the idea that class should trump race, rather than targeting the Black uprisings after notorious incidents of cop killings of unarmed Black [& Hispanic] men, women, CHILDREN, youth & ELDERS w their tired lame-a__ meme- then I'll be impressed!!!


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