Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday News in Late May of 2015

It is a shame that the criminal banksters aren’t all in prison for their crimes. On Wednesday, the five major international banks (including JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup or America’s largest and third largest financial institutions on Earth) pleaded guilty to felony charges. These charges include helping to manipulate global foreign exchange markets. They will experience a slap on the wrist fine of about $1 billion apiece. There will be no massive changes after these banks pleaded guilty to a felony. The deal included something else too. The deal will allow the Securities and Exchange Commission issued waivers exempting the banks from legal repercussions arising from their status as criminal organizations. This gives them more preferential treatment in issuing debt and the continued right to operate mutual funds. The Justice Department said that these banks participated in a criminal conspiracy on a massive scale and carried out “breathtaking flagrancy.” They will not break up JPMorgan or any of these banks. They didn’t send criminal charges against any of their executives. JPMorgan has been involved in numerous criminal actions and has been fined by U.S. and international regulators. Back in January of 2013, JP Morgan (along with 10 other banks) agreed to pay a combined $8.5 billion to settle charges that they forged documents to foreclose home quicker. In November 2013, the bank agreed to pay $13 billion to settle charges that it defrauded investors by selling fraudulent mortgage-backed securities in the run-up to the housing bubble collapse in 2007 and 2008. In December 2013, JPMorgan and eight other banks were fined $2.3 billion for manipulating the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor), the global benchmark interest rate on which the values of trillions of dollars in securities are based. The criminal actions of JPMorgan and other banks have caused millions of people to have their home foreclosed, millions have lost their jobs, etc. Many university endowments, pension plans, and municipalities have been swindled out of billions of dollars. Without question, JP Morgan and other banks are criminal organization. We have the massive growth of social and economic inequality. We have a nobility-like system in many quarters of Western society. For example, according to the American Bar Association, there are more than three hundred people serving sentences of life without parole for shoplifting in the state of California alone. The American financial aristocracy defends the super rich’s interests. The Federal Reserve has funneled trillions of dollars to Wall Street during the 2008 bank bailout. Former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke has been hired by two major Wall Street firms called the hedge fund Citadel and the bond trading firm Pimco (they pay him a seven figure salary). Timothy Geithner is the head of the hedge fun Warburg Pincus November of 2013 after he left being Treasury Secretary. There are massive double standards here. A worker can be thrown into jail for failing to show up for a court date, but bankers who steal billions of dollars get off scot-free except with a token fine. Many members of the financial oligarchy are immune from prosecution. There is a classist, racist criminal justice system. There can be no change unless the working class and the poor unite and build an independent political force to establish solutions.

This is a very sweet story. One of the greatest acts of love is for one person to give an organ to another human being as a product of sincerity. The teacher Nadirah Muhammad not only outlines the compassion of black people (and people like Sister Nadirah refute the false narrative of black people collectively lacking concern for others). It validates further the necessity of us to use altruism in changing the world. A’Ja Booth’s world is definitely changed for the better by receiving a kidney from her teacher. She wants to be a nurse and when she will be a nurse, it just outlines the great value of legitimate medical care. Bless both Sisters. I am glad that she is found. Also, I hope that Alexis can graduate in the future also. Not having enough credits is not the end of the world. Many people graduate college readily in 4.5 years or even 5 years. Her parents are with her and we all want her to be inspired to continue in her life. We live, we grow, and we continue in our journeys. Not everything will be peaches and cream in our lives, but we will continue to not only help our neighbors, but to activate solutions too. Oppression is abhorrent. Freddie Gray’s life was ended by vicious cops and even the Baltimore police department admitted that mistakes were made. The lying police union of Baltimore will continue to promote the myth that the officers, who are indicted, did nothing wrong. So, I have no problem with Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby announcing that the grand jury charged these cops with killing Freddie Gray (on numerous charges). Goodson Jr. is charged with the most serious charge. With the diversity of charges shown, I do believe that there may be convictions. Indictments aren’t convictions, but the situation in Baltimore is part of a new era. People are tired of deindustrialization and police violence. People are tired of racial discrimination and economic oppression. Therefore, we should use the news as motivation for us to promote political independence and justice for the family of Freddie Gray (I hope that the officers indicted are convicted).

Sister Assata Shakur is a freedom fighter who never killed a cop. In fact, one cop shot at her and almost killed her. Cuban authorities have said that they will not release Assata Shakur to America. For decades, Sister Assata has spoken out about the cruelties of the prison industrial complex, the problem of racism, the issue of class, the issue of gender, and other important revolutionary issues. Murals of imperialists and murderers like Andrew Jackson exist nationwide, but this display of Assata Shakur has been gone in a hypocritical fashion by Marquette University. John McAdams is a hypocrite too. So, we know precisely about the agenda of the establishment. They or the corporate establishment want to promote a neoliberal, compromising, imperialist society. Yet, we want revolutionary politics and a real society where egalitarian values are promoted congruently. We know about De Blasio more now. Many people view him as the progressive savior of New York City. Yet, he was spoken gracious words about Eric Garner and then compromised to the nefarious police lobby extremists like Lynch. De Blasio talked about affordable housing in New York City, but he is leaning harder on public housing residents to finance long delayed repairs and maintenance instead of taxing the billionaires to get it done. New York City still has corporate leaders promoting gentrification and other facets of capitalists. So, it is bigger than De Blasio too. We see living wages being fought against. We see how a greedy fossil fuel industry has poisoned the climate and the war economy continuing.

It seems that many of the black bourgeoisie crowd gain millions and want to disrespect their own people with slander and hyperbole. First, I don’t execute genocide against anyone. So, I don’t who is P. Diddy is talking about since white racists have committed genocide against black people (and others) for centuries. Like many of those who love respectability politics, he ignores the many black people who are doing what is right. Many black people are mentoring, helping their communities, and being involved in legitimate programs in building up the black community. He doesn’t mention those facts in his tirade. For a long time, black people have always promoted self-reflection, integrity, accountability, and other legitimate precepts for our black people. We, as black people, always criticize some black people doing the wrong thing. We just don’t make it as pastime to use a broad brush against all black people. That’s the point. So, P. Diddy is acting brand new on this issue, but the truth is never brand new. The truth is eternal. I could care less if others don’t respect us. If they don’t respect us, then that’s on them. I do care if we respect ourselves and advance freedom and justice without conservative talking points about victim blaming. P. Diddy has some nerve when he spewed misogyny, materialism, excessive profanity, and all sorts of negative imagery in his music and then he wants to moralize about black people. The black crime rates have declined since 1970. The black teenage pregnancy rate has declined since 1992. We have a long way to go, but we will continue to fight for not only improvement, but social justice. We, collectively, should never be blamed for the actions of the oppressor (who stole lands and try to dictate their nefarious value system on us). Uhuru.

We exist in a crisis of capitalism. We live in a new age. Globalization and neo-liberal capitalism has changed the game so to speak. Many people with connections can find work readily, while many black immigrants and the poor especially will have trouble finding long term improvement with a living wage (which can provide for people). In our time, credentials and certifications are accepted, but many African immigrants with amazing certifications have trouble finding employment, because of the structural problems found in our current capitalist system. I know many Africans who are hard working in the educational field. Congress is debating the controversial TPP and trade definitely ties into this situation. I want fairness extended to American workers, African workers, and all workers. At the end of the day, we want fair trade and African immigrants to achieve their goals. I saw this story on local Television news in Virginia during the morning. Joe Morrissey has issues to put it lightly. Any politician and any person in general should express decorum, professionalism, and integrity. He not only sexually exploited an underage girl. He also was disbarred him for a while, because of unethical behavior. The photo of him (which is similar to the slave plantation evil ethos) and the Sister displays his whole mentality for the world to see. He views himself as “master,” but he is not master. My God is my own Master. Therefore, I wouldn’t vote for Joe Morrissey at all.

By Timothy

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