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Conscious Words from Brother Nixak*77*

The fact is originally the literal 'back-bone of the US & Europe's capitalist system were Africans KIDNAPPED & SOLD into Chattel Slavery [FYI: slaves were actually seen & traded as dehumanized capital & property], along w USURPED Native American Lands, & the Colonial RAPE [for land & resources] of Africa, N & S America, Asia & Australia. So-called US & European technical 'ingenuity' & capitalist commerce [much of which was slave-trading] were of secondary importance & would have been rendered almost null & void without these stolen lands, resources & slave-labor as the real back-bone of the developing capitalist system.
Lincoln was NO abolitionist, & originally had little real intent to even end slavery. The Civil War was started by the South because they demanded the 'right' to EXPAND Slavery beyond traditional southern slave-states, into the newly USURPED [form Mexico] SW Territories the form the SW quadrant of the US [FYI: Prof Horne says that a key reason white US Texans decided to break away from Mexico in 1835 was because the Mexican Govt was considering abolishing slavery in TX]. If Lincoln had originally fought the Civil to 'free the slaves' then why did he wait for nearly 2 yrs [= the midway point of the war], before issuing the so-called 'Emancipation Proclamation'- which initially FAILED to even free any slaves???
FYI: Lincoln's in-laws [the Todds of KY] were one of the biggest slave-trading families in KY, w some of them actually joining & fighting for the Confederacy. IMO its a very 'curious' choice to marry into a slave-trading family if you supposedly were a dedicated abolitionist. It ain't like Lincoln limited his contact w his slave-dealing in-laws, some say pre-Civil War he actually became closer to them than to his own biological family.
} "My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some while leaving others still in slavery- I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to save the Union." - Abraham Lincoln, Aug 22 1862 {
FYI: Fredrick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Robert Smalls, Martin Delaney, Nat Turner, etc weren't the only Blacks who fought against slavery- After the 'Emancipation Proclamation' some 190,000 African-Americans, both free Blacks & escaped slaves, joined the Union Army- which gave the North a decisive numerical advantage vs the Confederates. Also note that, as Jaisal said, for the first half of the War, the North LOST nearly EVERY MAJOR Battle vs the South!!! It was after Black soldiers SWELLED the Ranks of the Union army that the North actually started winning the Civil War- IMO that's NO coincidence.
PS: Did the Confederacy really lose?... The Leaders of the Confederacy actually committed HI-Treason by starting the Civil War [by firing on Ft Sumter] & thus rebelling against Lincoln's elected govt, because they demanded the right to EXPAND Slavery [initially abolition of slavery was NOT even on the table till after Jan 1863]. As such all the so-called Confederate 'heroes' [IE: RE.Lee, Jeff Davis, Nate Bed Forrest {founding member of the KKK}, Ed Pettis et-al] should have been either executed, imprisoned, or exiled for life- especially after Lincoln's assassination [if Nate Bed Forrest & his KKK ilk had been executed, imprisoned or exiled- maybe there would NEVER had been a KKK]. As such ALL monuments & statues to these TRAITORS should be Destroyed & the Confederate flag should be Out-Lawed re display on any official state Govt bldgs.
Curiously 'liberal' orgs ala the ACLU have sued multiple Xs re displaying the 10 Commandments on Official Govt Bldgs, but have NEVER shown nearly that same level of commitment re: challenging the displaying of these notorious symbols of RACISM & TREACHERY on southern state govt bldgs, city squares & parks- Humm...
PS-2: It ain't just Ole Dixie-land state capitals that fly versions of Confederate flags- From Wikipedia: } During WWII some southern US military units, made the Confederate flag their unofficial emblem. The USS Columbia flew a Confederate Navy Ensign as a battle flag throughout combat in the South Pacific in World War II. This was done in honor of Columbia, the ship's namesake and the capital city of South Carolina, the FIRST STATE to SECEDE from the Union. Some soldiers carried Confederate flags into battle. After the Battle of Okinawa a Confederate flag was raised over Shuri Castle by a Marine from the self-styled "Rebel Company" (Company A of the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines).
- In their study of Confederate symbols in the contemporary Southern United States, the Southern political scientists James Michael Martinez, William Donald Richardson, Ron McNinch-Su write: } 'The battle flag was never adopted by the Confederate Congress, never flew over any state capitols during the Confederacy, and was never officially used by Confederate veterans' groups. The flag probably would have been relegated to Civil War museums if it had not been resurrected by the resurgent KKK and used by Southern Dixicrats during the 1948 presidential election.' {
- Southern historian Gordon Rhea wrote in 2011: } 'It's no accident that Confederate symbols -have been the mainstay of WHITE SUPREMACY organizations, from the Ku Klux Klan to the Skin-Heads. They picked it because it was the flag of a nation dedicated to their ideals: 'that the Negro IS NOT EQUAL to the white man'. The Confederate flag, we are told, represents heritage, not hate. But why should we celebrate a heritage grounded in hate, a heritage whose self-avowed reason for existence was the exploitation and debasement of a sizeable segment of its population?' {
- In Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina,Tennessee, Virginia, & West Virginia vehicle owners can request a state-issued license plate featuring the Sons of Confederate Veterans logo, which incorporates the square Confederate battle flag. And AL, MS, FL, GA & TX use emblems of Confederate Flags in their State Flags &/or State Seals [FYI: that's about all of the original Dixie-land slave states]. {



It's been 14 yrs since the 9-11 'New Pearl Harbor' event & We've gotten NO closer to those 28 blacked-out page being made public, or any of those who claim to have seen what's in them saying on the public record [ala Sen Mike Gravel & the Pentagon Papers] what's actually in them. H___ they've ain't even been leaked to Wiki-leaks NOR even Snowden! IMO it may be another 40yrs or even 140yrs before what's in those 28 blacked-out pages are ever made public [IE: after all the 9-11 'Usual Suspects' are dead], assuming they're really as damning as Bob Graham implies.
FYI: Sen Bob Graham has actually done more hinting & winking than spelling-out exactly what's actually in those 28 blacked-out pages. We all know the Saudis were involved somehow- that's NO REAL Big F--king secret! H__ Mike Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' back in 2004 has said more about the Saudi / bin-Laden / Bush Sr & Jr 9-11 connection than Bob Graham has- including that Mr CIA Skull{duggery}& Bones Bush Sr was in a joint Carlyle Group meet w OBL's brother ON the VERY MORN of 9-11; & that Bush Jr smoked a cigar w Saudi Prince Bandar Bush on the eve of [or the next evening] of 9-11 w the Pentagon smoking in the back-ground [so WTF were they celebrating?]- & then the Bushites let the Saudis leave the US on special flights before the FBI could even question them, as ALL other NON-Military flights in the entire US were officially Grounded!
PS: We've already got a list of 'persons of interest' re the 9-11 'New Pearl Harbor' event- everyone in that NeoCON PNAC group that wrote / signed off on that Sept 2000 PNAC manifesto calling for a 'Catastrophic & Catalyzing Event, Like a New Pearl Harbor'- & then almost exactly 1 yr later got just what they called for- While on Their OWN Watch [many top PNACers held top positions in the Bush Jr-Cheney regime].
PS-2: The scientific peer reviewed study in hi-tech nano-thermite residue found in the dust from WTC's collapse is NOT blacked-out, it's there for anyone & everyone to read if they would. Hell you can even down-loaded it off the Internet- for free if I'm not mistaken.



You take a bunch of hi-school kids let them out of school early, cut off their normal access to public transport from school to their homes [in general the distance to most of their homes was/is too far to walk] -&- then you use storm-troopers cops & national guard to box them into a confined space- all on the day of Freddie Gray's funeral. Obviously that was a very volatile scenario, so much so that either the powers that be in/of Baltimore & Maryland are DUMB as H___, or they actually wanted this situation. Could it be Baltimore's Black woman mayor & Black male police chief wanted [or were told] to orchestrate this situation so Maryland's Gov could have cause to order in the national guard to enforce a dubiously legal curfew- effectively = Martial Law???
- And could it the powers that be also wanted to change the lame-stream narrative from spot-lighting the criminality of KILLER Cops, to projecting the stereotyped image of the alleged criminality of Black youth as 'riotous thugs'. So now nearly all of the lame-stream's meme re: the Black rebellion vs police-state brutality echoes that of FOX Noise: IE: dismiss Black youth in rebellion vs Killer Cops as 'RIOTOUS THUGS'- which as ex congressman Carl Stokes told that CNN [NOT FOX] white-women talking-head is effectively calling them N-gg-Rs [IE: 'thug' is the new 'N'-word- also used by Baltimore's Black woman mayor]!!! IMO This so-called 'riot' did NOT even reach the level of Criminal-THUGGERY of those KILLER-Cops that LYNCHED Freddie Gray, cause the so-called 'rioters' did NOT KILL anyone!!!
We live in a world where- 'All Saints are called 'criminals', & all the Criminals- 'SAINTS'...'- From the Rolling Stones' 'Sympathy for the Devil'
Also see this article @ Global Research & The Free Thought Project: Baltimore Protests: 2 Videos Prove How the US Media Twists the Facts [@ ] which compares how CNN 'spins' [ala Faux News] the provocative actions of the storm-trooper cops vs protesters, to RT News' more accurate [= truthful] video-report.


Mr Appy failed to point out that JFK inherited both the Bay of Pigs plan & Vietnam from Ike & his VP 'Tricky Dick' Nixon, & the CIA [= the Dulles Boys]. So effectively it was 'Tricky Dick' & Allen Dulles that orchestrated the Bay of Pigs, more so than JFK- who did OK their lame-ass plan w the stipulation that he would NOT commit US forces if anti-Castro Cuban fighters failed. Dulles & the Joint Chiefs agreed knowing full well that the anti-Castro Cubans would Fail without at-least US air support [or even more], & thus their plan was to try to BOX JFK into committing US forces anyway- BUT JFK refused to BITE. JFK publicly took the fall for the Bay of Pigs fiasco, but He fired Dulles & his Deputy Dir Gen Cabel, & a few other key CIA 'Usual Suspects', for lying to him.
The Cuban Missile Crisis: IMO had JFK nixed 'Tricky Dick' & Allen Dulles' Bay of Pigs scheme out-right, there likely would NOT have even been a Cuban Missile crisis. IMO the CIA & DOD's Joint Chiefs may have even known the USSR was sending Nuke missiles to Cuba before they even told JFK. They saw it as yet another 'opportunity' to try to BOX JFK into invading Cuba, & even taking on the USSR- even if it went NUCLEAR!!! The CIA & Joint Chiefs were NOT pleased about JFK's naval blockade scheme- They wanted ALL out Invasion, even if it meant all-out NUKE WAR w the USSR [the DOD actually thought they'd 'WIN' a Nuke war vs the USSR]!!!
Note: Had JFK let the Joint Chiefs bully him into invading during the Cuban Missile crisis, it almost certainly would have gone NUCLEAR!! [FYI: One of the best movies re: the Cuban Missile Crisis is '13 Days' featuring Kevin Costner]!
RE: JFK's Plans for Vietnam: We do NOT really have to speculate. The Pentagon Papers [PP] released by Dan Ellsberg, has an ENTIRE Chapter on JFK's plan to withdraw virtually ALL US troops from Vietnam by the end of his 2nd term [of-course he never lived to see the end of his 1st term], & the PP even said that JFK's NSAM 263 actually resulted in a [temporary] withdrawal of 1000 US troops from Vietnam by the end of 1963 [of-course JFK had been killed a month earlier]. The PP also makes it pretty clear JFK did NOT want to commit US so-called 'combat' troops in Vietnam [of-course one can debate what's the real distinction between so-called military 'advisors' & 'combat' troops].
FYI: Fighter Jets & B52 Bombers were NOT even used in the SE.Asian War theater till 1965- after LBJ's Gulf of Tonkin 'False Flag'. Up till then US only used propeller planes from WWII along w helicopters in Vietnam. Thus before LBJ's MASSIVE escalation, the napalm used in Vietnam was mainly via flame-throwers- NOT Aerial Bombs.
PS: LBJ was NOT from a poor white-trash country-bumbkin back-ground. His family may NOT have had Kennedy type $$$ or the Bush family's pedigree- but LBJ was from a well to-do TX family w many key BIZ, political & other type connections in TX & Louisiana. In fact apparently 'Tricky Dick' Nixon was from a much poorer family back-ground than LBJ.
PS-2 FYI: Agent Orange = MonSatanO / Napalm = Dow & DuPont- Yet now they're seizing control of our food-supply via their GMOs!!!



From CounterPunch: 'Manufacturing the Global Food and Agricultural Crisis' [@]- Excerpts: } In 2012, Prof Seralini of the University of Caen in France led a team that carried out research into the health impacts on rats fed GMOs. The 2-yr long study [see @] concluded that rats fed GMOs experienced Serious Health Problems compared to those fed non GM food. Not long after, a new major peer-reviewed study emerged that threw into question the claim often forwarded by the biotech sector that GMO technology increases production and is beneficial to agriculture.
- Researchers at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand found that the GMO strategy used in North American [IE: the US'] staple crop production is LIMITING Yields while INCREASING Pesticide Use compared to non-GM farming in Western Europe. Led by Prof Jack Heinemann, the study’s findings were published in the June 2013 edition of the International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability [see @ ]. The research analyzed data on agricultural productivity in North America & Western Europe over the past 50 yrs.
- Heinemann’s team found that the combination of non-GMO seed & management practices used by Western Europe is INCREASING Corn Yields FASTER than the use of the GMO-led package chosen by the US. The research showed rapeseed (canola) Yields Increasing Faster in Europe without GMO than in the GMO-led package chosen by Canada. The study also found that Europe is DECREASING Chemical Herbicide Use and achieving even LARGER DECLINES in Insecticide Use without Sacrificing Yield GAINS, while Chemical Herbicide use in the US has INCREASED w GMO Seed.
- According to Heinemann, Europe has learned to grow MORE Food per hectare using FEWER Chemicals in the process, as US choices in biotechnology are causing it to FALL Behind Europe in both Productivity & Sustainability...
On a global level, w reports of wheat, rice and maize having been contaminated w GMOs, there seems to be a Conscious Ploy [by GMO Agra-BIZ] to Contaminate so much of the world’s crops so that eventually GMOs take over regardless...
It seems that secretive trade deals, the hijack of official bodies designed to ensure the ‘public interest’ and bullying &/or intimidation are not enough. Contamination strategies are but one more way of achieving thru closed & non-transparent means what could not be possible by transparent & democratic means – simply because hundreds of millions of people do NOT want to eat GMOs... {
Yet neither of these recent studies re: GMO hazards were even mentioned here by either Dr Alison nor Dr Vrain.



Though MonSatanO maybe the biggest GMO Agra-BIZ culprit, it's certainly NOT the only one: SIN-Genta, DOW & Bayer Agro-Crop Science, Dupont's Pioneer Hi-Bred & BASF are also big players in the GMO Agra-BIZ- FYI: Most of these originally were CHEMICAL Corps [as in pesticides & herbicides IE: Agent Orange, DDT & even Napalm], often w Notorious track-records.
Note: The other main point about the article you referenced is how the Lame-Stream [so-called 'liberal'] Media [IE: the LA-Times, WaPost, & TIME Mag] attacked Chipotle's sound business decision to go GMO free- calling Chipotle's decision 'irrational, irresponsible & 'Anti-Science'...'
IMO these lame-stream media outlets likely get Big Ad $$$ from & also may be heavily invested in the GMO based Agra-BIZ & certainly from [& in] the fast & processed food industry.

A big clue that this debate would be narrow in scope w the supposedly anit-GMO guy mostly agreeing w Ms blatant pro GMO Agra-BIZ hack re GMOs allegedly being 'safe' for human [& live-stock] consumption... With the 2 only disagreeing re: the dangers of MonSatanO's Round-up [+90 of GMOs are MonSatanO's Round-up Ready seeds]...
Note: Dr Vrain is a genetic engineer & Dr Alison is a biotech researcher, so apparently both of their 'bread & butter' comes from GMO technology BIZ.



Not much of a so-called 'debate': Dr Alison is an obvious pro GMO Agra-BIZ talking-head, while Dr Vrain is a bit more nuanced. At-least he acknowledges that at-least 90% or more of GMO crops are MonSatanO Round-up ready & Round-up is uniquely toxic, & also that in the REAL World you can't really separate crops GMOed to be Round-up ready, from Round-up's toxicity. Dr Allison on the other hand acts like in the REAL World [not in her lab], GMO crops are completely separate from the TOXIC chems for which they've been specifically GMOed to tolerate excessive continuous use on. Then she admits she's NO expert on Round-up's chemical toxicity, yet still insists that Round-up's safe for human exposure [= double-talk / double-speak].
Issues re: GMOs that neither Drs Alison nor Vrain discussed: GMO crop failures in Africa & India [GMO BT-Cotton crop failure in India has led to many Indian farmers stuck w crushing debt & thus committing suicide]
- GMO Corps [IE: MonSatanO, SIN-Genta, DOW & Bayer Agro-Crop Science, Dupont's Pioneer Hi-Bred & BASF] monopolizing the world food-supply by seizing control of food-crop seeds [Note: most of these corps are really CHEMICAL companies often w Notorious histories before getting into the GMO crop Agra-BIZ].
- Suppression of studies showing that consuming GMO food can-be / is often hazardous to the health.
- Multiple Reports of serious health issues IE: chronic kidney disease via heavy metal toxic build-up] for farmers in Latin America & Asia w prolonged exposure to MonSatanO's Round-up, used excessively on crops GMOed to be Round-up Ready [& even on some non-GMO crops & also as a drying agent on harvested crops - FYI: Round-ups active ingredient binds to metals]
- If GMO food is so safe why do these 'Usual GMO Suspect' corps, vigorously fight GMO food-labeling laws w out-right disinfo campaigns???
- The proliferation of super-weeds from excessive Round-up use. Farmers were told they'd need to use LESS pesticides & herbicides w GMO crops, but instead over time they're actually using more.
- Thus to deal w this 'super-weed' issue MonSatanO is apparently GMOing crops to be 'Agent Orange' / Dioxin ready. FYI Dioxin is one of the most TOXIC & LETHAL substances known, potentially genetically damaging even at the parts per TRILLION Level.
- There's good reason to suspect that either GMO crops &/or the excess use of Round-up is contributing to the disappearance of bees & other key pollinators. Thus even if GMO crops sprayed w Round-up is 'safe' for humans & live-stock to eat [IMO a mighty Big IF], if they still kill-off most/all pollinators, agriculture as we know it would likely collapse- potentially leading to mass starvation!!!


Dr Brown has put forth an interesting [more 'PC'] HIV-AIDS 'spin'- based on how the Belgians devastated Congo [most definitely a Holocaust before the NAZI Holocaust in WWII], which created conditions for all kinds of catastrophes to befall Congo, including in the realm of public health. But he's still 'locked into the box' that HIV-AIDS was just 'Lurking in the wild African jungles' waiting for the 'right' kind of 'perfect-storm' to jump species from Apes [SIV] to humans [HIV - Note: often when someone uses the phrase 'conspiracy theory pieces that people read' my antennae go up]. Yet what Dr Brown outlines here is also basically just a 'theory', which he even admits [more like an ill-fated 'coincidence-theory']- That IMO has some obvious holes.
Dr Brown attempts to address the glaringly obvious problem w the standard 'cut-hunter' / 'bush-meat' theory of how HIV-AIDS allegedly 'jumped species' in Africa from apes to man- w:" 'The 'THEORY' is that chimp [bush] meat was consumed by an African Congolese, thus transmitted the simian form of HIV virus [aka SIV]. So how could that happen? Since some people in that region had been eating that kind of [ape-bush] meat for several hundreds of yrs... & thus they'd known quite well how to 'properly' handle, cook & prepare that meat...' {
- The obvious problem w the so-called 'cut-hunter' theory of an alleged African origin of AIDS [= the lame-stream theory], is if it was truly viable & some folks in various parts of Africa had been hunting & eating ape bush-meat for centuries before the late 1970s to early-mid 1980s [the era of the AIDS epidemic], then HIV-AIDS should have spread like wild fire during the Great Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade [aka 'Maafa'] in which 10s of MILLIONS of Kidnapped Africans [40% from the Congo region] were shipped to N&S America over several centuries & ruthlessly worked in appalling conditions [FYI: slavery 'officially' ended in the US in 1865, & in Brazil by 1885. African slaves were still being shipped across the Atlantic till circa 1850]. Obviously if the African cut-hunter HIV theory's true, why then didn't [10s of] Millions of Africans, Native Americans & also white slave-owners drop dead from it, across both N & S America [ala what happened to Native Americans who were decimated from small-pox, measles, etc via contact w whites]???
Thus Dr Brown tries to explain [but IMO NOT convincingly], that the cut-hunter theory was only viable during Belgium's colonial period circa 1920, yet fails to really say where this date came from [FYI: I've seen info saying the first confirmed case of HIV-AIDS dates to the mid-late 1950s]. He also glosses over why & how HIV apparently just somehow 'mysteriously' 'hid' itself & 'hibernated' in the Congolese population for Over a HALF Century, from circa 1920 to 1980 [= 60yrs - HUHH??!]! Plus if some poor famished Congolese became so desperately hungry as to eat uncooked dead-chimp bush-meat- which is what this 'THEORY' [Dr Brown's word NOT mine] implies- IMO this 'poor' 'theoretical' person would have likely died in relative isolation in Congo's bush & the potential HIV epidemic would have likely fizzled-out right there.
Dr Brown also tries to explain how HIV came to the US from Africa via Haitian immigrants to both Congo & then the US, but IMO that's also dubious- because there're far more Haitians going back-&-forth thru-out the Caribbean [including parts of Latin America], ala the Dominican Republic [DR], which actually shares the very same island as Haiti! Thus the idea that Haitian immigrants, who were / are subjected to the US' very strict discriminatory regime, first brought the HIV-AIDS epidemic to NYC, San-Francisco & even New Orleans- BEFORE even doing so in DR, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, etc... - Is IMO just a bit too incredulous!
- Furthermore Dr Brown admits this:} 'Even the commercial sex work is rooted in Belgian colonization, because the Belgians would take Congolese women & exploit them... They [Belgians] often took some of them [Congolese women] as their 'second wives' / 'concubines' in the Congo Free State / Belgian Congo...' { Thus while Dr Brown's Congolese HIV-AIDS 'theory' tries to explain [NOT very convincingly] how HIV-AIDS got from the Congo to the US [via Haitians] circa 1980, it fails to even try to explain just why there apparently was NO initial HIV-AIDS out-break in Belgium [&/or France] BEFORE it even hit the US in the late 1970s???
Also note another fact that Dr Brown fails to address: The Bangui Protocol definition of AIDS- which is only used in Africa [since 1985]. Via this protocol, Africans can be [& most often are] declared HIV-AIDS patients, WITHOUT Actually Being confirmed for HIV Infection via Lab-Tests!! - Just from observing 'symptoms' known to also closely 'mimic' well-known symptoms of TB, Malaria, flu, malnutrition & various other illnesses that have plagued Africa for many centuries before the AIDS era!! Undoubtedly the Bangui protocol has been & is still being used to 'tag' most HIV-AIDS patients in Sub Saharan Africa- Without Actually Doing any Lab Tests!!!
- Also Dr Brown's theory fails to address just why in the US & Europe HIV-AIDS mainly seems to afflict homosexual men &/or drug addicts of either sex [& at one time also blood transfusion &/or organ transplant patients, ala Arthur Ashe], but in Africa it's essentially NOT linked to either homosexuality NOR intravenous drug-abuse- & afflicts both African men & women [& even children] equally [FYI: AIDS initially was known as 'GRIDS' from circa 1978-79 to 1981 when the more 'PC' term 'AIDS' was coined]!!!
PS: Since Bill Fletcher mentioned ex S.African Pres MBeki's position re HIV-AIDS in S.Africa: Can Dr Brown explain why & how S.Africa's adult HIV infection rate pre the ANC's take-over of the Govt [toward the waning yrs of the Apartheid regime], apparently JUMPED from just barely 0.5% [pre ANC] to an estimated 25% - 35% of adults by 1995 - 1999!!! Exactly how could that happen in less than 10 yrs [likely less than 5 yrs]??? Could it be that the Apartheid regime unleashed 'Project Coast' on S.African Blacks, as it ['officially'] handed over the Govt to Mandela's ANC??? Or do Dr Brown & Mr Fletcher think that sounds too much like a [so-called] 'Conspiracy Theory'???


Based on the video it seems all the initial arresting 'officers' in the Freddie Gray homicide case were white. Ms /Sgt White & the van driver [the only one charged w 2nd murder / grossly reckless homicide] & 1 other guy [was he / they even initially on the scene] are Black. But if it's shown that Freddie's neck was already broken & throat crushed BEFORE he even got 'tossed' in the van, that would mean that the Black van driver is NOT the [only] One Guilty [certainly NOT alone] of 2nd degree murder- but instead the initial arresting [white] 'cops' are. So would the charges then be readjusted to reflect that?


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