Monday, May 25, 2015

News on Memorial Day 2015

The Pivot of Asia agenda continues. America and China are having a dispute over the South China seas. The U.S. is using a P8-A Poseidon surveillance aircraft over a Chinese administered islet in the South China Sea. The flight was a known provocation, which was used to put pressure on China. The deal is that Washington is challenging Chinese territorial claims in those key strategic waters. There have been U.S. surveillance flights and naval patrols. They are more routine since January. Chinese is using reclamation activities in the South China Sea. Some extremists want the U.S. to war with China. China, as seem in the U.S. mainstream media, is seen as the enemy. Even CNN is mentioning information about how China is using a “massive military buildup” on the islets. There is an early warning radar station on Fiery Cross Reef and dramatically highlighting warnings from a Chinese radio operator appealing for the aircraft to “please go away…to avoid misunderstanding.” Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren told in response to a CNN report that the present “routine flights” would continue, but could in the future breach the 12-mile territorial limit around Chinese islets and reefs. While the Poseidon aircraft had not done so on Wednesday, he said, “that would be the next step.” “We don’t recognize those islands as anything other than international space,” Warren remarked. “For us to fly through that, we wouldn’t see that as a change in the way we do business.” He acknowledged, however, that the US had not flown over Chinese claimed territory in the South China Sea in the past 20 years. We know that Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has instructed the Pentagon to draw up options to fly American aircraft or send warships within the 12 mile limit. These reckless actions can have the potential to provoke conflict. The CNN report featured the comments of former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell who warned “there’s a real risk, when you have this kind of confrontation, for something bad happening.” Asked about the danger of war between the US and China, he declared that while it was “not in their interests, [and] not in our interests,” nevertheless “absolutely, it’s a risk.” Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia Daniel Russell said to a press briefing that the reconnaissance flight was totally appropriate. He said that the U.S. has the right to operate in international waters and airspace. The U.S. only did this in 2010 in the South China Sea. This action is part of the pivot of Asia agenda, which is about encircling it military and undermining China, so America is the sole global hegemon in Asia. America wants Vietnam and the Philippines to be permanent Western allies. So, they want to drive a wedge between nations like Vietnam and China (by encouraging both the Philippines and Vietnam to assert more aggressively their territorial claims in the South China Sea against China). Secretary of State John Kerry went to Beijing to tell China to back off its land reclamation. The Center for Strategic and International Studies or the CSIS has worked with the U.S. military to promote the pivot to Asia agenda. There is no doubt Washington intends to continue its provocative actions. When China announced an Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) in the East China Sea in November 2013, the US immediately challenged the zone by flying nuclear-capable B-52 bombers into the area unannounced. US plans to fly military aircraft within the 12-mile limit around the Chinese islets are far more reckless. Beijing regards the South China Sea, which is adjacent to major Chinese mainland naval bases, as critical to its strategic interests. Reacting to the CNN flight, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei declared: “Such action is likely to cause an accident, it is very irresponsible and dangerous and detrimental to regional peace and stability. We express our strong dissatisfaction, we urge the US to strictly abide by international law and international rules and refrain from taking any risky and provocative actions.” He warned that China would closely monitor the situation and “take the necessary and appropriate measures” to secure its islands and reefs in the South China Sea. There is no doubt that the U.S. wants its hegemony in Asia at all costs. Hopefully, clearer minds will prevail despite the war mongering of the neo-conservative extremists. We want peace not war.

When you have even NSA whistleblowers saying that the NSA had overstepped their boundaries in their fragrantly excessive surveillance, then we know that we have a problem. Some in the NSA randomly used a bulk collective of data. Also, this is not new. Back during the 1960's, the NSA illegally monitored Dr. King, Muhammad Ali, and other anti-war activists. The oligarchy wants power to benefit the 1 percent at the expense of the economic and human rights of the poor, the working class, and the rest of the masses of the people. Either we become truly free or we will not. That is the question. For a long time now, America has used its force to not enforce democracy or true freedom, but to enforce their own interests (in promoting capitalist interests) at the expense of the masses of the people internationally. Imperialism doesn't work as history attests to. A progressive foreign policy can work, but the extremists in Washington want the war on terror (not only that, but neoliberalism, aggression against Venezuela, tensions against Russia, and the continuation of unjust laws like the Patriot Act) to continue indefinitely. I wouldn’t be surprised if Raven-Symone would have a permanent spot on the View. Raven Symone has the right to her views, but I just happen to disagree with her on many ideological perspectives (involving race especially). Someone on the View (as a host) talking about the condemnation of the system of white supremacy in uncompromising terms, speaking in opposition to the corruption found in the police institution, talking about the evils found in imperialism, and proclaiming the call for a true revolution of values is taboo for the View. I don’t have hatred or ill will of Raven. Life is too short for that. I just wish for her to wake up on many issues.

These women (who are protesting half nude in calling for equal justice for black women) are courageous without question. It is a shame that during this generation that we witness the overt minimization of the abuse and murder of black women by the police. Black women are not only abused and killed by the police, but by others as well. I understand what the protest is all about. It’s about strong women the making the accurate point that regardless if a woman is topless or not, her human value should never be degraded at all. No woman and no human being should suffer injustice or murder unjustly at all. More men should stand in solidarity with the movements of women. Things must change for the better and we have a long way to go. Yet, we have to stand up and speak up for the truth and for justice. We don’t want any black woman or any black man to be murdered by the police. We know that the police institution (which is in league with the capitalist establishment) has great fallibility as shown in the recent events in Cleveland. In the final analysis, if women are not free, no one is truly free regardless of someone's gender, color, or nationality. There should be equal justice for all. That's all the more reason for more men (and people in general) to talk about this issue and to stand up for black lives in general. Standing up isn't just protesting, though I have no problem with protesting per se. Standing up is organizing, mobilizing, and working in programs that help black women (who suffer police brutality). Standing up is to privately and publicly express solidarity and support to black women suffering. This is a real life issue that has been ignored by many people. I'm glad that this story is shown, so more people can understand the seriousness of this problem. Also, we should do what is right regardless if a majority of people stay home or not. One thing about life is that nothing works unless action is done. So, things should change. The status quo doesn't work and numerous human beings have made the excellent point that equal justice should exist for black women.

The devilish nature of racism still exists (regardless of which year that we live. We are still fighting the same battles that our people fought back during the 1960's). There is no post-racial society here. Black people have every God-given right to live in where they want to. Me personally, I love to be around black people. Likewise, this family (found in Long Island against Sister Ronica Copes) should never have received that vile, hate filled letter in the first place. The person or persons responsible for creating the letter (being sent to this family) should be punished. The fight for freedom will never be peaches and creams, but we have to our jobs in standing up against evil. Evil never ends by unanimous passivity. Evil is defeated when honorable men, women, and children go to defeat it. During this Memorial weekend, we know that the Nazis, the Confederates, and other folks were evil (and a lot of black soldiers and other black people stood up against them heroically). In our times, we are still fighting against bigotry, narrow-mindedness, and hatred. For centuries, our elders gave us the blueprint: which deals with the Knowledge of Self, self-determination, love of Blackness, unity (this unity is not nationality restricted as pan-African unity is a blessing), and community development. The blueprint is there. We are all we got literally. We are in support of this family. Charles C. Johnson is a despicable person without question. His views are evil and sick. Threats like these shouldn't be played with. Charles should be reported for his evil act. Johnson's stupid views show the world that the Black Lives Matter movement is here to stay. I always had a feeling that the BLM movement was stronger and has a more resilience than the Occupy Movement. Deray McKesson certainly needs solidarity, and support.

The video game called Call of Duty: Black Ops III has a trailer. The trailer shows a massively transhumanist future. Transhumanist archetypes are found in video games, Hollywood, and other facets of the entertainment industry. The trailer shows a future where humans merge with robots. This caused the social order to change, the world of sport to change, and it deals with medicine including warfare. Some say that this is an example of predictive programming (or the idea that certain things are shown beforehand which will come into the future). Call of Duty is one of the most popular video games in human history. It has sold over 100 million copies in the past ten years. People, among all backgrounds, love this game. The trailer shows information on a fictional creation of a “hybrid” breed of humans. It shows their integration in various fields of human activity. There is a change of legislation to protect their rights and a creation of a new luxury market selling transhumanist enhancements to the rich. The trailer of course deals with the weaponized robot humans used by the military. It shows years into the future in 2020, 2043, etc. in detailing technological advancements. The fictional video game shows information what the military intelligence complex uses in real life. One of the scenes shows a gold winner at the 2028 Nairobi Olympics and she wears prosthetic legs. Those legs are similar to the legs of Oscar Pistorius. The video has an electronic tattoo embedded with a microchip. In real life, there is technology of electronic tattoos being developed for years. It could be sold in the mass market in the future. Some people accuse such technology as being the “Mark of the Beast.” The trailer displays riots. These riots come about, because transhumanism technology causes various economic & social inequalities that provoke people to react. There is anger and transhumanism is bound to help the elite while the masses of the people suffer. The trailer also shows a whistleblower (which harkens back to the revelations from Edward Snowden and others) on how the U.S. army uses transhumanism to create weaponized humans in Black Ops missions. The government denies it. The Call of Duty game deals with this issue of modified humans fighting in wars. The Black Ops III shows a player as a half robot with superhuman powers. Transhumanism has been promoted not only by some scientists, but in popular culture too. The elite certainly want society to love transhumanist ideologies. Therefore, we should know about the times and act accordingly.

By Timothy

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