Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday News involving Life and Issues

The federal court has recently sentenced Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death. He was convicted for his role in the April 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon. This evil attack caused 4 people to be killed and over 264 people to be injured. Jurors spent about 15 hours over the course of two and a half days in establishing the final decision. The death penalty is an example of barbarism especially in the realm of an imperfect criminal justice system. The death sentence is fully supported by the Obama administration. Many of the other facets of the case have been excluded by the prosecution. We know about the political issues that deal with the Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath. Tsarnaev’s death sentences come out of him being found guilty from six of the 30 counts. Some of these convictions were the use of a firearm during a crime of violence resulting in death and the use of a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death. The charge of a use of a firearms deals with his role in the shooting of MIT police officer Sean Collier, which happened days after the April 15 bombing. It is well known that Dzhokhar acted subservient to his older brother Tamerlan. Dzhokhar was involved in the bombing. The defense wanted him to be placed into prison without parole, but the prosecutors reject a plea bargain. Federal courts allow the death penalty while Massachusetts has a state ban on the death bargain from the defense. Most people in Boston and in Massachusetts as a whole oppose the death penalty as well. The two brothers used homemade pressure cooker bombs in their evil attack. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Carlin, and others have supported the verdict. The government supports the right to assassinate U.S. citizens by drone attacks without any judicial process. Now, we know more about the background of the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon attack. We know that the Western campaign of imperialist violence overseas had inspired Tsarnaev to commit his evil action. The U.S. has committed countless war crimes in killing hundreds of thousands of people crippling societies. Wars in the Middle East and Central Asia continue. We know that the U.S. via the FBI monitored Tsarnaev’s older brother since 2011. His other brother was on the FBI's no fly list. He traveled into Russia to establish ties with Islamic separatist movements in the Northern Caucasus region. Russia requested that they should be notified if he or Tamerlan attempted to go into Russia. This request was ignored. Also unaccounted for are the circumstances surrounding the FBI’s killing of Ibragim Todashev in late May of 2013. Todashev, a friend of Tamerlan, was killed in a hail of bullets by the FBI while being interrogated in his Florida home. We also know that the Tsarnaevs had links to the intelligence community. The uncle of the brothers named Ruslan Tsanir ran an organization. This organization funneled funds and equipment to Islamist separatists in the Russian Caucasus region. Tsarni based his operation in the home of Graham Fuller, former vice-chairman of the US National Intelligence Council and ex-CIA station chief in Kabul, Afghanistan. The evil Boston bombing has been exploited by the powers that be to organize a mass military police mobilization in the metropolitan area of Boston. Also, the suburbs in 2013 were subjected to de facto martial law. People were forced to be in their homes while the police were involved in warrantless searches in their homes. Armored vehicles patrolled the streets of residents and Blackhawk helicopters hovered overhead. So, Tsarneav deserves to be placed into prison for the rest of his life.

I never made a comment on Jade Helm 15 on the Internet until now. Jade Helm 15 is a planned United States military training exercise. It is scheduled to take place over multiple states in America from July 15 to September 15, 2015. The whole exercise will involve U.S. Army Special Operations Command (SOC) with other U.S. Armed Forces in a multi-state exercise that includes Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. What is strange of this exercise is the size and scope of it in such a limited period of time. There are extremists who view this exercise of having no importance and others who mock anyone who even questions this exercise as “theories.” Well, people have the right to question things. Inquiry is part of human psyche. The military said that 1,200 troops will be involved. Many of them according to CNN will be from mostly Army Green Berets, Navy SEALS, and Air Force special operations troops including some conventional Army infantry. The military says that the troops are training in unfamiliar terrain, but they are training in American soil.  The U.S. Army Special Operation Command map shows colors for various states. The truth is that the exercise and others like it have been going on for years and decades (Operation Ajax and Operation Gladio were Western expressions of military actions). So, this is not unusual. Texas has been chosen since Texas historically has been very pro-military. The reactionaries are exploiting this incident, so they can promote the lie that the President is a Muslim, a socialist, and a Nazi (which are all wrong. The President is a neoliberal).The real concern about Jade Helm 15 is about the growth of the militarization of the local police, the War on Drugs, the violations of our civil liberties, the activities of many of these military exercises, and other issues. Now, the real concern is also about the uniqueness of this drill. This drill will involve “unconventional warfare” preparations. It is strange to allow troops to train in unconventional warfare on U.S. soil. People have the right to ask that questions. We know that our civil liberties have been violated. The Patriot Act, the NDAA, Program 1033, and other unjust laws document this. The recent dirty bomb drill in Richmond, Calif., the soldiers practiced crowd control and role players taunted the soldiers and identified themselves as “sovereign citizens” rather than working on victims should inspire anyone to have inquiries about such things. Therefore, we shouldn’t be filled with fear. We should get the facts, ask questions, and act accordingly. For a long time, we see how the War on Drugs and other policies militarized much of the police, cities experience excessive curfews, we know about the imperfections of these drills (like pollution concerns, noise problems, etc. We know how Boston experienced a massive police occupation in response to the Boston Marathon bombing), and we want real freedom.

The Godfather trilogy is a famous film series. Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather” has been called by some as one of the greatest films in cinematic history. Each of the films shows an aspect of how modern society conducts itself. The third installment was less popular than the first two movies. The movie series not only talked about the Mafia, but it describes how the super-rich in many capabilities conduct themselves in general. There are numerous parallels between the Godfather and real life assassinations, conspiracies, and other nefarious events. The first Godfather won numerous awards in 1972 like Best Picture and Best Actor for Marlon Brando for Don Corleone. We know about the corruption of Italian Mafiosos. Also, there are numerous families with more power and are older than the Corleone family. Yet, we know that the methods, actions, and machinations of the Mafia outline how the oligarchy runs global policy. The movie has the Corleone Family advancing their power in their genes literally. They want their culture, tradition, and genetic lineage to be passed down through future generations. The Don and his clique don’t trust outsiders 100 percent. The movie shows the Sicilian Mafia to be as full-blooded Italians with rare exceptions. The story of the Godfather series deals with immigration issues. In real life, decades ago, Italian, Jewish, and other ethnic immigrants not only had to deal with xenophobia and racism in America. They also had to deal with economic oppression and other forms of exploitation from corporate power. Therefore, they formed groups in order for them to survive the cruelties of a capitalistic society. A small minority of these immigrants formed violent gangs in the midst of poverty and oppression. Many cops back then and today regularly harm and oppress communities. The Godfather series accurately shows some cops being brought off or some cops overtly being involved in corrupt activities just like the Mafia. If you don't believe me, then even ex-NYPD cop  Frank Serpico documented corruption among some officers. The film showed Michael or the Don’s youngest and heir to the family how important family is. The Corleone’s rise to power is not done via honest, hard work, but being slick, clever, and allying with underground markets. Don Corleone refuses to go into the drug trade unless the drugs are not sold in Italian neighborhoods. The movie outlines the hatred the Mafia has for black people, so I don’t understand how people glamorize or respect the mafia. The Godfather outlines how the War on Drugs has crippled communities, how prohibition doesn’t work, and how government can be complicit in facilitating underground economies. The police and legal system are shown as corrupt, which is very similar to how the justice system is today (which is filled with injustice). In fact, J. Edgar Hoover back in 1951 denied the existence of the Mafia, when Hoover used policies that violated human civil liberties, via COINTELPRO, etc. The movie series shows the Corleones traveling to Vegas and working with Senator Pat Geary. Godfather II has Michael and his brother dining with Mafia Don Hyman Roth (which could be in relation to Meyer Lansky or a very powerful Mafia leader) in Cuba. We know that Cuba was once a stronghold of Mafia leaders. The CIA and the Mafia worked together to try to overthrow Castro since Castro nationalized resources and overthrow the puppet leader Batista. After the Bay of Pigs failed, JFK refused to invade Cuba again. By 1963, JFK secretly wanted d├ętente with Cuba. Godfather III is more about the Corleone family being international having billions of dollars. The movie alludes to the assassination of Pope John Paul I and Roberto Calvi (who was a Vatican banker). P2 Freemasonry has been accused of being involved in the Vatican Bank scandal for decades. This scandal, according to some people, lead to the deaths of John Paul I and Calvi. We do know that John Paul I wanted to clean house in the Vatican, but he mysteriously died under suspicious circumstances. As Michael Corleone finds out as he become older, global wealth and power doesn’t necessarily equate into happiness or peace. The Mafia and other likeminded organizations are filled with deceit, deception, competition, greed, and division. Mafia members readily attack each other or even kill each other for position or power. So, it is not worth gaining the whole and losing one’s soul. That is one lesson out of many from the Godfather trilogy.

Scientology is being exposed by many quarters. The documentary “Going Clear” criticized Scientology. Of course, members of Scientology denounce it. Two of some of the most famous members of Scientology are Tom Cruise and John Travolta. The documentary not only shows information about Scientology, but it shows the occult elite’s system in the entertainment industry. This documentary is so controversial that HBO hired 160 lawyers to fight against Scientology’s vicious and litigious ways. Going Clear talks about Scientology being a combination of pseudo-religion, pseudo-esoterica, and tax exemption. Hollywood stars fund Scientology heavily. The documentary says that Scientology uses deception and it has blackmailed people in it who are rebellious. They make the accusation that Scientology members’ wives are groomed to be in a relationship with Scientology stars. I don’t agree with Scientology at all. John Travolta and Tom Cruise are members of this group and their lives are never the same since they joined it. The film said that now ex-Scientology member Spanky Taylor was Travolta’s contact. Travolta read Hubbard’s book “Dianetics” and he soon became a Scientologist during the 1970’s. Travolta booked commercial, small acting gigs and his role on “Welcome Back Kotter.” Yet, Taylor was sent to the Rehabilitation Project Force or a prison camp where she was forced to do menial labor and only sleep a few hours a night. She was separated from her daughter and she escaped with her daughters after conditions became more extreme. She is not friends with Travolta anymore. Scientology has audits according to the documentary. This is where members are filmed and reveal their deepest, most intimate secrets and fears. They do this to find “spiritual and mental” clarity. The auditors record the audits with notes. It is rumored that when Travolta was threatening to leave Scientology, officials found the notes of his auditing sessions to find out which secrets that Travolta spills that he may not want to be shown in public. Former official Mike Rinder was involved in handling secrets of members as he was the head of the office of special affairs. Many secret societies do the same thing in keeping people silent. For example, the Skulls and Bones have candidates yell out their deepest secrets (like sexual secrets) as they lie in a coffin during an initiation riual. This information can be used for blackmail threats. Tom Cruise and Scientology leader David Miscavige were friends until he married Nicole Kidman (whose father was a psychologist and Scientologists abhor psychology). Cruise and Miscavige are fine now, because Cruise used audits. Cruise is no longer married to Nicole Kidman. The documentary says that Cruise has a young girlfriend and Scientologist Nazanin Boniadi (she is an actress known for “How I met Your Mother” and “Homeland”). They broke up after a meeting with Miscavige according to the documentary. Today, Nazanin Boniadi has left Scientology and Nazanin is a non-practicing Muslim. Scientology is a notorious cult and their methods are blatantly extreme.  Also, the Hollywood system uses the same tactics as Scientology as Scientology (whose founder was L. Ron Hubbard and he was a follower of OTO member Aliester Crowley. The OTO was a powerful secret society in America. The OTO used magic, which influenced many Hollywood movies and people in that industry) is another part of the establishment’s system.

The House of Cards show was produced by Netflix. It has 3 seasons so far. It is satirical look in the corruption that goes on in the realm of American politics. The series outlines a scathing and hard portrayal of the American political world, especially behind the scenes. Now, some parts of the show celebrate the political establishment in many ways. The first season of the show outlines the protagonist Democratic Congressman Francis Underwood. This character is played by Kevin Spacey. Underwood is snubbed in his nomination to a cabinet post in a Presidential administration he helped put in power. So, he forms his own appointment as vice President via conspiracy. He murders a junior congressman in the process. In the second season, Underwood forms his ascension to the Presidency. In order for him to do this, he creates a plot to have the sitting President impeached. He is involved in murdering numerous people. He personally throws his mistress named reporter Zoe Barnes under the subway train. Zoe was used by him to plant stories in the press. He has the FBI entrap Barnes’s fellow reporter, who suspects Underwood in the murder, and convict him on trumped up charges. The fellow reported is locked up for decades. In the third season, Underwood becomes a thoroughly conventional president. He has his personal and political difficulties. There is drama that deals with the squabbles between Underwood and his wife. There are geopolitical and domestic events going on, which are taken uncritically from real life contemporary headlines. The first two seasons shows Underwood’s ruthlessness, cynicism, and a lack of sentimentality. His character is complex. The current season ends up try to support and justify the various policy interests of the American ruling class. The show views Russia as a totalitarian autocracy, which clamping down on rights and political dissent. The U.S. seeks to counter Russian “aggression” while working for stability and peace in the Middle East. Members of the pro-U.S>, anti-Russian protest group P___ Riot make a cameo on the show. The fictional Russian President on the show is Victor Petrov (which alludes to Vladimir Putin). After a jailed American political dissident in Russia commits suicide, Claire Underwood throws caution aside and does the “right thing,” denouncing the authoritarianism of the Russian state in a press conference. The irony of a First Lady of a country whose policy is torture and extrajudicial murder denouncing Russia for authoritarianism is not even considered. Underwood orders the unconstitutional drone murder program, which is similar to the Obama administration drone program. There are no moral considerations on the show to evaluate the morality of these actions. There is a scene where some try to justify drone strikes to save American lives, which is a lie. The shows also promotes the cutting of Social Security and Medicare, which is harsh not visionary. In the original 1990 British television show House of Cards, Francis Urquhart, on whose character Underwood is based, is ultimately undone both by his own crimes and the social forces he has unleashed. But in the third season of the American show, there is no consideration of any broader social forces outside of Washington. The show’s executive producer, Beau Willimon, basically said as much in an interview with Variety magazine, declaring, “All we’re trying to do is tell the story of Frank and Claire Underwood. They happen to be politicians. Their story of ambition and power hungriness is a story you could have told on Wall Street or in a law firm or in a lot of different worlds. I don’t think House of Cards is about politics at all.” Yet, we have to understand broader social and political context in the world. Shows like House of Cards outline the mentality of the political establishment. The crimes of the super-rich are readily ignored by some. In real life, certain people in America desire violence in the world for the sake of promoting the “war on terror.” Yet, we want progressive action to solve problems.

By Timothy

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