Saturday, May 30, 2015

Summer 2015

Summer 2015

Summer is always an unique, beautiful time of the year. Nature comes alive. Trees continue to show their beauty and vacations come about. My melanin glows beautifully during the summer and a lot of human beings reflect on life. During this period, we witness the goings on in Baltimore and we see the community of Baltimore coming together as a way for them to reach into the higher heights of progressive economic, political, and social changes. The brutal civil war in Yemen is continuing and we witness Ethiopian Israelis standing up for their human rights. People want to be free. Freedom is not achieved by waiting or executing passivity. Freedom is won by persistent struggle. We fight evil, so we can be free. Nothing will be easy, but my heart still has faith. Through faith plus active struggle, monumental achievements can come about. With faith and action, a way can be established when it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. So, we have to learn wisdom. We have to organize and join in independent organizations who desire real, revolutionary change. We must increase our education of the world. We believe in love, strength, and compassion for the human family.

Freedom loving people will always reject tyranny and subscribe to liberation. Many of the major points about the truth going on in the Middle East are mentioned by numerous sources. Lia (who is a reporter) and others have made great points about how Israel tries to preach about democracy and human rights, but they don’t live it (even among their own citizens. We know that they don’t practice democracy towards Palestinians whether they live in Israel or in Occupied Territories). It is a shame that a select group of the Ashkenazi oligarchy (not all Jewish people worldwide as tons of Jewish people are heroic and doing what is right) continues to execute apartheid policies in Israel. People in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv including throughout Israel live under a racist, ethnocracy. Ethiopian Jewish people in Israel are fed up with police violence and blatant discrimination, so they protested a lot during this year. Although, the Ethiopians Jewish residents in Israel must not seek a privileged position in Israel. They have to condemn Israeli occupation and advocate for Palestinian liberation too. They or the Ethiopian Jewish human beings cannot participate in the Israeli military, which has been used to oppress others. There can be no hypocrisy involving freedom. The oppression against black African migrants in Israel shows the world about the hypocrisy found in the Israeli government. The black African migrants deserve dignity and respect. This oppression against the African migrants is similar to the hypocrisy of the American government which claims to uphold the principles of democracy, but they don't live out those principles (via laws that harm our civil liberties and to the epidemic of police brutality harming people nationwide in the States). There is no question that things must change. We are in solidarity with the oppressed whether they are the Palestinians, the Ethiopian people in Israel (who want freedom and reject Palestinian oppression. The Ethiopian Israelis have suffered forced sterilization, which is outright crime against humanity), and the African migrants. Israel is allied with America and Saudi Arabia in not only promoting the wicked war on terror, but they want a pro-Western puppet regime to exist in Yemen (they also want puppet regimes to be established throughout the Middle East). We will not agree with apartheid, oppression, discrimination, or economic deprivation. We want freedom for all. We want economic inequality to be combated (which means the living wages, jailing Wall Street banking criminals, the ending of exploitative practices by predatory loaning groups, etc. must be fully established), and we want imperial policies to be ended. Also, I do send great Kudos and congratulations to Sister Jessica Desvarieux for asking excellent questions about many issues and showing great interviews like usual. The Real News once again shines a light on issues that the mainstream media is afraid to cover. I haven’t heard MSNBC, FOX, or CNN discuss about many of these issues in public on TV.

It has been more than 70 years since VE Day or the defeat of Hitler’s Third Reich. Hitler and the Nazis were evil extremists. The Soviet military contributed a great deal in defeating the Nazi fascists. Their (or the Soviet army's) sacrifice, their courage, and their dedication to eradicate Hitler’s Nazi forces should be acknowledged and honored. Many Western leaders have ignored this celebration, but I will not. We should celebrate the ending of Nazi rule in Europe and we have to still fight fascism in our time, which exists even in Europe today. The Soviet working class had a central role in defeating fascism in Europe. 27 million Soviet citizens lost their lives during World War II. It is obvious that the Stalinist leadership of the Soviet Union and the Cominetern made errors in the beginning of WWII. Stalin believed in the reactionary view of “socialism in one country.” Adolf Hitler murdered many members of the German working class. Hitler abhorred the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Communist Party (KPD) since he had liberalism and true workers’ rights. Hitler came into power in Germany on January of 1933. Hitler exploited the Reichstag fire as a way for him to crush the organized resistance of the working class. Many Social Democrats, Communists, and trade union leaders were killed by the Nazis or sent to concentration camps. Stalin made the great mistake of exterminating almost all of the surviving leaders of the October Revolution from 1936 to 1938. He purged much of the Red Army in 1937. This purge involved many of the greatest Soviet military leaders with exceptional military expertise like Tukhachevsky, Yakir, Eideman, Kork and Primakov. Stalin signed the nonaggression pact with Hitler on August 23, 1939. That was definitely wrong since Hitler was a brutal fascist who wouldn’t stop until Communism in Russia was gone. Also, Hitler broke agreements before. WWII officially started when Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939.

The Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east on September 17, 1939. Both the Nazis and the Soviets would partition Poland. The Soviets conquer many of the Baltic States too. He annexed parts of Finland. Trotsky accurately predicted that Hitler used German imperialism in trying to conquer Europe and that workers internationally must unite to end fascism and establish revolutionary change in the world. Fearing Trotsky far more than Hitler, Stalin ordered intense efforts to carry out his assassination. Ramon Mercader succeeded in killing Trotsky in August 1940. Stalin even signed a temporary deal with Hitler since he felt that Hitler would not invade the Soviet Union. Yet, Hitler wanted to conquer the Soviet Union ultimately believing in racist views about Slavic peoples (Hitler's racism is found in his speeches, his actions, and his book called "Mein Kampf"). The Nazis invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941. This Nazi invasion was called Operation Barbarossa. Then, Stalin woke up to Hitler’s evil designs and he acted. Hitler won initial battles in Russia, but the Soviet Union came back to drive out the Nazis in the Battle of Stalingrad during February of 1943. 1943. 1943 also witnessed the massive Battle of Kursk, involving 3 million soldiers and thousands of tanks. Soviet troops reached Germany by the end of 1944. During the battle of Berlin, Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945. Total capitulation of the Nazi regime came just after midnight on May 9, Moscow time. Today, we have Vladimir Putin who is an imperfect, authoritarian leader with connections to the capitalist oligarchs. He is a strident nationalist. Yet, even Putin shouldn't be blamed totally for the crisis in Ukraine. The West originated this modern crisis in the Ukraine period for their own imperialist designs. Ironically, the USA doesn’t care. They want Russia to be pacified by any means necessary. The US backed the Ukrainian coup in February of 2014. NATO has militarized the region. The Kiev regime has committed huge errors and many people in that regime are reactionaries and neo-fascists. Crimea has the right to assert its self-determination. So, we still want fascism defeated in our time.

By Timothy

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