Saturday, May 02, 2015

Savant on Baltimore

A black cop can (and sometimes do) racially profile other black people. There are white racist Negroes with pretty much the same white racist frame of mind as we find in among the most reactionary bigots. Some are so eager to be accepted as part of the club that they are even WORSE than the white cops. And those Black and Latin cops who try to move against the grain, who speak out, are severely punished. It's the entire police system. As some the protesting groups here in Baltimore are now saying, we had to rid ourselves of the entire system. Black, Latin and poor communities (including whites) are continually subject to police abuse, police terror. We have come to the point, as some protestors are saying, when we will simply have to DISMANTLE the police, and replace them with a force subject the democratic control of the communities in which they work. When the protests against police terror began nearly a year ago, I was saying that while an admirable nonviolent discipline has been maintained, it is not guaranteed to persist indefinitely. The riots in Baltimore are just a warning sign. For those of us who regard those youngsters as our younger brothers and sisters (not thugs and criminals), our effort must be to organize and educate. I do not say to the disinherited youth of our ghettoes "Don't be angry, and don't rebel." Indeed, I say that " It is natural to be angry at injustice; and that there is something mentally and morally wrong with those who are not angry. It is RIGHT to rebel, and that it is those woo are not in rebellion, or are even in collaboration, who ought to explain themselves. But sporadic outbreaks such as this is not the way to effectively wage a struggle of liberation. You must become politically educated and organized." What both the peaceful demonstrations ---and they have been 99% despite the media sensationalistic focusing on incidents--and the violent out break indicate is that we're entering an era in which oppositional movements on the scale of the 1930s and 1960s are becoming possible again. The mood of the masses is changing.



Already there are some young Black people who say "We need to bring back the BLack Panthers." These youngsters in their late teens or early 20 weren't even BORN then. But it is the legend of the Panthers, and their symbolism of militant resistance, that they seem to have in mind." This s___ ain't going away. If the cops walk there will hell to pay. You may recall what I said to you when you were in Baltimore back in 2010. I spoke of the pent up anger within the Black community--especia lly among the dispossessed masses of our black poor and working class. You may remember in that published interview of me that you read, that an interviewer asked whether I thought the riots such as happened in Baltimore after King was killed, and in many other cities that same year (1968) and earlier, could happen again. I recall now that it was a Zimbabwean woman from Balt Univ, who asked that question. I told her that I wasn't looking forward to this, but it was certainly possible because the same conditions exist (or have gotten worse) for the MASS of my people as existed then. I said that Baltimore and most other cities powder kegs. That the elites, black and white (and others), are sitting on social dynamite and don't even seem to notice. Well the dynamite exploded. long have we been warning of this? Well there are a lot of activity this weekend. They include at least one meeting of people seeking to organize this discontent in ways which will make the resistance more effective than the futile outbreaks of rock and bottle throwing and the smashing of windows. For as I told one colleague and comrade: Rebellion doesn't need justification, but rather EDUCATION and organization. We must become more organized, more politically sophisticated, MORE (not less) militant, and (as Dr. King even argued) to contest "the whole order of society."



Le Congres ne soutien pas Freddy Gray et sa famille. Pendant l'election dernier, la majorite des peuples de Maryland net vote pas. La majority des Noirs 25%--30% de Maryland a vote MOINS que les blancs. Les HIspaniques ne vote pas We had a boring stuffed shirted Democrat machine Black running for the governors office who got a big YAWN from the black community, and probably a bigger yawn from white Marylanders.. The Republicans may be a minority in Maryland, but their base was more enthusiastic. Maryland may be a majority Democratic state, but that means nothing if their base doesn't go to the polls. And if you run miserable candidates people may not turn out. At least the Republicans didn't take over the legislature. Concernant un autre chose: If the jury is drawn from one of the more conservative white counties and exonerate the killer cops who slew Freddy Gray, that will be trouble. The Baltimore Black community has opted overwhelmingly for nonviolent struggle, but there's a limit to everyone's patience. Quand votre voyage aux-Etas-Unis pendant l'ete 2010 j'ai vous dite qu'il y'a beacoups de pent up anger in the Black community. I know it well because I also share that anger. While I'm glad the pigs are being prosecuted, I worry about the reaction to a "not guilty" verdict or mild sentence. Too bad you're not in the USA now. You might be surprised as was my colleague at the warm reception you would get even in the projects.



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